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Checking in on Aaron Carter and His Journey Toward Healing

Checking in on Aaron Carter and His Journey Toward Healing

Aaron Carter has been in the public eye almost his entire life. It doesn’t come as a surprise that the pressure of fame and his stressful music career has made him turn to drugs in an effort to cope. The musician and former child star has made the headlines a few times this year, including once when he was arrested for driving under the influence and for marijuana possession. More recently, it was revealed that Aaron Carter will be spending three months in drug rehab to focus on his personal health – both physical and mental. Thankfully, the musician is now starting out on his journey toward healing. Seeking out treatment and drug rehab is the first step toward recovery for anyone, from famous musicians to your so-called Average Joe. Even if Aaron Carter has been arrested and has struggled with addiction for quite some time, this most recent development is an encouraging step as we continue checking in on the musician and his journey toward healing. The musician may be troubled, but that does not mean that hope is out of reach. Addiction may have been a strong presence in his life for a long time, but addiction treatment can help get on a better path. That should be the moral of the story for any of us.

Aaron Carter’s Addiction First Came to Light Last Year

It doesn’t come as much of a surprise that Aaron Carter decided to enter a three month, intensive drug rehab program. After all, this is not the first time that his addiction has come up in the headlines. In fact, the musician’s struggle with addiction first came to light last year as rumors circulated about his addiction to everything from marijuana to prescription medication. At the time, Carter denied all of these rumors: “I drink wine. I smoke weed. I have anxiety problems, I take medication for anxiety. I mean, it’s just what it is. The misconceptions are that I’m a meth head, or I’m a crackhead, or I’m a drug addict, or I’m this or that. I don’t want to always feel like I have to prove myself, but people put me in these positions, and that’s fine.” ~ Aaron Carter, in an interview with ET in 2016 Clearly, Carter was in denial about his substance abuse issues around this time last year. Even though he first attended a drug rehab problem in 2011, it doesn’t look like he took many of the lessons to heart. In fact, after leaving rehab that time he was honest about wanting to take up smoking weed and using other drugs again – but all in moderation, he claimed. It doesn’t look like that approach worked for the young celebrity drug addict. In July of this year, Aaron Carter was arrested in Georgia and charged with a DUI and possession of marijuana. Just a couple of months after that, Carter checked himself into drug rehab.×401.jpg

Coming to Light: An Intervention for Aaron Carter

The decision to enter rehab reportedly came from an intervention with a specialist from The Doctors, a TV program that focuses on real-life stories and advice for those in need. According to a few different reports, the interventionist had to wait for four hours before Aaron Carter let him into his house in Florida. While this encounter was not filmed, Carter’s decision to enter drug rehab came shortly after the intervention. However, his representative did clarify that it was Carter’s decision to enter a treatment facility, and a choice he specifically made for himself. The representative concluded, “He very much wishes to be left alone so he can focus on his wellness.” “My loved ones, I would like to tell all of you that I will be disappearing for a while to work on myself. I’ll see you soon looking amazing and ready to play all my new songs live. Most importantly, my stressors haven’t subsided with family and this year has been crazy and I need some time off from all of it.” ~ Aaron Carter announces his decision to enter addiction treatment to his fans on Twitter While the reports have not been confirmed, The Doctors intervention worked to get Aaron Carter the professional treatment that he needs to overcome his addiction. Already, this shows the importance of getting help for substance abuse disorders.

Aaron Carter Begins His Journey Toward Healing

Aaron Carter’s decision to enter drug rehab marks the beginning of his journey to healing from addiction, there’s no question. In fact, the musician is taking steps to make sure that he can completely focus on his own mental and physical health. He announced via Twitter that he was postponing the tour for his latest album, but promised that he would be back once he was able to deal with his issues with illicit substances and the stressors in his life. “Aaron has decided to enter a facility to improve his health and work on his overall wellness. He is going to do this privately and focus all his attention on being the best person and performer possible. He is grateful for the support and love from his fans and looks forward to coming back stronger than ever before.” ~ Steve Honig, representative for Aaron Carter When checking in on Aaron Carter and his journey toward healing, there isn’t much indication of which drugs have become problematic for him. It could be any combination of cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, and even methamphetamines. But that’s not the important point. When talking about Carter’s journey toward healing, what matters is that he has chosen to enter intensive addiction treatment.×424.jpg

The Lesson to Be Learned from Aaron Carter’s Journey Toward Healing

If there is any moral to be found in Aaron Carter’s story, it’s that hope is never out of reach. The young musician has struggled with addiction and drug dependence for years. Despite these struggles, he recently chose to check himself into rehab and get the professional help that he needs to overcome addiction. Aaron Carter essentially humbled himself and chose to get help. This is the first step toward addiction recovery, no matter who you are or where you’re from. Rather than trying to do it all on his own, or continuing to flat out deny that he had a drug problem at all, Carter did two things simultaneously: he admitted that he had a problem and he asked others for help. Considering the fact that only about 10% of those who struggle with drug addiction receive professional treatment for their substance abuse disorder, this is an inspiring story at this point.

Recognizing the Hope of Addiction Treatment

If you are currently struggling with substance abuse or addiction, only you can make the choice to get addiction treatment. Nobody can make that choice for you. Use Aaron Carter’s journey toward healing as an inspiration for making this crucial choice and taking this important first step. The truth is, addiction treatment and drug rehab do provide hope, no matter who you are, where you are from, or how long you have struggled with addiction. Intensive rehab has been shown time and again to work, and to help those struggling with addiction get on a better path for life. You can make that first decision to get help, and we can help you through the rest of the way. If you still have questions about how Aaron Carter got started on his journey toward healing from addiction, or about drug rehab in general, feel free to contact us today.