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Rehab Recovery Guide for Bridgeport, WA

Bridgeport, WA Addiction Rehab Resources

This addiction rehab resource guide for Bridgeport, Washington can help you figure out what your options are. With the opioid epidemic and high usage of other drugs and alcohol, there is a need for many addiction options. The overprescribing of opioid drugs has caused an increase of accidental deaths from overdose all across the state of Washington.

There is also the increase of opioid addiction as well as other substance abuse problems. This includes alcohol, meth, other prescription drugs, and illicit drugs like heroin. Recovering from addiction isn’t something you should try to do alone. There are a lot of addiction resources for Bridgeport residents. It doesn’t matter what your financial status is either. There are free programs available. If you have insurance, you might be fully covered for the best rehab programs. This guide will help you figure out what rehab options in Bridgeport, WA are best for you.

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There are addiction facilities all over Washington State if Bridgeport doesn’t have the right rehab for you. You might find it a benefit to get far away from home. It’s important for some addicts to get away from everything and immerse in their recovery. It’s a 7 hour drive from Bridgeport to Northpoint. You can alternatively get a flight from Seattle. Your insurance company may cover the travel costs.

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Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Bridgeport, WA

Once you’ve become addicted to drugs or alcohol, the body has a hard time living without it. Addiction is a treatable illness and there are tools that can help you recover. Professional addiction treatment in Bridgeport helps with that recovery. You learn a lot about yourself and about addiction itself. This helps you to manage the triggers and cravings you may experience when you abstain. The following section is about your addiction recovery options in Bridgeport, WA. The treatment in these programs are multi-tiered proven to work. They will include medical, psychological, and peer support when you’re in the program. You start with detox and then move onto rehab. These are the most common rehab programs:

An inpatient treatment or residential treatment program is in a campus setting. This means you’ll be staying on site while you immerse in the rehab program. It is a highly effective method that usually lasts 28 days. There are luxury options that give you catered meals and have health clubs. They vary in their quality of services and costs. Once detox has been completed, you’ll go into a rehab program like this. With inpatient programs, you’ll have counseling sessions daily. This will include one on one therapy and group therapy. You’ll be given nutrient rich meals to bring your body back to a healthy state. You’ll also learn a lot of valuable tools with an inpatient program and begin to create healthy habits. There is very little chance of relapse within the program because you don’t have access to substances or triggers that make you want to use.

Sober living or Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) are when you’re in a sober house with others. Sometimes addicts will need long term rehab because they don’t feel ready to go back to their normal day to day lives. This may especially be the case for those with multiple disorders, also known as dual diagnosis. You have the freedom to choose your treatments and attend when it’s convenient for you. It is a useful program for those who have come out of an inpatient program. You’ll attend things like group meetings and counseling outside of sober living. You can start rebuilding your life which might include going back to work.

An outpatient program is when you live at home and attend meetings, therapy sessions, and other types of proven rehabilitation strategies. This could include things like workshops about nutrition or even yoga classes. There are government subsidized programs, private, and public outpatient treatment programs for Bridgeport residents. They are good for those who have a mild addiction problem or have taken part in a more intense program previously. An inpatient rehab program ideally. The problem with these programs is that you’re vulnerable to triggers that could cause you to relapse. 

An Intensive Outpatient Program might be more suitable for those who are newly recovering but can’t attend an inpatient program. The treatment sessions, counseling, and group meetings are longer and more frequent. Some of these programs will have you engaged in sessions every day to begin. It is all an effort to help you maintain your sobriety and feel supported during the hardest part of addiction recovery. 

If you’re curious to know what the various programs cost, we can verify your insurance. Please feel free to get in touch with for any of your questions.

Detox will be the first step to rehabilitate from drugs or alcohol. This is where you will either holistically or medically detoxify the body by abstaining from substances. It’s recommended that you get professional detox. The withdrawal symptoms when you stop abusing drugs or alcohol are hard to manage. Detox will free you from physical dependency and takes between 5-7 days. Once you’ve gotten the substance out of your system, it will be time to deal with the psychological part of addiction.

Rehab should begin right after you’ve completed detox. Detox is not enough to truly keep an addict off drugs or alcohol. There is an underlying reason behind every addiction that needs to be managed and fully understood. This is where you look into the psychological reasons for your addiction. This is an important part of addiction rehab because it’s where the triggers come from. Rehab will include things like behavioral therapy, group sessions, and education on lifestyle changes. You’ll learn to replace negative behaviors with positive behaviors.

Recovery Meetings Near Bridgeport, WA

Once you’ve completed addiction rehab, there should be an aftercare plan put in place for your long term recovery. AA and NA meetings in Bridgeport will give you the support you need. There are incentives involved with attending these meetings that are motivating. Family support groups include Al-Anon and Alateen.


7:00 pm
Bridgeport Group
Calvary St. George's Episcopal Church
755 Clinton Ave
Bridgeport, WA


6:00 pm
New Look Group
East End Baptist Tabernacle Church
548 Central Ave
Bridgeport, WA


12:00 noon
Calvary St. George's Episcopal Church
755 Clinton Ave
Bridgeport, WA


7:00 pm
Chelan Hospital
503 East Highland Avenue
Chelan, WA


7:00 pm
United Methodist Church
206 North Emerson
Chelan, WA 98816


7:00 pm
Solo Por Hoy GFA
Local De Aa
101 S Bradley St #2
Chelan, WA


7:00 pm
Paths To Recovery AFG
Cashmere Presbyterian Church
303 Maple St
Cashmere, WA

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Is Inpatient Rehab Right For You?

Inpatient rehab treatment is one of the best options you can choose. It offers all the best, quality treatments in an immersive setting. It might not be right for everyone however. The costs may not be covered by insurance and it’s more than you can afford. Maybe you don’t have time to get away to a program you immerse in for a long period of time. There are other options for you no matter what your financial status is or what your time constraints are. 

There are outpatient programs that are flexible. You can also do an inpatient rehab program that offers you the same kind of quality treatment as inpatient rehab. There are free addiction recovery programs in Bridgeport, WA should you need them. Northpoint Recovery can help answer all your questions about rehab recovery. We have helped thousands of addicts get back on their feet. Our professionally trained staff is caring, knowledgeable, and experienced. We give you the best form of treatments that have been proven effective. Get in touch with us today and we can help you start your recovery journey.

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