Ashwood Recovery Nampa: Reviews, Cost and Addiction Treatment Program Details

The reviews for Ashwood Recovery Nampa are excellent! So many people have gotten the help they needed through their addiction treatment program. It is obvious that they are the best choice for drug and alcohol rehab for a lot of individuals. They offer an outpatient program, and it is one of the top ones in the area. Staff and clients are thrilled with it.

Ashwood Recovery Nampa is located in Nampa, Idaho, which is very close to Meridian, Caldwell, Kuna and Eagle. The facility’s staff is extremely helpful, and they are determined to provide the best treatment to their clients. The services they offer are high quality, affordable and convenient.

So many people need to get help for their substance abuse and addictions, but they simply do not know where to turn. They may even feel as though all hope is lost because they cannot commit to an inpatient program. What many do not realize is that while this form of treatment works well, it is not always the best solution for everyone. Ashwood Recovery Nampa is proof that quality addiction treatment is available on an outpatient basis.

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About Ashwood Recovery Nampa

Ashwood Recovery Nampa offers an excellent outpatient alcohol and drug rehab program. Their approach is caring, comprehensive and well rounded. They are careful to treat each client uniquely, and every client receives their own individual treatment plan. They believe wholeheartedly that every addiction is different, and they want to address those personal needs.

At Ashwood Recovery Nampa, they offer services to both adults and adolescents with substance abuse problems. In addition, they also provide them with treatment for all of the following conditions and issues:

The quality of their program has brought in referrals from several of the best addiction treatment centers in the U.S. They only employ the most compassionate and highly trained staff members, and they strive to maintain a high level of integrity.

Ashwood Recovery Nampa’s approach to treatment is evidence-based, effective and diverse. They understand that their clients all have varying needs that need to be addressed in order for them to recover.

This testimonial offers a glimpse into what so many clients are saying about the quality of the treatment they received.

The Ashwood Recovery Nampa location is actually the newest facility, and there is another one in Boise, Idaho. It is very convenient to attend treatment at either location for those who live in the area. It is not uncommon for people to want to travel a short distance away for outpatient care. They often find that it helps to protect their confidentiality.

In addition, there are other locations nearby that offer very similar services.

Northpoint Recovery is located in Boise, Idaho, which is only a 25-minute drive from Nampa. They offer inpatient drug and alcohol treatment services that include detoxification and rehab.

Northpoint Washington is located in Edmonds, Washington, and it is an excellent choice for anyone wanting to go further away from home for treatment. They offer an inpatient drug and alcohol treatment program that includes detox and rehab. It is possible to get to their facility in eight hours by car, and in an hour and twenty minutes by plane.

Finally, The Evergreen at Northpoint is located in Bellevue, Washington. They also offer an outpatient alcohol and drug rehab program. Their services include one of the best intensive outpatient programs in the region.

At Ashwood Recovery Nampa, the facility is professional but comfortable. The staff wants their clients to feel at home from the moment they walk through the doors. The building is modern and clean, and the staff is careful to create and maintain personal relationships with their clients.

Zach had a lot to say about the program: “Ashwood has been vital in my recovery. Amazing counselors, friendly staff overall, and everyone is always committed to each patient’s well-being. My sobriety is stronger because of this place.”

Christian states that: “Ashwood is beyond amazing! I went to one other outpatient treatment in the Boise area and everything and everyone there was lackluster. Ashwood makes sure to teach about the addiction model, helps you build a good peer support system and has counselors that genuinely care about you.”

Even though many of their clients use a lot of the same substances, at Ashwood Recovery Nampa, they know that people experience addiction differently. They strive to provide the type of treatment that each person needs.

Treating the underlying cause of the addiction is their primary concern. Unless this approach is taken, people do not have the best chance at a long-term recovery. The staff members work hard to determine what led to the substance abuse problem. Once this information is discovered, they are careful to provide real solutions to the clients.

A holistic approach is vital during addiction recovery. At Ashwood Recovery Nampa, they offer a wide range of services, which include:

  • Individual counseling sessions
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Family therapy sessions
  • Trauma therapy
  • The 12-Step Recovery method
  • Cognitive-Behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical therapy
  • EMDR

These services are all evidence based. That means that they have been proven to be effective during addiction treatment. The reality is that addictions and various disorders can interact with each other in many different ways. Their staff’s approach utilizes this knowledge when they are putting together treatment plans for their clients.

This is one man’s testimony of how much his treatment has helped him recover and remain in recovery.

Victoria also says: “The education I’ve gotten from Ashwood has been so helpful in early recovery. They cover topics and teach skills that are important to me, giving me more strength every day. The group setting allows us to share with each other, giving us a strong sense of community. The entire staff is awesome!”

The Mission Statement for Ashwood Recovery Nampa states that their goal is:

“To provide the same quality of care we would wish for our own families and loved ones.”

They hold themselves at a very high standard at Ashwood Recovery Nampa. Their goal is not just to provide the best addiction treatment for their clients, but to do so just as they would for their own families. They understand that when someone has an addiction, it really is a crisis situation. Both the client and their family suffers dearly, and they maintain a strong commitment to ease that suffering and bring about healing.

The vision at Ashwood Recovery Nampa is to provide clients with a non-judgmental, safe atmosphere. They strive to remain on the cutting edge of addiction treatment, and they have maintained their commitment to the 12 Steps as their core foundation.

Drug and alcohol addiction has the power to tear families apart. Their staff wants to see those important relationships restored and renewed. It is their goal to be the leading organization in educating their local community and fighting addictions. There are so many individuals who do not believe they can recover. But, the right type of support, coping skills and tools can make it possible. So many clients are proof of that.

Some of the best addiction treatment professionals in the world are on staff at Ashwood Recovery Nampa. While they do have a smaller facility, they always go the extra mile to employ staff members who will not just meet, but surpass their clients’ needs.

The President and COO of Ashwood Recovery Nampa is Robert Castan, who is also a recovering addict since 2010. Robert has lived through many of the challenges the program’s clients are facing, and he knows what it takes to heal. He has made it his life’s mission to let others know that there is freedom from addiction available to them.

Over the years, Robert has founded some of the best drug and alcohol treatment programs in the U.S. He founded Northpoint Recovery in 2014. After that, he went on to assist even more people by starting Northpoint Washington, Ashwood Recovery and The Evergreen at Northpoint. It is because of his leadership, insight and determination that so many people have gotten the help they needed. Because of him, Ashwood Recovery Nampa has become an all-inclusive program that always strives to meet the individual needs of everyone who needs their services.

In addition, there are many other staff members who are also recovered addicts. These are people who know what it feels like to be scared and nervous prior to starting treatment. They know that clients often feel skeptical and very much alone when they begin drug or alcohol rehab. Because of their experience, they have the ability to meet clients where they are and come alongside then through every step of the recovery process.

When asked about the staff, Riley says: “Staff here really understands and wants to help you figure out your recovery.”

Jade states: “I am very pleased with my experience at Ashwood Recovery. The staff is very helpful and friendly. They are well educated in the material. I recommend this treatment center for anyone seeking help with addiction. It has definitely changed my outlook on addiction in many ways.”

Outpatient Services Overview

As we stated earlier, all addictions are different. In the same way, all clients are different as well, and they need treatment plans that speak to their unique needs. This is why Ashwood Recovery Nampa offers such a wide range of services.

Their program is comprehensive; possible more so than any other in the region. Choosing Ashwood Recovery Nampa means working with staff members who will take their time in determining the services each client needs. Their overall goal is to give their clients everything they need to be successful.

Individual therapy sessions are vital to anyone’s success when they are battling an addiction. Regardless of what type of treatment they need, it helps to talk with a therapist in a one-on-one setting.

Once a client chooses to get help from Ashwood Recovery Nampa, they are assigned a therapist to work closely with them. The therapist will specifically address the cause of the person’s addiction and offer them the type of treatment that will benefit them the most. Research has shown that it is important to identify and treat the cause of the substance abuse problem. Otherwise, there is an increased risk of relapsing multiple times.

Counseling is also needed to help people identify dangerous behaviors in their lives and change them. Clients are encouraged to actively participate during this process, and they often have to complete assignments to prove compliance.

In addition, clients benefit from:

  • Learning more about what an addiction is and its negative impact in their lives.
  • Learning how to identify and reduce triggers that could lead to a relapse.
  • Relapse prevention planning to help people stay clean and sober.
  • Family sessions with the therapist to provide support to the client and their most important support system.
  • Understanding how to work on healing relationships with the people they love.

In regards to the counseling he received, Garth states: “Yes, they gave me the support and tools to get my life turned around. I highly recommend Ashwood.”

Connor agrees, and he says, “It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and has completely helped to turn my life around for the better. I’ll never give up on positivity.”

A lot of people find that going to an intensive outpatient treatment program offers them the best support when recovering from an addiction. At Ashwood Recovery Nampa, their IOP is one of the best in the region. It comes highly recommended by programs all over the country.

There are those who need addiction treatment who are simply unable to attend an inpatient program. They may need a higher level of care, but the constraints of their lives make it a problem to seek it. When they run into this roadblock, many of them believe that their only options are to continue using, or to try and quit on their own. Both of these choices are unsafe, and it is never recommended to attempt to stop using without support.

Attending an IOP offers an excellent alternative that has also been shown to be highly effective. In fact, research has shown that the best programs can work just as well as inpatient rehab.

While clients are attending IOP, they can continue to live at home. Their appointments are held during the afternoon or evening hours. In many cases, clients are required to attend treatment five days a week, and each session is three hours long.

Intensive outpatient programs offer a flexible option for addiction recovery that many people need. They are certainly something to consider for anyone who is looking for a higher level of care that can fit into their daily schedule easily.

Jeremy says: “After being discharged from inpatient treatment I immediately entered Ashwood Recovery’s PHP program and have since progressed to IOP. The care provided here has been essential to maintaining my sobriety. They offer many services from family counseling to case management to individual therapy sessions. There is also a dual diagnosis aspect that deals with mental health and med management. I would definitely recommend Ashwood over any other outpatient facility in Boise.”

Ashwood Recovery Nampa also offers Vivitrol services for anyone who is addicted to alcohol or opioids. Vivitrol is a detox medication that is given to help with withdrawal symptoms. It has shown to be very effective during clinical studies, and clients who have used it can attest to how well it works. In fact, many of the best addiction treatment experts claim that it is the safest form of medication assisted treatment on the market.

Clients will work very closely with their medical team while they participate in Ashwood Recovery Nampa’s Vivitrol program. Every client will be started on the medication at the appropriate time once they stop using. The program itself involves taking an injection once a month as well as participating in regular therapy sessions.

Vivitrol is one of the most highly anticipated treatments for opioid addiction and alcoholism. The staff at Ashwood Recovery Nampa is excited about the results they have seen so far, and they look forward to watching this drug change even more lives in the near future.

Kelli says: “I came to Ashwood to continue treatment after attending Northpoint. The staff here at Ashwood really cares about the well being and success of their clients. They worked hard to prepare me for my next steps in treatment. I would recommend Ashwood to anyone seeking help with their own addictions.”

Addiction assessments are provided to all clients as a part of the admission process. The assessment is actually the most important part of recovery because it allows the staff to determine what types of care the client needs. They learn all about a client’s background and what might have driven them to use in the first place. This information is key because it gives the staff insight into what type of treatment is necessary.

During admission, staff members will ask clients many different questions. Their goal is to determine what the root issues are. This allows them to put together a treatment plan that will lead to long-term success.

Also, some individuals may need addiction assessments for a variety of other reasons. There are some employers who may request them, and they are often needed for court cases. Ashwood Recovery Nampa offers them for these reasons as well.

When someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol, their addiction affects everyone around them; especially their family. Loved ones also need care and support during the recovery process. That is why family programs are such a key component as the client heals. They are designed to address the needs of loved ones, as well as to aid in improving their relationships.

Family therapy provides a lot of different benefits to the family as a whole. They can help by:

  • Improving and even restoring damaged relationships.
  • Stopping co-dependent behaviors that only allow the addiction to continue and the family to suffer.
  • Stopping enabling behaviors to promote healing in the addict’s life.
  • Shining a light on damaging and unhealthy behaviors so that they can be handled in the appropriate ways.
  • Providing even more understanding into the underlying cause behind the addiction.

For an addict, their family should be their main source of support. But it does the family a disservice to assume that they do not have their own needs. Ashwood Recovery Nampa aims to meet those needs. Because this type of therapy is included, the family bond can only become stronger as everyone heals together.

At Ashwood Recovery Nampa, they host weekly family nights that loved ones are invited to attend. Their program may also include individual family sessions, based on the clients’ and the families’ needs. This approach has been shown to contribute incredibly to long-term positive outcomes.

Eating disorders often plague younger people, and they often do not know where to turn for help. All too often, they end up turning to drugs and alcohol as a way to cope. For this reason, Ashwood Recovery Nampa felt that it was important to offer an eating disorder program.

An eating disorder can be very similar to an addiction. This program can be so helpful to anyone who suffers with one of these conditions and who also has a history of substance abuse. Ashwood Recovery Nampa makes it a point to work alongside the client’s doctor to ensure medical stability at all times.

In order to be successful during recovery, there must be a deterrent to using drugs. That is why Ashwood Recovery Nampa offers drug testing as a part of their services. It is easier to resist temptation when clients know they will be tested.

Their drug testing services are also available for other reasons. Families, doctor’s offices, schools and employers may all utilize them.

For many people, trauma is the issue they struggle with the most. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a form of treatment that has shown to be very effective in treating both trauma and PTSD. Both of these issues are identified as co-occurring disorders, and they are often the cause of addictions.

EMDR allows clients to begin the healing process from trauma. It helps them to recall painful memories and repurpose them in healthy ways.

This form of treatment should only be conducted by a qualified, licensed professional. Those who have experienced EMDR have found it to be very beneficial, and Ashwood Recovery Nampa is happy to provide this service.

What many people do not realize is that going through drug or alcohol rehab is not a quick fix. It takes a lot of treatment in order for people to remain in recovery. That is why Ashwood Recovery Nampa offers continuing care services.

Healing from an addiction cannot be done overnight, or even in a matter of a few weeks. In many cases, it takes months or even years for people to heal. It is vital for them to continue to get the support they need at the level they need it.

There are many people who turn to Ashwood Recovery Nampa for help, but they are not appropriate for that type of treatment. Some might need detoxification services that they do not offer. In cases like these, they are happy to provide the appropriate referrals for clients that need them.

After receiving a referral and completing treatment, many clients return to Ashwood Recovery Nampa to continue recovering. But they want to make sure everyone gets the appropriate type of help as they begin.

What is the Cost of Services at Ashwood Recovery Nampa?

The cost of services at Ashwood Recovery Nampa will vary, based on what every client needs. They work hard to keep their prices very affordable; even for those who do not have health insurance.

Ashwood Nampa Location

The staff members take the time to explain the costs involved to every potential client they talk to. Fortunately, an outpatient program is much more affordable than an inpatient treatment center. This is one of the reasons why many people choose to get help through an IOP or outpatient rehab.

Many people do not realize that the cost of their addiction treatment will be at least partially covered under their health insurance policies. The Affordable Care Act makes this possible. In a lot of cases, outpatient services are actually covered in full.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment Through Ashwood Recovery Nampa is Available for You Today

Recovering from an addiction is not impossible. In fact, it is possible with the right type of support. Ashwood Recovery Nampa is proud to offer their services to the people in the surrounding areas.

Do you have questions about their program? Please contact them and let them know.

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