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Drug Rehab in Idaho

Northpoint Recovery is the best facility for drug rehab in Idaho.

Addiction often brings with it a negative stigma. People tend to associate those who suffer from addiction with bad choices and a party all night lifestyle. Those who have had a loved one suffer from the disease know otherwise. Addiction is an illness that brings with it symptoms unlike any other disease. It affects the mind and the body, and it destroys relationships and families. It drives the ones suffering to make awful choices that are totally out of their control. It - like so many other diseases - requires treatment to heal. Unlike other diseases, there are no ribbons to bring about awareness or no parades or runs to generate funds for a cure. Yet addiction - like these other diseases - requires treatment as well. At Northpoint Recovery, we offer the best alcohol rehab and drug treatment in Treasure Valley.

Awareness for what drug addiction in Idaho really is needs to be brought to light. Addiction strikes everywhere. It sneaks into the bedrooms of upper class gated neighborhoods just as slyly as it creeps into the apartments of those living in downtown. Because it is a disease, it does not just target one subgroup of people. Sadly, because it brings with it such a negative stigma, addiction is often the elephant in the room. People do not go around asking parents of those suffering from the disease how their child is handling treatment. They avoid the subject in fear of offending the family. However, it should not be this way. Sharing treatment options and successful recovery approaches should be shared among families in order to prevent the terrible outcome that addiction can lead to - death. A more open and honest dialogue about what addiction really is can ultimately save lives.

At Northpoint Recovery's program for drug rehab in Idaho, we work to destroy the negative stigma that comes with the addiction disease. In our Boise alcohol treatment facility, we work to educate families on what the faces of addiction look like, and most importantly, we work to provide the best programs for drug treatment in Idaho.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Stats for Idaho

Can you explain the process for inpatient recovery at your facility for drug rehab in Idaho?

The process for enrolling in one of our programs for drug rehab in Idaho or alcohol treatment in Boise,ID is quite simple. The process unfolds as so:

  • Verify insurance
  • Set up an intake appointment
  • Meet with an intake specialist
  • Complete an intake evaluation
  • Accept placement

Many prospective patients feel that enrollment in a program for addiction treatment in Idaho will be too expensive. This is not the case. Northpoint Recovery accepts all major insurance plans, and we offer a verification process with insurance companies so that potential patients can do their due diligence before even enrolling in a program for drug treatment in Treasure Valley. The process is quite simple, and prospective patients are encouraged to follow these simple steps. First, contact one of our admission counselors and obtain a complimentary consultation. At this consultation, patients will be directed to our online insurance verification process. After the information is submitted, our intake professionals verify insurance information. Following their discussion with a potential patient's insurance company, they will reach out to the prospective patients with a breakdown of what the insurance will cover and what the cost will be. Most insurance companies will cover our programs for drug addiction in Idaho, so more often than not, the cost is minimal if anything.

After potential patients have their insurance verified, they can schedule an intake appointment with one of our intake specialists who are specially trained to help those in need enroll in our programs for drug addiction treatment in Idaho or alcohol rehab in Idaho. The average length of an intake appointment is around an hour, and prospective patients can expect to provide the following information to our counselors: the issue that is leading them to seek treatment, the insurance company they use, their insurance policy information, and the policyholder information. Providing this information will make it easy for our counselors to place patients in the appropriate programs for alcohol rehab or substance abuse treatment in Idaho.

Following this meeting, we will offer prospective patients a bed and a room, and they will be escorted into our program for drug rehab in Treasure Valley. The process is quite simple, and we do everything in our power to make it as easy as possible for patients and their families.

What type of programs for substance abuse rehab in Idaho does Northpoint Recovery offer?

Northpoint Recovery can help patients with any type of recovery that they need help with. We have a highly trained addiction staff employed in our programs for addiction treatment in Treasure Valley, and they can help patients work through any addiction they may be suffering from. Our staff understands that addiction is a disease, and it is well trained and well prepared to help patients work the programs for drug rehab in Idaho.

Recent research suggests that combining medical care, 12-step recovery, and therapy are the best means for achieving and maintaining sobriety. At Northpoint Recovery, our specialists have used this research in their attempts to tailor individualized recovery plans, and it is through these efforts that our centers for recovery offer the best drug treatment in Treasure Valley. We can help any addiction, including alcohol addiction, using a variety of approaches that we have seen work in many different circumstances. We commit to the challenge of helping patients achieve and maintain health and wellness. This is what makes us the best program for alcohol treatment in Boise and drug rehab in Idaho.

Do you offer a drug rehab program in Idaho for heroin or opiate addiction?

Heroin is one of the most dangerous drugs on the streets today. It is an opiate, so it causes the body slow down and enter a euphoric state of relaxation. It blocks out the world both literally and metaphorically. Those who are addicted to heroin experience a high that feels like a rush and then a heavy feeling of relaxation, so much so that they body can barely hold up its extremities. They also block out all world rules when seeking to find heroin. There are no boundaries. Those looking to get a fix will often times go to extreme limits to get the money they need to buy the drug. This is why entering a program for heroin treatment in Idaho is imperative. Often times prospective patients end up with two choices, go to jail as a result of the addiction, or enroll in a program for drug rehab in Idaho before jail becomes an option.

Experiencing heroin detox in Idaho will be a challenging experience. Those who have used heroin for extended periods of time are at risk of medical complications when they detox. Heroin treatment should not be attempted at home or alone. The staff at our programs for heroin rehab in Idaho is highly trained and experienced in the side effect that can arise during heroin detox, and those considering a program for heroin drug rehab in Idaho should look to Northpoint Recovery for help.

After the drug detox is over, our staff will be right by patients' sides to begin the journey to recovery. While the task may seem daunting at first, we take caution to look at one day at time. Remaining sober one day at a time instead at looking at a lifetime makes the task much more manageable. Those who suffer from addiction truly do suffer from a disease, and the disease has to be managed daily. Our programs for heroin rehab in Idaho teach patients how to maintain sobriety from heroin. Millions of people have recovered from heroin addiction; it is possible, and with Northpoint Recovery's approach to drug treatment in Idaho, it is highly probable.

Do you offer a program meth rehab in Idaho?

Methamphetamine, or crystal meth, is a drug that is sweeping the streets lately, and Northpoint Recovery offers some of the best meth treatment in Idaho. Pictures fill social media news feeds showcasing pictures of people aging through the addiction to meth. The drug takes a major toll on a person's physical appearance. Northpoint Recovery can help with its highly regarded programs for meth treatment in Treasure Valley.

Addiction to meth is often made worse because of how it affects the body. When those suffering from meth addiction begin using the drug, they are much more productive in their daily lives. They get more done, and they are able to “burn the candle at both ends” without the side effects of over doing things. The mindset of “the drug is not having negative consequences” quickly ensues because of the daily productiveness that can be seen. Eventually, the user begins to feel tired and run down when not under the drug's influence, so more meth is sought to resume a feeling of normal. The body, of course, builds a tolerance and more meth is needed.

The difficulty is the drug has two phases of its high. The initial phase or the “rush” leads users to feel indestructible. Their decision-making ability is extremely impaired, and often times they can become overly aggressive, which of course can lead to trouble on many levels. After the “rush” wears off, users feel invigorated, but still detached from reality; thus, their decision-making ability is still very skewed. This, too, often leads users to get into trouble with the law. The sad state is that regardless of using habits or frequency, those suffering from meth addiction often times end up in trouble with the law. Northpoint Recovery's program for meth treatment in Idaho can help meth users get on the right track.

Meth addiction plays a serious toll on users' health as well. Its effect on the body - especially the heart - is what leads most meth users to death. While overdoes is possible from meth, odds are those who are addicted to meth will die of medical related side effects before overdose. This is why treatment in one of our programs for meth rehab in Idaho is imperative for potential patients who wish to regain control of their lives and their health.

Can you offer me help with prescription drug rehab in Idaho?

Prescription drug addiction is its own beast. Those who abuse prescription drugs see them as “legal” because they are prescribed; this makes just realizing there is an addiction very challenging. The good news is that at Northpoint recovery, programs for prescription drug treatment in Idaho rank among the most successful.

Prescription drugs come in two different taxonomies: stimulants and depressants. Stimulants stimulate the central nervous system offering an extreme and increased feeling of confidence and a sense that users can accomplish anything. When the drug wears off, users feel like they have crashed, and they crave the feeling of being indestructible again. This is what leads to the addiction. Users do not want to feel down after experiencing the high.

Conversely, depressants have the opposite effect. They lead users into an extreme state of relaxation. They erase the feeling of worry that life's everyday occurrences may cause. They create a false sense that everything is going to be ok. Sadly, this is not the case. The more a depressant is abused, the chances that everything will be okay decreases as depressant abuse leads to cardiovascular problems as well as stroke. Help for this type of addiction is available at Northpoint Recovery's program for prescription drug treatment in Idaho.

Enrolling in a program for drug rehab in Idaho can help patients reclaim power of their lives. Round the clock care is available in our programs for recovery, and we work to make sure that our patients get clean by helping them through our program for drug detox in Idaho. After the detox, we work to develop a plan that is best suited for individual patients to remain clean after leaving the facility. Help does not end when patients exit our facility for prescription drug rehab in Treasure Valley; we supply them with the life skills necessary to remain clean when they leave.

Let Northpoint Recovery help you with drug rehab in Idaho.

Northpoint Recovery has countless programs for drug rehab in Idaho and has helped thousands of patients reach a lifetime of sobriety, and we are willing and waiting to do the same for many, many more. Contact us now for help.