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Northpoint Recovery is a private, highly specialized drug and alcohol detox and rehab treatment center located in Southwestern Idaho. We specialize in helping adults, adolescents and families affected by substance use who require inpatient and detox services. We accept most forms of insurance, credit cards and private payment.

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Local Idaho Addiction Detox, Rehab, and Recovery is Here.

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Northpoint Recovery is located in Boise, Idaho, where we serve those struggling with addiction in Washington State, Oregon, Utah, Montana, Alaska, and Wyoming as well. Stop by for a tour or call us now to learn more about how we can help you recover from the disease of drug and alcohol addiction.

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Drug and alcohol addiction can destroy lives. The disease of addiction makes people act in ways they'd never dream of behaving. Sometimes help can feel out of reach and things can seem hopeless.

Drug and alcohol rehab facilities help families cope with the scourge of addiction every day. Help is possible, but change is impossible without taking the first step. The right drug treatment program or alcohol treatment program can help you have a happier tomorrow. Recovery from substance abuse really is possible.

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Northpoint Recovery works with almost every insurance available in the United States to help our clients get help today.



“Northpoint Recovery saved my life. This facility is like none I've ever seen before. The nursing staff, techs, and counselors are amazing!!! I felt like my voice was heard and they listened to all my concerns.”

— Kristen H.

“Beautiful facility with a warm and welcoming staff!”

— Katie C.

“If you are seeking treatment let Northpoint be your first choice. From admissions to discharge and everything in between you CAN change your life!”

— Marilyn B.

“Thank you so much for helping me find my strength again! I was so lost and had hit rock bottom before Northpoint...an amazing place for recovery. ..I have my life back and am happy again in life...thank you again for helping me start my journey in recovery.”

— April W.

“When I arrived, I felt hopeless and sick. After completing Northpoint, and continuing treatment at Ashwood. I feel like a fine tuned machine, enjoying life, and we'll prepared to be a productive member of society. Thanks Northpoint. You changed my life!”

— Aaron S.

“The best shot I've had to this day started at North Point. I was exhausted; my body was shutting down (again); life seemed hopeless.The staff and counselors are compassionate people that showed me love when I had just about given up.”

— Tim S.

“An absolutely amazing experience! Thank you for giving me peace and most of all... my life back!”

— Tina W

“The accommodations were clean & comfortable. The food was excellent. I could relax & focus on my recovery, and above all else the staff was PHENOMENAL!”

— Heather W.

“If you or a loved one needs help with addiction Northpoint Recovery is amazing! Northpoint has great catered meals, a comfortable environment, and lots of fun activities and offers follow-up care assistance so clients get the best possible opportunity for recovery.”

— Dawn B

“Northpoint Recovery is a remarkable place. The staff is caring, compassionate and diligent. They give you the tools you need to get your life back.”

— Billi

Our Other Locations

Ashwood Recovery at Northpoint

Outpatient drug and alcohol rehab and addiction counseling located in Boise, Idaho.

Northpoint Washington

Washington State's leading drug and alcohol rehab and detox facility.

The Evergreen at Northpoint

Outpatient drug and alcohol rehab and addiction counseling located in Washington State.


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