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5 Famous Females Who Have Stayed Sober

5 Famous Females Who Have Stayed Sober

Many famous females have enrolled in drug and alcohol rehab.  Women celebrities can set the example for staying sober after drug and alcohol treatment. Headlines are frequently filled with the ins and outs of the Hollywood scene.  Celebrity mishaps often gratify news feeds on social media outlets, tabloids, and even major news providers.  It’s not too often, however, that you hear about the stars that have overcome the pressures of Hollywood’s social scene. Struggling with addiction is hard, but these females have lived through their addiction days, and have gone on to cultivate a strong and sober presence in Hollywood.

  1. Kelly Osbourne
  2. Drew Barrymore
  3. Jamie Lee Curtis
  4. Nicole Richie
  5. Kristen Davis

Living Drug Free—Kelly Osbourne

For six years now, Kelly Osbourne has been drug free.  Starting her addiction at the age of 12, Osbourne preferred cocaine and prescription drugs as her gateway to a good time.  Following her fourth stay in rehab, Osbourne has kicked her drug habit, and has since gone on to make great strides in her career.  In fact, she was recently named one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30—a prestigious list of influential people in the world.  While Osbourne may have started her life as a product of Hollywood’s glam and fast life, her own choices, work ethic, and commitment to herself have made her someone you should look up to.  If she can stay devoted to remaining drug free in Hollywood, there is hope for anyone struggling with addiction.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab at a Young Age—Drew Barrymore

In her young years, many people called Drew Barrymore a modern day Shirley Temple.  Her rise to stardom starting with ET, led Barrymore into the Hollywood party scene at the ripe age of nine.  At nine years old, Barrymore was drinking, and by the time she turned 13, she had an addiction problem so bad that she was in rehab.  She attributes a lot of her problems to her lack of parental role models.  Her mother would often sign her out of treatment against medical advice to audition for films.  And, when asked about her childhood addictions, Barrymore often explains that she doesn’t feel she had a childhood.  At age 39, Barrymore is still sober, and has taken a step back from acting and Hollywood to maintain a strong presence in her children’s lives.  Again, when strong women put their minds to conquering their addictions, despite outside influences, anything is possible.

Change the Way You Think About Addiction—Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis is very open about her addiction to painkillers, and she stands firm in her first hand beliefs that addiction is a serious illness that needs to be treated as such.  Like so many others, Curtis ended up addicted to pain pills after having surgery.  Her addiction led her to make tremendous mistakes, and she openly admits that achieving sobriety was, “The single greatest accomplishment of my life.” Curtis is still sober today, and she’s a big community advocate for those who are suffering from addiction.

Choices Lead to Both Addiction and to Recovery—Nicole Richie

After being charged with felony heroin-possession, Nicole Richie began the cycle of bouncing in and out of rehab.  The Hollywood “wild child” was on a fast path to destruction.   It was Richie’s famous father that stood by her through her trials.  After he publically declared that he would stand by his daughter through the thick of her addiction, he canceled a tour and admitted himself into the same facility claiming it was important to let kids know they are loved through demonstration.

Sobriety Led to Great Success—Kristen Davis

Unlike most Hollywood sobriety stories, Sex and the City star Kristen Davis got sober before she was introduced to the limelight.  In fact, it was acting that led Davis to sobriety.  She knew that her drinking was spiraling out of control, and she feared she would die in a car accident.  Her fear led her to seek help and get sober, and today, Davis is living the life she dreamed—sober and successful. Addiction is without a doubt a scary and tough battle, but by reaching out for help, you can find sobriety and move on to great things.  Just look at what these ladies were able to accomplish while in the public eye.  Image what is possible when that pressure is removed.  If they can do it, so can you!