Drug Information and Resources

While we often think of the main, big name drugs in the field, there are actually numerous different substances that can cause addiction. We have compiled the top drugs in each category to help you understand the facts and how ultimately you can start the recovery process and overcome addiction.

Alcohol Addiction Information


Alcohol use is common around the world, but addiction to alcohol can be deadly.

Cannabinoid Addiction Information


The Cannabinoid category of drugs is named because of how they affect the cannabinoid receptors in the human brain.

Depressants Addiction Information


Depressants are a classification of drugs that are very dangerous, and they only become more dangerous with long term usage.

Hallucinogens Addiction Information


Hallucinogens have been around for a very long time and are popular because they cause the user to lose touch with reality.

Inhalants Addiction Information


There are so many products that you can find in your home that are actually very addictive and harmful for you.

Opiates Addiction Information

Opiates and Prescription Drug Opioids

Opiates (which are sometimes referred to as Opioids) can be derived from the poppy plant, partially synthesized, or fully synthesized.

Over the Counter Drugs Addiction Information

Over the Counter Drugs

When people learn that they've become addicted to prescription medications, once they recover from their surprise, they can understand how this occurred.

Prescription Drug Addiction Information Steroids Addiction Information


Anabolic steroids generally conjure up visions of athletes who use them to improve their performance in various sports, and the only time it really seems to be a problem for them is when they get caught.

Stimulants Addiction Information


It is very easy to become addicted to stimulants, and once you're addicted, getting professional stimulant addiction treatment is the best way to stop taking them safely.