Insurance Coverage and Cost of Drug Rehab at Northpoint Recovery

At Northpoint Recovery, we specialize in working with insurance companies to maximize the coverage of addiction treatment available for our patients. This helps to minimize the cost for all those we serve. Here is a step-by-step overview of the insurance and billing process during drug rehab.

  • Contact our admissions coordinator for a complimentary consultation.
  • Submit your insurance information online.
  • We will complete a complimentary benefits check to verify your benefits.
  • Our admissions coordinator will contact you with the results and a detailed cost overview.
  • We will schedule admission into Northpoint Recovery and start treatment immediately.
FREE Insurance Verification

We strive to make the admissions process as comprehensive and easy as possible. On weekdays during business hours, the admissions process can typically be completed in a matter of hours. To ensure prompt and accurate service, please have the following available when you call admissions:

  • The issues prompting you or your loved one to seek treatment. Substances used, amounts, how long they have been using, and if they are experiencing any medical symptoms.
  • The name of the insurance company providing your care.
  • A member identification number, effective date and group number.
  • The phone number of the insurance provider.
  • Name, date of birth of primary policyholder and homes address.
FREE Insurance Verification

Specific Insurance Information: Which Insurance Companies Cover Drug Rehab