Are You Addicted to Sonata? Choosing the Best Sonata Rehab Options

With the amount of prescription medications that are given out each year for insomnia and other sleep problems, it’s clear that this is a very serious issue in our country.

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These drugs can be very useful when they’re used in the ways they were intended to be used. However, when they’re not, they can easily lead to an addiction. Sonata is a prescription sleeping medication that first became popular in the early 1990s. It is a good choice because it’s a non benzodiazepine hypnotic drug, and it’s supposed to be used for a short amount of time. However, all too often, drugs like Sonata are abused in one way or another, and this can lead to serious problems, including addiction.

If you’ve been using Sonata, and you believe you may have become addicted to it, you need to know the symptoms of addiction that you should look for. You also need to know what you can do to stop taking it safely, without any adverse side effects. Sonata addiction treatment is the best option.

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Sonata Abuse and Sonata Withdrawal

When Sonata is taken for up to two weeks at the recommend dosages, there doesn’t appear to be too much risk of addiction. However, most people will say that two weeks is not enough time to get their sleeping habits back to normal so that they can go without the medication. Appealing to a doctor to take it longer, or taking it in ways other than how it was prescribed are both instances of Sonata abuse, and when this occurs for too long, a Sonata addiction is likely to develop.

Once people realize that they’ve become addicted to a prescription drug like Sonata, they’re very likely to try to stop it on their own. However, Sonata withdrawal symptoms can be quite severe, and they can result in:

  • Symptoms of anxiety and/or depression
  • Stomach upset
  • Digestive problems
  • Ongoing and excessive sweating
  • Rebound insomnia
  • Feeling shaky, or even convulsions

As you can imagine, experiencing even one of these Sonata withdrawal symptoms is cause for alarm, and more often than not, people go back to using the drug just to get some relief. That’s why it’s always best to stop using Sonata under the care of professionals at one of the best Sonata rehab centers.

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Sonata Addiction Symptoms and Behaviors

Maybe you’re one of the people who have been genuinely using Sonata to help you with sleeping, but you really don’t think you’ve become addicted to it. Your chances of being addicted to this drug increase the longer you take it, but if you’re looking for Sonata addiction behaviors and symptoms, you can look for:

  • Lapses in your memory
  • Feeling drowsy throughout the day
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Abrupt changes in your mood
  • Becoming easily agitated

You also might be engaging in activities while you’re still partially asleep. If you notice any one of these, you are probably addicted to Sonata, and would benefit from professional treatment.

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Sonata Addiction Help for Families

Sometimes when family members try to talk with their loved ones about their addictions to prescription medications, their pleas fall on deaf ears. If that’s been the case for you, contacting one of the best Sonata rehab centers in the Pacific Northwest may help you. You can schedule an intervention that will allow your message to be heard, and addiction treatment often occurs directly afterwards.

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Sonata Addiction Treatment: The Key to Quitting Safely

In order to quit taking Sonata safely, it’s so important to get professional help and support. A Sonata addiction treatment program offers you so many options to help you recover from this addiction, and here at Northpoint Recovery, we want you to know that we’re available to help you.

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