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Northpoint Recovery’s Unique Approach to Treatment for Idaho

Northpoint Recovery

In the serene landscapes of Meridian, Idaho, nestled in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, Northpoint Recovery stands as a beacon of hope for those grappling with addiction. As substance abuse continues to threaten individuals and families across Idaho, Northpoint Recovery’s inpatient treatment facility stands as a testament to the power of comprehensive, compassionate care in overcoming addiction and co-occurring mental health issues. Our unique approach to providing treatment for Idaho sets us apart in the field.

What Sets Northpoint Recovery Apart

What sets Northpoint Recovery apart from other treatment centers that serve the Gem State is its unwavering commitment to personalized care. Its team of Counselors and Recovery Technicians employ a multidisciplinary approach.

“What’s unique and important about Northpoint Recovery is that many of our onsite recovery techs are alumni of our program,” said Erica Lopez, Executive Vice President, Operations at Northpoint Recovery. “They know just what it takes to get through treatment, and they’re able to help our patients navigate tough situations. Lots of addiction treatment facilities have competent counselors and nurses. But knowing that the people treating you have been there before? That means something.”

A Home Away from Home

No matter where they might come from, the people who come to Northpoint Recovery for addiction treatment will find they are treated with empathy, respect, and understanding.

“We try to be our clients’ second home, in everything we do,” Lopez said. “If you have a favorite food and you want to keep it in our refrigerator, fine. If you want to walk around with a blanket, stay in your PJs, that’s fine, too. We’re prepared to make phone allowances. We welcome family visits. We want our patients to maintain their autonomy and not feel like they’ve been locked up.”

A Comprehensive Approach

At the core of Northpoint’s treatment philosophy is the belief that addiction is not a moral failing. Instead, it is a chronic medical condition that requires evidence-based intervention. Utilizing the latest advancements in addiction medicine, Northpoint Recovery offers a comprehensive range of services. These services address the physical, psychological, and emotional aspects of addiction. From medically monitored detox to group counseling, Northpoint clients benefit from the support needed to achieve long-term sobriety.

One of the hallmarks of Northpoint Recovery’s approach is its focus on dual diagnosis treatment. Many individuals struggling with addiction also grapple with underlying mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, or trauma. By addressing co-occurring disorders simultaneously, clients feel empowered to confront the root causes of their addiction. Also, they can develop healthy coping mechanisms for when the going gets tough.

Northpoint Recovery is not a luxury facility that blurs the divide between substance abuse treatment and vacation getaway. However, our flagship facility offers a variety of holistic modalities to complement the clinical treatment process. These modalities, including art therapy and yoga, promote well-being and self-reliance. Plus, they foster a sense of connection and community between clients and staff.

Another aspect of the holistic care that Northpoint Recovery provides is the emphasis on giving back to the community.

“When our clients are ready, we often encourage them to give back,” said Trevor Bixler, VP of Clinical Services at Northpoint Recovery. “Most often, we don’t have to prompt this much, as most people find themselves ‘on fire’ for their newfound recovery and want to shout about it from the rooftops. A big part our alumni structure is helping them find ways to channel their talents, their energy and gifts to the causes and relationships that make them feel good about themselves and their abilities.”

Treatment Worth Traveling For

Northpoint Recovery’s impact extends far beyond the walls of its treatment facilities, reaching communities across Idaho through education and outreach. By raising awareness about the realities of addiction and destigmatizing the seeking of medical help, Northpoint Recovery in Meridian, Idaho, is helping to change the conversation around substance abuse and mental health. With Northpoint Recovery, the journey is closer than you think.

Reach Out to Northpoint Recovery to Find Inpatient Drug Rehab near Meridian, ID

Inpatient addiction treatment in Idaho can benefit all state residents. Those benefits may be even greater when you use an Idaho provider in your local area. For this and other reasons, inpatient drug rehab in Meridian, ID, may appeal to you or your loved one.

Looking for a local provider of treatment for Idaho? Northpoint Recovery meets your needs with a full slate of inpatient recovery services. To find out more, just call 888.296.8976 or contact our team online today.