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Northpoint Recovery In-Network with MultiPlan

Will MultiPlan Health Insurance Cover Addiction Treatment?

Northpoint Recovery is now in-network with MultiPlan Health Insurance!

This is such an amazing change. Here at Northpoint Recovery, we have so many patients with this health insurance agency. It is so important to choose addiction treatment that is in-network. If you're in need of drug rehab or alcohol rehab, you may have a lot of questions regarding cost. This is completely normal, and we'd like to answer your questions for you.

What is an In-Network Provider with MultiPlan Insurance?

Sometimes the words that insurance agencies use can be quite confusing. If you're not familiar with the terms, you can end up paying more for the services you need. This certainly applies to addiction treatment as well.

You may be wondering, what is an in-network provider? Getting the answer to this question can help you save a lot of money. An in-network provider is one that has partnered with your health insurance company. They have a contract agreement between the two of them. This means that your provider will bill your health insurance company directly for payment.

When it comes to drug rehab or alcohol rehab, an in-network provider is the best way for you to go. It will allow you to get immediate addiction treatment, which is excellent.

In Network with Multiplan

Out of Network vs. In-Network Alcohol Treatment and Drug Treatment

You may have seen the term out of network provider in some of your health insurance documents. It's possible that this term confused you as well. An out of network provider is one that does not have an agreement with your insurance agency. This does not mean that you're not able to receive services from that facility. However, it does mean that you will most likely have to pay for those services out of pocket.

This can create a great financial hardship for many people. Most people are not able to afford paying for alcohol treatment or drug treatment. In-network providers will lift that burden tremendously. This is why it's always best to go with an in-network addiction treatment program.

What Can You Expect Your Insurance Coverage to Be Like for Rehab with MultiPlan?

People are often curious about what their insurance coverage will be like when they go to alcohol or drug rehab. You may be wondering the same thing. It's a very good question.

If you take look at your health insurance documents, reading them can be very confusing. It probably won't make much sense to you, and it can still leave you with a lot of unanswered questions. This is why it's best to talk with someone directly about your health insurance benefits.

The fact is that it's hard to say what your coverage will be like. Even patients who have the same Multiplan insurance will see some differences in benefits. This is because policies tend to be quite different from one another. By talking with a professional at an in-network alcohol treatment or drug treatment program, you'll get answers. He or she will be able to talk with your health insurance directly and get more information about your coverage.

There are people who find that with an in-network drug rehab or alcohol rehab, their stays are covered in full. It's important to keep that in mind, and that might be the situation for you. You may have to pay a small co-insurance or copayment amount. However, if you do, it will be quite minimal.

Is In-Network Health Insurance for All Kinds of Addiction Treatment?

In partnership with Northpoint Recovery, your in-network health insurance offers treatment for all types of addictions. There's no need for you to search for a specialty addiction treatment center.

You will be able to receive services with us whether you're in need of:

  • Marijuana rehab
  • Alcohol treatment
  • Cocaine treatment
  • Heroin rehab
  • Crystal meth treatment
  • Prescription drug treatment

You have coverage for all of the above; plus any other addictions you may be suffering from.

Also, because Northpoint Recovery is in-network for alcohol treatment and drug treatment, you can get so much more. We offer treatment for co-occurring disorders at Northpoint Recovery.

These are conditions that often lead to addictions. For example, you may find that you need help for:

  • Symptoms of depression
  • A diagnosis of PTSD
  • An anxiety disorder
  • Bipolar disorder
  • ADHD or ADD

You'll be able to get help for these conditions as well. This is just another benefit of choosing a provider that is in-network for addiction treatment.

MultiPlan In-Network Coverage for Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehab and Your Options

Another question you may have is, what type of substance abuse treatment will your insurance agency cover? This is a great question. Regardless of what is recommended for you, because we're an in-network provider, you can get the help you need. Here at Northpoint Recovery, we offer certain services, but we can provide you with a referral for additional help.

You may be in need of:

  • Drug Detox or Alcohol Detox: This is the process of removing toxins from the body. There are different methods that are commonly used. This helps to reduce withdrawal symptoms, and can make the recovery process much easier. People who opt for detoxification usually have better long-term recovery results.
  • Inpatient Alcohol or Drug Rehab: Inpatient treatment is often seen as the “Gold Standard” in rehab. It provides you with unconditional support during this time. It lasts for around 30 days and includes a tailored treatment plan that is specifically for you.
  • An Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program: IOP programs are designed for those who need inpatient treatment, but can't go. They're perfect for parents with small children at home, or for those who work full-time. You'll still get excellent treatment and support.
  • Long-Term Addiction Treatment: Some people need more help than can be offered in 30 days. Long-term or residential rehab is a great option in these cases.
  • Outpatient Rehab: Outpatient treatment is great for those who have mild addiction, or who need follow-up treatment.

Your Insurance is In-Network with Northpoint Recovery!

It's so great that MultiPlan is now in-network for drug rehab and alcohol rehab at Northpoint Recovery. We're excited because this allows us to offer our services to so many more people.

You may have been in a position where you weren't able to afford the addiction treatment you needed. Maybe you've had this health insurance for quite some time. However, you didn't realize that it would help you cover the expenses related to drug and alcohol rehab. Now that MultiPlan is in-network for addiction treatment with us, recovery is so much more affordable for you.

Your health is so important. Choosing to recover from your addiction will be the best decision you ever made. Regardless of what type of substance abuse treatment you choose, you're sure to get the help you need.

It is so easy for you to get the process started. Simply get in touch with us and we'll take it from there. Our goal is to talk with you and find out the history behind your addiction. We'll recommend the appropriate treatment for you. We'll even verify your health insurance so that you know exactly what your coverage will be. This is so important because in taking this step, we can maximize your benefits for you.

Are you ready to learn about your health insurance coverage for drug rehab or alcohol rehab? Contact us today!

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