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Veterans, Trauma and Treatment

Everyone has had some experience with feeling depressed, anxious, or overwhelmed. But U.S. veterans often face a unique set of challenges upon returning from active duty, including dealing with the mental and emotional toll of their experiences. Substance misuse and mental health problems can develop, interfering with daily life and straining relationships. For any veteran struggling with addiction and mental health issues, access to care in a safe and nonjudgmental environment can make a world of difference. Don’t wait. Reach out. 

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Treatment Services

Substance Misuse and Addiction

Have you or a loved one ever served in the armed forces of the
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Effective, Compassionate Treatment

Northpoint Recovery provides a safe, supportive environment to help veterans heal from trauma, stress, substance misuse, and mental health conditions. Treating veterans and their families is a priority at Northpoint. We understand veterans because for many years we have been partners in their therapy and recovery from addiction. We have seen treatment work. To learn about programs for addiction and mental health issues explore our Inpatient and Outpatient approaches. 

Why Northpoint?



Northpoint Recovery was the first behavioral health treatment center we opened in the Pacific Northwest, and more soon followed. Northpoint Recovery offers a range of treatment options for adults and teens who suffer from addiction and mental health issues. Therefore, whether you need care for yourself, someone you love, or one of your patients, we can help. We are here for you.

Safeguarding Heroes: Quality Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health Services for Veterans

Northpoint is Part of the VA Community Care Network

VA, in consultation with you, must determine your care needs and how to meet them. Northpoint can help guide you to VA providers who will schedule a consultation. Should the VA providers determine that care at Northpoint should be authorized, we will work with you to immediately arrange admission and treatment, and there is no cost to you for treatment at Northpoint. At the conclusion of treatment, we will work with VA to ensure that your aftercare plan is in place. The most important goal is to get you the care you need as quickly as possible.

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