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Leave Your Hometown for Alcohol Treatment or Drug Rehab

Why It's Important to Leave Your Hometown for Alcohol Treatment or Drug Rehab

Drug and alcohol addiction is a scary illness for the people suffering from it and for their families. One of the biggest challenges for those who are stricken with this illness is admitting that help is needed. To complicate the path to recovery, not every geographical area has the same type of treatment facilities. This can stifle recovery tremendously, because when proper care and treatment are not given, the person suffering from the addiction will be unsuccessful in treatment. This, in turn, can present a negative association for all recovery programs and deter those who need help from getting it. At Northpoint Recovery, a Boise, Idaho, detox and treatment center, we have a proven track record of success. One of the reasons we are so successful is because we encourage potential patients to leave their hometown areas when considering drug and alcohol rehab. Northpoint Recovery even offers help with transportation costs in some circumstances. For many reasons, drug and alcohol treatment that is completed away from home is far more successful.

  • It solidifies the commitment to recovery. Those who pack up and actually travel away from home are solidifying their commitment to recovery. This means that they know going into the program that home is not right down the road, so the inpatient facility is going to serve as home. With any addiction, be it drugs or alcohol, admitting there is a problem is the first step. A commitment to recovery is made clear when potential patients have the courage to leave their hometowns to enroll in a Northpoint Recovery facility away from their home. Knowing that there is an increased chance of remaining sober when leaving home, patients who have truly reached the point in their addiction where they want to come clean will feel strongly about leaving home and finding help with Northpoint Recovery.
  • Patients can focus solely on self. One very important part of recovery is learning to focus on self. A lot of time addiction is triggered because those who are suffering are worried about outside factors in life that they have no control over. Leaving home leaves all of those factors in the rear view mirror. Being away from home will give patients the opportunity to devote 100% of their time to themselves and their recovery. Many may feel that they can stay close to home and still focus on recovery. From our experience, that is not always the best choice. When family members are close in proximity all the time, it can be a distraction for patients who need to take the time to figure out how to combat their illness. Committing to recovery means committing to self, and that can be done so much easier in a Northpoint Recovery facility away from home.
  • Travel offers time for reflection. When committing to travel a long distance, there is plenty of time for reflection. This time for reflection gives potential patients the time to prepare themselves mentally for the transition from society and its triggers into a facility for rehab. Simply driving to the local hospital or rehab clinic can be a very hasty transition and can often lead to second guesses and mind changes. No one, not the people suffering from addiction or their families, want to see off the cuff decisions result in regret. The regret from leaving the local facility will most likely drive potential patients back to their drug of choice. Staying home for recovery leaves patients more at risk for relapse. There is no reason to put them through the disappointment when Northpoint Recovery can offer the necessary help in a location that is perfect for recovery.
  • There is no easy way to leave. One of the biggest benefits to leaving home for recovery is the challenge that patients will face if they try to leave. Since home is not around the corner, an out of town recovery program forces patients to second-guess any thoughts of leaving. Patients will often get urges to leave their treatment programs when the feel the need to drink or get high. The physical distance between Northpoint Recovery and home will make leaving hard and force patients to stay dedicated to treatment. Since dealers are at home, patients who want to leave know they have no one to contact to get the drugs they need, so it keeps them in the program. By putting distance between access to drugs as well as making getting home a bit of a challenge, patients who chose to travel to Northpoint Recovery for inpatient drug and alcohol treatment are setting themselves up for a greater chance of success.
  • There is much more privacy and confidentiality. Any type of medical treatment is confidential, but in small town USA, everyone talks. It just is that way. Drug and alcohol addiction is nothing to be ashamed of by any means, but public perception is not always that addiction is an illness; many still feel it is a choice. A lot of anxiety about jobs and roles in the community can be put at ease if prospective patients choose to leave home and seek help. Without anxiety about who is going to tell who about a recovery stay or how it will get back to work or school or the local baseball organization, patients are free to focus solely on the recovery. That is vital to success, and leaving home offers that necessary piece of mind. Northpoint Recovery can offer the autonomy that a local recovery facility cannot, and that autonomy can help increase the chances of a lifetime of sobriety.

Northpoint Recovery is one of the best detox and inpatient treatment programs in Idaho, but it is not limited to Idaho residents. Those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction who live in any area are strongly encouraged to reach out to one of our intake counselors and ask as many questions as they need answered about our programs and staff. We provide quality and affordable drug rehab and alcohol treatment in Idaho. We know how successful patients who leave home become, and we are ready and waiting to help people from everywhere.