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Young Adult Drug and Alcohol Rehab – Northpoint Recovery

Young Adult RehabFor young adults suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction, their issues usually stem from their teenage years. In many cases, these young adults started using at eleven or twelve. Young adults between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four have different addiction treatment needs than those older, so they need access to young adult drug and alcohol rehab programs that meet them where they are.

Here at Northpoint Recovery, we want you to know that we recognize your unique needs. We understand how important it is to provide you with the level of care you need to help you recover. Call us today at 888.296.8976 to learn how our young adult rehab center in Boise, Idaho, can help you achieve your recovery goals. 

The Need for Young Adult Drug and Alcohol Rehab

The challenges that young adults face in today’s society are unique to their specific age group, and these often go overlooked in a traditional drug or alcohol rehab setting. Even though these challenges exist, most addiction treatment centers fail to provide their young adult patients with the help they need at the level they need it. Unfortunately, this only results in more and more addictions within this age group.

Consider the following statistics:

  • More college-aged individuals currently use marijuana daily than ever before.
  • Almost 5% of all young adults drink alcohol daily and classify themselves addicted.
  • More than 42% of young adults admit to being drunk at some point during the past month.
  • Cocaine use is on the rise among young adults, with almost 5% of them admitting to using it at least once in the past year.
  • Young adults are the largest age group that struggles with addictions to prescription drugs.

There is a need for more targeted drug and alcohol treatment options for this particular age group, and this is an area where traditional addiction treatment has fallen short.

Signs You Need Alcohol or Drug Rehab for Young Adults

Not all young adults know that they have become addicted to drugs or alcohol. They may understand what drug or alcohol abuse is, and they may even agree that they have participated in that from time to time. However, many of them wrongly assume that becoming addicted to a substance requires a mindful willingness to do so. 

You may wonder if your drug or alcohol use has become an addiction requiring specific alcohol or drug rehab for young adults. Here are a few indicators you can look for:

  • You have started becoming withdrawn from activities you once really enjoyed doing.
  • You have left many of your favorite hobbies behind because of your focus on drinking and using drugs.
  • You have begun hanging out with a different group of friends, and most of them use drugs or drink regularly.
  • You have gone through withdrawal when you have not used drugs or alcohol for a while.
  • You have struggled to quit using drugs or alcohol in the past.
  • Your drug or alcohol use has started to affect your work or school performance.

If you have noticed any of the above signs, you are probably battling an addiction. However, rehab programs for young adults exist that can address the issues that led to your addiction, as well as the addiction itself.

Rehab for Young Adults: Tailoring Your Recovery Experience

If you started using drugs and alcohol as a teenager, there is a high probability that your emotions and behaviors have been affected as a result. Going to a young adult drug and alcohol rehab is essential to address your needs. The same approach does not work for everyone, and for you to successfully recover, you need a treatment plan that has been tailored to help you specifically by:

  • Providing you with the option to go through drug or alcohol detox to help you manage your withdrawal symptoms
  • Providing you with individual counseling sessions that allow you to work through your issues with a therapist trained in young adult rehab needs
  • Offering you group therapy sessions with others your age who understand what you are going through
  • Offering you a wellness program that will address your dietary and physical fitness needs
  • Providing events and activities that will help you build important life skills
  • Providing you with tools that will aid you in avoiding relapsing in the future

It may not always seem feasible to go to one of the many inpatient rehab centers for young adults because you feel your time is short as it is. You are busy, and you may be going to school, have a job, or even have a family to care for at home. Even so, going to an inpatient treatment center offers you some great benefits that you may not find in an outpatient setting.

Inpatient drug or alcohol rehab gives you a level of support not available in outpatient treatment. You will be removed from daily stressors and the temptation to use drugs or alcohol. This is the level of care that most people need, which is especially true for young adults.

Making the Cost of Young Adult Rehab Affordable

Young adult drug and alcohol rehab is more affordable now than ever. It does not have to be expensive, as many ways to make it more affordable. If you have health insurance, the Affordable Care Act provides you with the reassurance that your health insurance provider will help you pay for addiction treatment.

Also, you may find that you have to pay something out of your pocket toward your treatment, but not everyone does. If you have a co-pay or a co-insurance amount, your chosen drug and alcohol rehab should be able to help you find the right financing options that will work for you.

Northpoint Recovery: Offering You Young Adult Rehab in Boise, Idaho

If you or a young adult you care about need help for addiction, you can count on Northpoint Recovery. Our young adult rehab program in Boise, Idaho, is designed to meet your needs. We understand the challenges you face in your daily life, and we know that your recovery requires a different approach than what is utilized with other age groups. To learn more about young adult rehab at Northpoint Recovery, contact us today at 888.296.8976.