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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in Idaho

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in Idaho

When you live in Idaho and have a dual diagnosis of both an addictive disorder and a psychiatric condition, it is critically important that the addiction recovery program that you choose specializes in the treatment of co-occurring disorders. Obviously, this means that you should do your research. But when you are already at a stressful and confusing time in your life, that may be too much to ask. To help out, we’ve compiled a list of some of the dual diagnosis and treatment centers in Idaho. This is not a comprehensive list and it’s not in any special order.  The list was found via researching online and  it’s always best to call or meet with a treatment center before deciding on admission.

#1 Ashwood Recovery (Outpatient) Ashwood Recovery in Boise offers comprehensive, evidence-based outpatient treatment services for a wide array of co-occurring psychiatric disorders. But what ranks Ashwood Recovery so highly is the fact that they also specialize in treating OTHER conditions that frequently present alongside addiction—eating disorders, trauma, and co-dependency. Unique Offering—EMDR—Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing—a technique designed to help a patient healthily process negative emotions associated with past trauma.

#2 Northpoint Recovery (Inpatient) Northpoint Recovery in Boise provides a holistic, empirically-based inpatient treatment services for alcoholism and drug addiction, as well as associated co-occurring disorders. With the highest staff-to-patient ratio in the region, Northpoint Recovery can offer individualized care that is unmatched by most other facilities. Northpoint Recovery is well-regarded because their program focuses on “total wellness”, an essential component of recovery from a dual diagnosis. Unique Offering – Unlike many rehab facilities, Northpoint Recovery also provides alcohol and drug detox, the critical “first step” that has to happen before recovery can truly begin.

#3 Veterans Affairs Medical Center (Outpatient/Inpatient/Residential) The Boise Veterans Affairs Medical Center is THE primary health resource for Idaho veterans from every service branch. Cutting-edge medical care is offered with a specific focus on the issues faced by service members. Unique Offering –Unlike most other facilities, the VA medical center is also a hospital, meaning patients can receive care for any health conditions that may be associated with either their addiction or their psychiatric disorder.

#4 Kootenai Health Behavioral Health Center (Outpatient/Inpatient) The Kootenai Health Behavioral Health Center’s chemical dependency treatment program in Coeur d’Alene is a 21-day inpatient program utilizing the medical model of substance abuse rehabilitation. The treatment team is made up of Certified Chemical Dependency Counselors, Master’s-level therapists, a registered nurse, and a psychiatrist. Unique Offering – The Behavioral Health Center is part of the Kootenai Health hospital system.

#5 Renaissance Ranch (Outpatient)

Located in Idaho Falls, the Renaissance Ranch provides both regular and intensive outpatient sober living services, as well as counseling for anxiety and depression, the two-most common co-occurring psychiatric disorders. Unique Offering – Part of the approach of the Renaissance Ranch is to incorporate Gospel principles and spiritual topics.

#6 Human Dynamics & Diagnostics (Outpatient) While the company has offices in numerous cities, only the one in Idaho Falls offers addiction recovery/dual diagnosis services. The level of outpatient treatment can be tailored to the individual, with individual counseling and group therapy sessions available for as few as two hours per week and as much as nine hours per week. Unique Offering Human Dynamics & Diagnostics includes as part of their therapy program sessions devoted to gender-specific issues.

#7 Intermountain Hospital of Boise (Inpatient/Partial Hospitalization) The Intermountain Hospital of Boise provides age-group specific services to people struggling with substance abuse or experiencing psychiatric emergencies such as suicide attempts. Unlike most other rehab facilities, they also provide detox services. Unique Offering The Intermountain Hospital offers a dedicated program that is designed to help people addicted to prescription opioids find new ways to manage their pain.

#8 The Patriot Center (Inpatient) The Summit Youth Academy provides mental health, substance abuse recovery, and educational services to young males age 10 to 18. At-risk youths learn new ways to respond and interact with others through applied Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques. Unique Offering Besides treatment services and behavioral modification programs, adolescent and teen males are also able to attend middle and high school classes, as well as GED prep courses.

#9 Personal Development Foundations in Recovery Personal Development offers evidence-based recovery/dual diagnosis services at their two offices located in Boise and Nampa. Because domestic violence occurs so often in an addictive lifestyle, special classes are taught for Anger Management and Women’s Trauma. Unique OfferingPersonal Development believes confrontational interventions to be ineffective, so they employ a Family Liaison specialist to families in the process of finding the right help for their loved ones. Please remember that this list should only serve as a starting point – make sure to ask your own questions and, whenever possible, tour the facility and meet the staff to ensure that you are completely comfortable. Your successful recovery may depend upon it.