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Addiction Resources in Tualatin, Oregon

Drug and Alcohol Resources in Tualatin, Oregon

Tualatin, Oregon - Tualatin, Oregon had a population of just over 26,000 in 2010. It is located in Washington County, primarily. Tualatin is found near Tigard, and a part of it is located in Clackamas County. Tualatin has one zip code – 97062.

Tualatin, OR Addiction Help is Available

No one should have to settle for living with an addiction. Right now, you may feel hopeless and lost, but there is hope for your recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. So many great, free resources exist that can make it possible for you to live your life without addiction.

Get Addiction Help in Tualatin, Oregon

Find Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings in Tualatin, OR

Alcoholics Anonymous is a support group organization that was designed to assist anyone who is in recovery from alcoholism.

Who Me? Group
Meridian Park Hospital
Community Health Center
19300 SW 65th Ave.
Tualatin, Oregon

Just a Meeting Group
Legacy Meridian Park Hospital
19300 SW 65th Ave.
Tualatin, Oregon

We’re Doing It Group
Living Savior Lutheran Church
8740 SW Sagert St.
Tualatin, Oregon

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Find Alateen Meetings in/near Tualatin, Oregon

Alateen is an organization that’s designed to offer help and support to teens and children who have loved ones suffering from addiction.

Tigard Alateen
St. James Episcopal Church
11511 SW Bull Mountain Rd.
Tigard, Oregon

How it Works Alateen
Eastridge Church
14100 SE Sunnyside Road
Clackamas, Oregon

Together We Can Make It Alateen
Unity Church
12650 SW 5th
Beaverton, Oregon

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Find Al-Anon Meetings in/near Tualatin, OR

Al-Anon meetings were set up for families of people who are in addiction recovery to provide them with the support they need. Alateens are always welcome at any Al-Anon meeting.

New Me AFG
Tualatin United Methodist Church
20200 SW Martinazzi Ave.
Tualatin, Oregon

Just for Me
Living Savior Lutheran Church
8740 SW Sagert St.
Tualatin, Oregon

Beaverton Love and Service AFG
Beaverton Seventh Day Adventist Church
14645 SW Davis Rd.
Beaverton, Oregon

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Find Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings Near Tualatin, Oregon

Narcotics Anonymous is an organization that offers support groups for anyone who is currently recovering from a drug addiction.

Greenberg Oaks Apartments Community Room
11895 Southwest 91st Ave.
Tigard, Oregon

Sherwood Friends Church
23262 Southwest Main St.
Sherwood, Oregon

Metzger Church
9055 Southwest Locust St.
Tigard, Oregon

More NA Resources

The Oregon Alcohol and Drug Help Line is: 1-800-923-4357

Online Support Groups

  • Did you know that online support groups are available to provide you with additional support during your recovery?
  • 12 Step Groups for those who need dual diagnosis recovery
  • Narcotics Anonymous
  • SMART Recovery for self-managed recovery training

Free Government Aid for Addiction Resources in Tualatin, Oregon

Most people don’t realize how much help is available to assist them with recovering from an addiction. There are many low-cost or even free financial aid opportunities for you to utilize. You’ll find more information about them and about how the Affordable Care Act can make it possible for you to get addiction treatment by visiting SAMHSA.gov.

Drug and Alcohol Help in Tualatin, Oregon: Get Help at NorthPoint Recovery

Regardless of how long you’ve been addicted to drugs or alcohol, it’s never too late to get the help you need to recover. Here at NorthPoint Recovery, we’ve had the pleasure of helping a countless number of people to experience freedom from their addictions. We’d love to help you do the same.

If you are interested in getting more information about NorthPoint Recovery and our programs, please contact us today.