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Women’s Drug and Alcohol Rehab – Northpoint Recovery

Womens RehabIt is a common misconception that drug and alcohol addiction are generally limited to men. Women are often just as susceptible to substance abuse, and they have unique needs when it comes to going to alcohol or drug rehab. Women need to receive the proper kind of treatment to help them recover, and that treatment is often much different from the kind of addiction help men benefit from the most. A women’s drug and alcohol rehab may be the best option.

If you or a woman in your life has an addiction to drugs or alcohol, women’s rehab in Idaho might be exactly what you’ve been looking for. Choosing an addiction treatment program for women provides you with opportunities you may not find in a typical outpatient setting or an outpatient therapy group like NA or AA. Women usually need more than these methods provide, and here at Northpoint Recovery, our women’s rehab center in Boise, Idaho, has precisely what you need for your recovery. Call us at 888.296.8976 with any questions you may have about how we help women recover from addiction.

The Need for Women’s Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Men and women are very different regarding drug and alcohol addictions. Since addiction is assumed to be more common in men, there are more male-centered treatment methods than specific rehab for women. However, women also struggle with addiction in high numbers and need a different treatment approach. In fact:

  • Close to half of the people addicted to drugs or alcohol are women.
  • As many as 25% of women struggle with addiction during their lifetimes.
  • Women often have a higher chance of becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol than men.
  • Women are more insecure about their appearances makes them more susceptible to becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol.
  • Women are often more prone to mental illness than men, leaving them vulnerable to addictions.
  • Research shows that women approach addiction differently than men, so specific treatment methods are needed.

These facts indicate a strong need for improved addiction treatment methods. Providing women with drug and alcohol rehab programs gives them a more detailed recovery experience that speaks specifically to their needs.

The Benefits of an Addiction Treatment Program for Women

There are many options for drug and alcohol rehab, and you may be wondering about the benefits of going to a women’s addiction treatment center rather than finding one that caters to both men and women at the same time. The fact is that men and women are very different, especially where addiction treatment is concerned. Women often have circumstances and challenges that can only be related to by other women. Because they also experience their emotions differently than men do, it can be beneficial for them to work alongside other women.

There are other factors to consider as well, including:

  • Women often risk losing their children when they struggle with addictions.
  • When using, women can be more vulnerable than men, putting them at a higher risk of rape and assault.
  • Women often struggle with feelings of guilt, fear, and shame, leading to a terrible addiction cycle.
  • Women frequently have unique struggles, including participation in prostitution, unwanted pregnancies, and exposure to certain diseases when they have addictions.
  • Women need to talk with others who can understand them and relate to them, and this is usually only able to be offered by other women.

While you may have gone to NA or AA, women often find that they need a more involved form of treatment than either of these. That is because you need more frequent support, and these types of meetings are usually only held a few times every month.

Not all women can go to inpatient women’s rehab programs, and if that is the case, outpatient treatment can often be just as helpful under the right circumstances. If possible, it is best to opt for a women’s addiction treatment center that offers inpatient drug women’s rehab. This will help you feel safe and protected as you concentrate on your recovery. You can also get information about drug and alcohol detox while there, which can help you with your withdrawal symptoms.

Northpoint Recovery: Safe, Welcoming Women’s Rehab in Boise, Idaho

As a woman, more than anything, you want to get your life back on track so that you can move far away from your addictive behaviors. While overcoming addiction is a process, it can be done when you have the right professional support to help you.

Here at Northpoint Recovery, our women’s rehab program in Boise, Idaho, offers you hope that you might not have experienced in a long time. For more information about how Northpoint Recovery can help you, or if you are ready to get started with our women’s recovery center, please contact us today at 888.296.8976.