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Why Do Some People Need Drug Detox While Other Can Just Quit Cold Turkey?

Why Do Some People Need Drug Detox While Other Can Just Quit Cold Turkey?

Learn which method of quitting your drug use is preferred by professionals. Should you quit cold turkey or should you go to drug detox? When it comes to recovering from drug addiction, most people assume that they’ll be able to quit cold turkey. They’re not interested in drug detox, and they actually feel physical, mentally and emotionally equipped to take on the challenge of quitting cold turkey. Perhaps that’s where you’re finding yourself right now. You know the importance of quitting, and you’re quite sure you can do it all on your own. There are a lot of reasons why choosing to go to drug detox is a much better option than quitting cold turkey. Let’s take a few moments and talk about a few of them.

Drug Detox vs. Cold Turkey: Getting through the Withdrawal Phase

The main reason people fail when they attempt to quit cold turkey is simply that they were not able to get through the withdrawal phase. When you’re addicted to drugs, it’s easy to make the commitment to quit shortly after you’ve used it. That’s what happens with most people. Some of them even get through the first few days without incident, other than perhaps a few slight bouts of cravings. However, as the days wear on, other withdrawal symptoms tend to surface. Symptoms such as headaches, cold sweats, shaky hands, depression, and anxiety can all take a toll on a person after a while. In addition, there are other, more dangerous withdrawal reactions to consider too. Seizures, heart problems and DTs can be very problematic and common for some types of drug users.

Drug Detox vs. Cold Turkey: Lessening the Duration of Withdrawal

If you choose to quit using drugs cold turkey, there really is no timeline you can follow to know when your symptoms are going to subside. Of course, every drug is different, but for the most part, symptoms can continue for weeks or even months at a time. Many people find that once they start to feel a little bit better, their symptoms return without warning. When you choose drug detox, whether you opt for a holistic drug detox program or a medical drug detox program, you’ll find that the duration of your withdrawal is lessened considerably. The right combination of diet, exercise and sometimes medications can help you get through this difficult period of time much more quickly than you would if you quit using drugs on your own.

Drug Detox vs. Cold Turkey: Prevention of Relapse

Finally, the risk of relapsing if you go cold turkey is very high. Without proper professional guidance and education, many people often return to using drugs within a year or even less. Drug detox allows your body to rid itself of those harmful chemicals quickly, which means you feel better much faster than you would if you quit on your own. Remember, your goal is to quit for good. Going cold turkey without professional support puts your quit at risk, and it’s often much harder to quit after you’ve relapsed. Choosing to go to drug detox gives you an excellent advantage to help you stay in recovery for the rest of your life.

Finding a Drug Detox Facility Near You

Are you interested in finding a drug detox facility that can help you overcome your drug addiction? Here at Northpoint Recovery, we can help you with that. We understand what you’re going through and how badly you want to beat your drug addiction. We have some amazing resources for you that will assist you with getting on the road to recovery. If you would like more information about drug detox, please contact us.