10 Question Quiz: Is My Addiction Related to Trauma?

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Trauma and Addiction Quiz

Quiz: Is Your Addiction Related to Your Trauma?

A growing number of people who suffer from addiction also have lived through a traumatic event in their past. Even though it's true that living through a trauma doesn't automatically mean that you'll eventually become addicted to drugs or alcohol, research does demonstrate a link between the two. In fact, statistics tell us that:

  • As many as 75% of those who lived through a traumatic event turn to alcohol abuse
  • Accidents, natural disasters or illnesses are reported by as many as 33% of everyone who abuses alcohol
  • A diagnosis of PTSD has been shown to increase the risk of a substance abuse disorder
  • Both male and female sexual abuse victims demonstrate a significantly higher risk of drug or alcohol addiction
  • Drug addiction in trauma survivors is on the rise in both men and women

Perhaps you believe that your addiction may be related to your trauma, but you're really not sure. This quiz can help you determine if it is or not, and it will also help you understand what you should do if it is.