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How long has it been since you've realized you had a problem with drugs and/or alcohol?

Maybe you didn't even realize it was a problem until someone pointed it out to you, like a friend or a family member. Perhaps you've known it in the back of your mind for quite some time, but you were in denial until it became obvious that your life just wasn't the same as it used to be.

No matter how you reached the conclusion that you needed help for your addiction, it's important to understand that everyone who has this problem comes to terms with it in their own time, and in their own way. Now that you have, you want to start thinking about the options available to you to get help.

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If you're considering going to drug rehab, alcohol rehab, or another form of addiction treatment altogether, experts agree that quitting on your own is most definitely not the answer you're looking for. When you're battling an addiction, drug rehab treatment offers you the greatest chance of leaving that old life behind for good. Let's talk about what a professional drug rehab or a professional alcohol rehab can offer you to help you recover.

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What is Drug Rehab?

Alcohol and drug rehab centers are designed to assist you with what some people say is the hardest part of quitting - the psychological dependence on substances. Prior to thinking about drug rehab, addiction ruled your thoughts most of the time. It's possible that you even planned what you were going to do every day based on how easy it would be for you to use drugs or alcohol. This behavior is typical for anyone who has an addiction, but that doesn't mean that it can't be overcome. Choosing to go to alcohol and drug rehab can help you with that.

Drug rehab centers provide you with a specific treatment plan that's customized to meet your needs.

It's a place to talk with professionals and peers about your addiction, and the right combination of methods yields great success in most patients. There are different types of drug rehab programs, and they include short term inpatient treatment, long term drug rehab, intensive outpatient treatment and regular outpatient treatment. All of them are effective, but most people find that inpatient drug and alcohol rehab clinics provide them with the kind of support that's needed; especially during the earliest days of their quits.

Whether you decide to go to a short term drug rehab or a long term professional alcohol rehab, it's important for you to know what to expect when you arrive and throughout the duration of your stay.

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What is Drug Rehab Like?

It's normal to be concerned about what you can expect when you go for drug/alcohol rehab treatment. Everyone is if this is something they've never done before. Fortunately, there is nothing for you to worry about. Today's drug rehab centers are modern and most of them are located at state of the art facilities. They employ some of the top practitioners and professionals in the country, and these people have a great deal of experience with helping patients overcome addiction.

When you go to alcohol and drug rehab, addiction treatment generally begins with talking one on one with a counselor.

The best drug and alcohol rehab programs will allow you to see your counselor as much as you need to during the earliest days of your time with them, and those visits will gradually be decreased as you become more confident and start to feel more at ease. Your counselor will talk with you about your addiction in great detail. You'll discuss why you think you became addicted to drugs, and if you're not sure, he or she will help you figure it out. Learning what the root of your addiction is, is so important because it will allow you to heal from that pain. Healing is the cornerstone of recovery, and without it, you're very vulnerable to returning to using again.

No matter what type of drug rehab, alcohol treatment, or addiction rehab you're a part of, group therapy should always be one of the main components, and there are many good reasons for that. Quite often, people learn so much from a group of their peers because they get the chance to talk to people who understand everything they've been through. For example, if you were researching alcohol rehab programs because your spouse divorced you, or you came to the drug rehab program because of abuse that occurred during your childhood, there is great comfort in knowing that you're not alone. Listening to others share their experiences can be helpful, and as you share your experiences, you'll help other people too. Most drug and alcohol rehab clinics rely on the 12 Step Program for group therapy, but there will be many other support groups to participate in as well.

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What Types of Addictions are Treated at the Alcohol and Drug Rehab Program at NorthPoint Recovery?

It's fairly common for people to assume that their addiction is "different" from other addictions, and so, it must not be treatable at a drug rehab. Addiction is the same, no matter what types of drugs you're referring to, and if you have an addiction, there is help available for you. In fact, if you're struggling with an addiction, drug rehab treatment is the absolute best option for you to overcome it, even if you think it's only a minor problem.

At NorthPoint Recovery, we help people who are struggling with all kinds of addictions, including those who:

  • Have what seems to be a minor addiction to marijuana
  • Have been trying to quit drinking alcohol for most of their lives
  • Have a long-standing addiction to heroin
  • Became inadvertently addicted to prescription drugs
  • Are wrestling with an addiction to cocaine
  • Want to stop using crystal meth
  • Are suffering from an addiction to any other type of drug

Please rest assured that here at NorthPoint Recovery, we take all forms of addiction very seriously. We know how powerful it can be, and it's our goal to provide you with the help you need, whether that's professional alcohol rehab or an intensive drug rehab program to help you overcome a heroin addiction. We are here for you.

How Effective are Drug and Alcohol Rehab Clinics at Treating Addiction?

As you can imagine, the effectiveness of drug and alcohol rehab programs is going to vary, depending on the facility you're considering. Any alcohol and drug rehab can be effective as long as the right components are in place. The most effective drug rehab centers are those that stress the importance of drug and alcohol detox as the first course of action. That's because it's essential to remove those toxins from your body prior to starting drug/alcohol rehab treatment.

Once you have gone through the detoxification process, you'll find that you're feeling better, and much more able to concentrate on everything you'll learn about your addiction at alcohol and drug rehab. Whether you've chosen drug rehab, alcohol treatment or another form of addiction treatment, having a personalized treatment plan in place for you will ensure that you get the best possible help you can get. Your treatment plan should address all of your goals, and it should help you reach them.

Is Long Term Drug Rehab Necessary for Everyone Who Suffers from Addiction?

It's possible that the thought of long term drug rehab doesn't excite you very much, and a lot of people feel nervous when they think about getting addiction treatment for a long period of time. However, for most people, it's the absolute best option. Consider the amount of time you have spent drinking or using drugs. During that time, you have formed a lot of bad habits, and those habits won't be broken overnight. In fact, in most cases, they're not even broken in a few weeks' time. It is essential for you to relearn how to live your life without being dependent on drugs or alcohol, which is why long term drug rehab or alcohol rehab is recommended for so many people who need it.

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Why Choose Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs at NorthPoint Recovery?

The most important decision you will ever make is getting professional help for your addiction, and here at NorthPoint Recovery, we can help you every step of the way. Our drug rehab program is affordable and it is effective. It was designed to get to the root of your addiction so that you can heal and live a healthy, fulfilled life.

Here at NorthPoint Recovery, we can help you by verifying your insurance coverage, and we'll even help you find drug/alcohol rehab treatment elsewhere if you're not local. If you'd like more information about how NorthPoint Recovery can assist you, please contact us today.

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