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Find a Long-Term Rehab Center in Meridian, ID

People in a long-term rehab in Meridian, ID

Meridian, Idaho, is located in a state region that meets or exceeds national averages for substance problems.1 You’re likely familiar with the two most common settings for treating these problems. The first of these settings is outpatient care, while the second is inpatient care. But there’s also a third setting: long-term rehab. Long-term drug and alcohol rehab in Meridian, ID, gets its name because it provides extended time for needed treatment. You may require this extra time to create a solid foundation for your substance recovery. Contact Northpoint Recovery online or call 888.296.8976 today to learn more about our long-term rehab center in Meridian, Idaho.

Long-Term Rehab vs. Outpatient and Inpatient Rehab

Modern guidelines for substance abuse treatment emphasize the need for adequate treatment time. Generally speaking, your odds for recovery increase the longer you stay in rehab. For most people, the length of rehab participation ranges from 30 to 90 days. That’s true whether you need outpatient treatment or inpatient treatment. It’s also true regardless of the form of addiction affecting you.

However, in some cases, even 90 days is not enough to support proper recovery. Instead, the better option is long-term rehab. There is no standard time limit for a long-term program. Some programs set a general range of a few months to a year or more. Others don’t select a particular range and judge the length required only by your progress in rehab.

Who Needs Long-Term Rehab in Meridian, ID?

How do Meridian or other Idaho community residents know if they need long-term rehab? This isn’t always easy to predict in advance. However, certain factors can increase your odds of benefitting from this extended support. Such factors include:

  • Having a mental health issue diagnosis in addition to substance problems
  • Lack of adequate recovery results in a shorter program
  • A long-term history of heavy drug or alcohol use
  • Going through rehab and relapsing several times in the past
  • Having severe health complications that hinder your recovery
  • Previous involvement in self-harming or suicidal behavior
  • Feeling unprepared to return to your daily routine when a shorter program ends

However, you may also want to consider long-term rehab in Idaho, even if none of these factors apply to you. Remember, the longer you stay in rehab, the better your overall odds of treatment success. For this reason, you should always stay in treatment as long as your time and resources allow. That’s one of the best ways to maximize the benefits you receive.

What to Expect from a Long-Term Rehab Center in Meridian

Like standard-length inpatient treatment, long-term treatment requires you to live onsite. This makes it possible to provide the extra recovery support you need. Beyond that, the resources required for long-term rehab in Meridian can vary. The potential options include:

  • Continuation of the treatment you received previously
  • The addition of new recovery resources to your treatment plan
  • A transition into a sober living home as you make treatment progress

Participants in long-term drug and alcohol rehab in Meridian often develop strong, positive bonds with each other. They also benefit from a stable daily environment that helps keep their recovery on track.

Enroll in Long-Term Rehab in Meridian, ID, at Northpoint Recovery

Are you considering enrolling in a long-term rehab center in Meridian? Make Northpoint Recovery your source for local treatment. Our inpatient center at 2335 E. State St. is easily accessible from downtown Meridian and other parts of the city. We’re also just minutes down I-84 from our next-door neighbors in Boise. Call us today at 888.296.8976 for more on our options for long-term rehab in Idaho. You can also get the necessary information by completing our brief online message form.



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