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Welcome to No Way But North! Where we talk about the miracles of recovery and the tools used to achieve them. This show is a journey through the amazing stories of recovery from addiction and a peek into what makes those stories possible. Every guest is either a person seeking recovery or a professional in the field of addiction treatment. Join us as we seek to share life changing information and recovery with our guests and with you!

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Episode 24 - 0:00 / 32:32 Daniel's Story: The Disease Model of Addiction and The Disease Model of Treatment

In this episode, we are joined by Daniel, Northpoint and Ashwood's primary counselor, to discuss the disease model of addiction. "Every human being is the author of his own health or disease." - Gautama Siddhartas

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Episode 23

Tanner's Story: 12-Year-Old Drug Experimentation to Finding Hope and Support in Aftercare.

Tanner is a 3 time Northpoint graduate and an Ashwood alumnus. Tanner grew up moving around and eventually ended up in Boise. Believing he was born an addict, Tanner's story starts young and fortunately ends younger than most. Tanner is an active mem...


Episode 22

Amy's Insights: The Prevalence of Co-Occurring Disorders in Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Amy Houser is a Utilization review specialist for Northpoint Recovery with an impressively diverse resume. Amy has worked as a case worker at an Idaho prison, a crisis counselor at a local university and even ran her own Medicaid clinic. Amy joins us...


Episode 20

Sarah's Story: Childhood Anxiety and Perfectionism to Finding Peace in Recovery

Sarah C., alumna of Northpoint Idaho, shares her recovery journey....


Episode 19

Tom's Story 1: Freeing Yourself From Shame and Guilt

In this episode, we are joined by Tom, Northpoint Recovery's utilization review specialist, to discuss how to free yourself from shame and guilt. "Unlike guilt, which is the feeling of doing something wrong shame is the feeling of being something wro...


Episode 18

Bret's Story - Overcoming Addiction

In this episode, we are joined by Bret, Northpoint Recovery's billing specialist and alumna, to discuss optimism and hope during recovery. In her powerful quote: "Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and c...


Episode 14

Todd's Take: The Culture of Medication

We are joined by Todd, a Board certified Physician's Assistant, who has worked in the mental health industry for over 10 years. Todd is eager to discuss the role of psychiatry in addiction and mental health treatment. We take a look at American cultu...


Episode 13

Crystal's Story: Using Drugs to Stop the Pain and Retaining Recovery in Adulthood

Crystal joins us to share her journey to recovery. She shares with us the events leading up to her seeking treatment followed by her experience. Facing relapse Crystal had two choices. Join us to find out how she once again found meaningful recovery....


Episode 12

Erika's Mission: ADHD Diagnosis and Correlation of Addiction

Erika Scarberry, a counselor at Ashwood recovery covers a topic that is personally close to her life. ADHD diagnosis is largely considered overly diagnosed. What are the effects of those who are either misdiagnosed and prescribed mind altering substa...


Episode 11

Evan's Story: Growing Up Without a Guidebook to Being A Better Man Than Yesterday

Evan Beales, the Northpoint Recovery admissions supervisor, is joining No Way but North for the second time to share with us his story of Recovery. Evan has 6 years of recovery, is a Boise transplant from Seattle and someone who is always pushing him...


Episode 10

Welcome to No Way but North

Welcome to No Way but North! After 15 episodes following incredible stories of addiction and delving into clinical topics with the hopes of furthering someone's recovery we have made the jump to video. In this first episode of our new video podcast J...


Episode 9

Erica Lopez Northpoint VP of Idaho Market

Erica Lopez, the Vice President of the Idaho Market for Northpoint Recovery joins Cooper and Jon to talk about what it takes to be a substance abuse counselor. The conversation stresses the importance of self-care as well as self-evaluation and bruta...


Episode 8

Terril's Story

We are joined today by Terrill Smith. Terrill is a Northpoint and Ashwood alumni, business owner, father and husband. Terrill takes us through a truly inspiring journey of recovery covering everything from Trauma, to prison and even a suicide attempt...


Episode 7

Fernando Working with the Youth

Fernando Mesa is a CADC in the treasure Valley, an ex-gang member and a recovering addict. We delve into Fernando's history with drug abuse, lack of role models, poverty and gang life as well as his passion of working with at risk youth trying to ens...


Episode 6

Sally J Discomfort

Today we are joined by Sally Johnson for the second time. In episode 4 Sally shared with us her decent into addiction and insanity. Today we get to here Sally's rise into recovery. Join us as we discuss what tools she used and still uses, who helped ...


Episode 5

Evan Beales: Admissions Supervisor

Evan Beales is an Admissions Supervisor for Northpoint Recovery. Today he shares with us a brief overview of his own journey to recovery and how it aids him in assisting others seek treatment. We talk about the process of admitting to treatment, what...


Episode 4

Neil Scott - Host at RECOVERY Coast to Coast

The 2018 NAATP conference was chalk full of invaluable and surprising opportunities. Not the least of which was an impromptu interview with broadcasting legend, ESPN radio veteran, and Recovery Coast to Coast host Neil Scott. Northpoint President Rob...


Episode 3

Harmony Foundation at NAATP Denver

Today I am joined by Jim Geckler from Harmony Recovery. Jim Shares with us his vast breadth of impressive treatment experience, what makes Harmony the impressive place that it is and his perspective on the industry of addiction treatment as a whole a...


Episode 2

Aspenridge at NAATP Denver

Today Cortland Mathers-Suter from Aspenridge Recovery joins me at the 2018 National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers conference. Cortland shares with me how he has separated Aspenridge from other Treatment centers and how he plans to cont...


Episode 1

The Foundry at NAATP Denver

Today Candi Ader and Wesley Hooks from the Foundry Treatment Center in Steamboat Colorado join me at the 2018 National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers Conference. Candi and Wes share with me their own experience, what makes the foundry s...