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Idaho Online Addiction Treatment – The Future of Rehab

Idaho Online Addiction Treatment – The Future of Rehab

Idaho Online Addiction Treatment – The Future of Rehab

Are online rehabs and virtual 12-Step meetings going to be the future of addiction treatment as we know it? There is no denying that the Coronavirus outbreak has shaken the State of Idaho, not to mention the United States as a whole. The impact of it is being felt all over the state as the term, social distancing becomes a household phrase. But for those who are in recovery, it means changing everything they knew to be true about their healing process.Evan Beales is the admissions director at Northpoint Recovery. He was interviewed by Idaho News to get his take on the changes that have had to be made in addiction treatment. he reports noticing more reports of people either committing or attempting suicide as a result. Many people are relapsing because they simply do not see any other way to cope with what they are going through.There is no doubt that self-isolation is vital right now as the virus continues to spread. But people in recovery need answers. For these individuals, online rehab and 12-Step meetings may give them a glimmer of hope.

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How Does Social Distancing Affect People in Addiction Recovery?

The CDC defines social distancing as keeping space between yourself and others when you are outside your home. It means staying at least six feet away from others, not gathering in groups and avoiding crowded spaces. It makes sense to maintain this practice because of how quickly and easily COVID-19 can spread. But for those in recovery, it goes against everything they have been taught about getting clean and sober.Addiction itself is a disease of isolation. In fact, that is one of the indicators that someone may be struggling with a substance abuse problem. It is also the reason why addiction treatment professionals preach about the importance of getting support from others. Physically going to rehab is considered one of the most vital steps a person can take. Peer and family support are also considered critical.For addicts in recovery, social distancing means that none of the above applies. It helps to have those face-to-face meetings. It makes a difference to be able to share their thoughts, struggles, and achievements with others who understand the journey. It should come as no surprise that many people are having a difficult time as we weather the storm of COVID-19.

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Other Issues That May Present Barriers to Recovery

The lack of personal connections is not the only problem facing Idahoans in recovery. Many of them have lost their jobs, gotten furloughed or laid off as businesses all over the state have closed. This places an unbelievable financial strain on them because of loss of income, health insurance, and other benefits. That stress can compound in a very short period of time, making it even easier for people to relapse.Of course, it is also important to acknowledge the impact of the Coronavirus itself. Thousands of people have gotten sick and/or had to be hospitalized following their diagnoses. Many have lost their lives, and many have lost loved ones as a result.Addiction often goes hand in hand with mental health issues like depression and anxiety. These are called co-occurring disorders. Trauma is common among those who abuse drugs and alcohol, and addicts are more susceptible to traumatic events than others. If they no longer have access to the services they need, it can be a slippery slope back to using again.

Is the Future of Addiction Treatment Online?

There is a reason addicts and alcoholics are encouraged to go to rehab and attend 12-Step meetings – it works. There is great strength in talking with others about what you are going through and getting their support. This is something that people in recovery need, and it is not a need that will ever go away. In these uncertain times, it is important for people to know that they can still get help.Many addiction treatment facilities have started offering online rehab services to their patients. While it is certainly not the same as physically going to treatment, it offers a way for people to connect with their therapists. Online recovery programs allow patients to participate in individual sessions just as they would in person. There are also ways for therapists to hold group therapy meetings with their patients.The same is true for 12-Step groups like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. COVID-19 has resulted in the cancelation of most meetings in Idaho. Instead, they are being held online through online platforms like Skype and Zoom.This is – without a doubt – quite an adjustment. But it is one that may just become the new norm in many cases. We do not know how long the Coronavirus outbreak will last, and social distancing may continue to be enforced for quite some time. It is important for recovering addicts to know that they can still get support, even if it is not exactly what they have grown used to.

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How are People Responding to Online Addiction Recovery in Idaho?

For many people, attending 12-Step meetings and online rehab programs has become their new normal. A lot of them are embracing the idea with the understanding that everyone is in this together. One man stated that he felt the connection, even though he and the other participants in his meeting were miles away from one another.He says, “I could physically see and embrace the laughter and visualize, if you will, the smiles and happiness of just knowing that everybody was OK.”Some people have been encouraged by the inner strength they have found since social distancing became the norm. They did not want to return to a life of addiction, and they found that others felt the same. The circumstances are not ideal, but the concept is working to help people stay clean and sober.

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Northpoint Recovery Offers Online Rehab Services

At Northpoint Recovery, we know how devastating the Coronavirus outbreak has been for our patients and their families. We have taken several steps to ensure their safety, including improving our sanitization efforts in our facility.While we are still accepting patients, all of them go through a vigorous screening process prior and during admission. We also regularly check temperatures and evaluate our patients for signs that they may be getting sick.In addition, we offer online rehab services through telehealth for our high-risk patients. This allows them to get the help they need in an outpatient setting.

There is Hope for Recovery: Online Rehab is Available in Idaho

We are living in interesting times, and everyone’s life has been turned upside down. We recognize the consequences of that for those in recovery here at Northpoint Recovery. The healing process can be filled will all kinds of detours and barriers, but our staff is ready to take on any challenge. By providing online rehab services to our patients, our goal is to continue to offer them the very best addiction treatment in Idaho.Do you have questions about going to rehab online? We are here to help. Please contact us today.