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Alex Thompson is a freelance writer, content creator, and storyteller. With a passion for spotting and shedding light on the human element in any topic, Alex has seen firsthand how addiction can change and ruin lives forever. He’s been writing professionally since 2015 and earned his bachelor’s in English from the University of Illinois.

9 Truths about Sobriety that Everyone Should Know

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"I personally believe this: we have only today; yesterday's gone and tomorrow is uncertain. That's why they call it the present. And sobriety really is a gift… For those who are willing to receive it." ~ Ace Frehley, member of  KISS, and author of No Regrets: a Rock ‘n’ Roll Memoir Many people who enter an addiction recovery center do so because they are at their own personal “rock bottom” – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. They have finally reached the point where the consequences of their substance-abuse have made their life unmanageable. Not everyone has to [...]

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