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Drug and Alcohol Addiction Resources in Lake Stevens, Washington

Lake Stevens, Washington Addiction Information

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An Addiction and Rehab Guide for Lake Stevens, Washington

Lake Stevens, Washington is located in Snohomish County. It gets its name from the lake that surrounds it. This city lies just east of Everett and north of the city of Snohomish. In 2010, the population of Lake Stevens was 28,069. However, since its annexation, it has seen tremendous growth.

Lake Stevens was first settled in 1886, and in the 1950s, it was a resort community. Today, Lake Stevens remains a place that’s reserved for recreation.

The city is filled with trails, beaches and parks that the residents of the city are able to enjoy on a regular basis.

If you live in Lake Stevens, Washington, you’re fortunate to live in a beautiful community that is filled with wonderful people. It may be a small area of Washington, but it’s certainly one of the better places to live.

Although the quality of living in Lake Stevens is high, residents must also be aware of the growing drug epidemic. Snohomish County is no stranger to addiction. Opioids, in particular, are the cause behind two-thirds of the drug overdose deaths in this county. Despite being a small county, cities in this area have the largest percentage of drug overdose deaths.

Anyone who has struggled with addiction will know just how big of an impact it can have on one’s life. When you have an addiction to either drugs or alcohol, you’re not really able to fully enjoy everything that Lake Stevens has to offer.

Begin living your life by getting clean. There are plenty of addiction resources in Lake Stevens. Check out our guide to get started on your journey to recovery.

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Northpoint Recovery is our closest facility to Lake Stevens, Washington. Our facility is about a 1.5-hour flight away. You can get settled at our treatment facility within a day. 

There are many benefits of getting addiction treatment from a facility in another state. Some of these benefits include: 

  • Being able to disassociate from negative influences and triggers
  • Being able to focus on your recovery and to determine the root of your addiction
  • Getting more treatment options and programs to choose from
  • Being in a completely new environment
  • Having a better shot at recovery and another chance to start over 

Good addiction treatment can be costly, but it may end up saving your life. It can also end up saving you money in the long run. Many people are hesitant to look for treatment options in another state because they're worried about the cost. You'd be surprised at what your insurance plan may cover. 

Different insurance plans offer various types of coverage. You never know. Your insurance plan may cover travel expenses of going to rehab in another state. 

Verify your insurance with us to see what your plan covers. We'll help you figure out how you can save on substance abuse treatment. Getting sober doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg.

Lake Stevens Resource Profile

Free or Low-Cost Resources in Lake Stevens, Washington

Nothing should get in the way of finding and getting the right addiction treatment. However, many people put off getting help because they believe they can’t afford it. 

Most of these individuals are not aware of the many different resources that are available for them. They also probably don’t realize that their health insurance policies will often cover most, if not all, of the cost of addiction treatment.

Lake Stevens, Washington State Funded Program

There are a lot of great resources available to you if you live in Lake Stevens, Washington. These resources are often free. Or, you can access them for very little money out of pocket.

Snohomish County offers treatment services for low-income adults and youths. This is mainly because the drug addiction epidemic reaches peak numbers here. Although Snohomish County only comprises 10% of the state's population, approximately 1 out of every 5 heroin deaths in the state happen here. This doesn't even include the amount of prescription opioid overdose deaths that happen in the county. 

To combat Snohomish County's growing drug problem, the county has a state-funded program that offers addiction treatment services for low-income adults and youth. This program is overseen by the Snohomish County Human Services Department, and admission is based on both availability and eligibility. The treatment centers that have partnered up with this program will accept both Medicaid and private insurance plans. They'll also offer a sliding scale fee based on income. 

Those who are accepted will have access to a wide range of services. The types of services offered in the program include: 

  • Outpatient services
  • Medical assessments
  • Individual or group therapy and counseling
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)
  • Prevention services 

This program makes getting help a lot more affordable. The cost of rehab can run quite high. With this program, any resident in Snohomish County can find the help that he or she needs.

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Detox Services: Getting Help with Withdrawal Symptoms

Drug and alcohol detox is a critical part of any addiction recovery program. This process works by removing all toxins from your body. There are two different types of detoxes: medical and holistic. 

Medical Detox

Medical detox involves the use of medications, like acamprosate for an alcohol addiction and methadone for an opiate addiction. The medications will restore your brain chemistry levels to normal concentrations. This will help ease physical symptoms and keep you safe while your body slowly gets used to being clean and sober. 

Holistic detox is a bit different in the sense that it doesn’t rely on any medications at all. Instead, the detox center uses natural methods to help patients wean off of the drugs. Some approaches may include dietary changes or exercise regimens. 

Holistic Detox

Detox is usually offered at the start of any rehab program. Patients complete detox before proceeding with other treatment modalities. With that said, some treatment centers only offer detox services. These establishments are called detox centers. 

There are no detox centers in Lake Stevens, Washington. If you’re interested in only getting detox services, you’ll need to look for a detox center in a nearby city.

Although holistic detox may appear like a very attractive option, it’s not for everyone. When withdrawing from certain substances, the body will go into shock. The fluctuating chemical levels can cause your body to go haywire and you to experience life-threatening symptoms. It’s possible to die from withdrawals. 

In order to ensure a safe recovery process, certain substances absolutely require medical detox. To attempt to get sober without detoxing is dangerous. These substances include:

  • Alcohol
  • Heroin
  • Opioids
  • Xanax
  • Vicodin 

Anyone who is addicted to the drugs above will have to go through a medical detox process. If they wish, they can also incorporate holistic detox elements into their treatment plan.

Alcohol and Drug Rehab

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive treatment program that includes not only detox, but services like behavioral therapy and counseling, you’ll need to go to a drug or alcohol rehab. Rehab not only treats physical symptoms, but also psychological ones as well. The services make you a stronger person, both physically and mentally. 

You’ll uncover the underlying reasons behind your addiction and also begin to heal properly. Many people who have gone to rehab will succeed in getting clean and sober. Rehabs offer a multi-tiered support program. They also offer different levels of care, which will fall into one of the following categories: 

  • Inpatient treatment programs, also known as residential programs. These programs are for patients with a moderate to severe addiction. Patients will move into a rehab center for anywhere from 28 to 90 days. They’ll get all the treatment they need there, as well as 24/7 support and care.
  • Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHPs), also known as day/night programs. Patients can stay at home if they want to. All they’ve committed to is about 4 to 8 hours of treatment every day at the treatment center. This type of program is still quite intensive.
  • Outpatient treatment programs. These programs are incredibly flexible. They also come in different variations. There are no commitments involved with choosing standard programs; however, those who choose an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) will have to commit to a minimum of 9 hours of therapy each day. 

Rehab can give you a more well-rounded approach to addiction treatment. You’ll be more likely to succeed. Get a free addiction assessment to determine the level of care that you need. We’ll walk you through the different treatments and what you can expect.

If it's your first time seeking substance abuse treatment or if you struggle with a moderate or severe addiction, your best bet is to start off with an inpatient program. You'll receive the highest level of support possible while you deal with the addiction. 

Inpatient treatment programs in Lake Stevens are often associated with higher success rates. This is because they: 

  • Offer 24/7 support to patients. Patients can contact a therapist or a doctor at any time. This will keep them motivated, and they'll be more likely to stay on the right path to sobriety.
  • Provide a high staff-to-client ratio. At Northpoint Recovery, we have two staff members for every client. The staff will take care of each patient's every need within minutes.
  • Individualize the treatment plans. Every addict will need something different. The dosage of medications will also need to be tailored for optimal effects. With inpatient care, every aspect of the treatment plan is personalized.
  • Offer patients a safe place to recover that's free of negative influences. Those who stay at home are exposed to the same triggers every day. This makes them more likely to relapse. Those who opt for inpatient care will get to start afresh.
  • Allow patients to focus on their recovery. Those who stay at an inpatient facility will really have no worries and no strife. They don't have to worry about their meals, housekeeping and more. Each and every day is carefully planned out ahead of time.
  • Help patients build a strong social network. Bond with other patients for a unique experience. Patients that choose inpatient treatment programs tend to feel less alone. 

Inpatient programs can offer many unique advantages. Best of all, the cost of these programs is often covered by one's insurance. This means that there are very few out-of-pocket costs.

Support Group and Recovery Meetings Near You

Any good aftercare program will emphasize the importance of group therapy and having a solid support group. Approximately 40% to 60% of recovering addicts will relapse. This is because they don't have a solid support group to lean on. 

A good support group will give recovering substance abusers a chance to vent their feelings and to share their experiences. Effective groups help recovering addicts pursue a non-drug using identity. They improve the individual's self-esteem and provide tools for building a life-sustainable identity. 

There are many different types of support groups and recovery meetings to choose from. Some are faith-based while others are science-based. There are also different structures. 12 step programs are incredibly popular. Different meetings also target different types of addiction. Some target alcoholism. Other meetings target drug addiction. 

No matter what type of addiction you have, you'll find a support group for your needs in Lake Stevens, Washington. Going to a recovery meeting at least once a week can provide you with the support and encouragement you need to stay sober.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

Almost all alcoholics are familiar with Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). This is a non-profit worldwide support network that helps anyone who misuses or abuses alcohol. These recovery meetings have helped millions of alcoholics worldwide learn how to put down the bottle. There's almost a meeting in every city! 

AA meetings follow twelve essential steps and principles. Members go through each one step-by-step to better themselves. These steps are studied in detail during step studies. The meetings are more than just examining how each step works. There are also daily reflections, book studies and speaker discussions. 

Those who first join AA will usually hear others recommend that they should go to 90 meetings in 90 days. This is a great idea. Routine and constant motivation is critical during the early days of sobriety. At the very least, members should try to go to one meeting at least once a week.

Fortunately, there are a handful of AA meetings in Lake Stevens, WA. Finding one that fits your schedule shouldn't be too difficult. Keep in mind that meeting times and locations are subject to change. 

Unless otherwise specified, all meetings are open meetings. This means that anyone is welcome to attend. Even those who aren’t alcoholics may go to these meetings. Closed meetings, on the other hand, can only be attended by those who have a desire to stop drinking. 

Some meetings offer babysitting services or are wheelchair accessible.


Meeting time: 7:30 PM
Location: 1702 Main Street


Meeting time: 7:00 PM
Location: 2111 117th Ave NE

Meeting time: 7:30 PM
Group name: GROUP 164
Location: 9428 4th Street Southeast
(This is a closed meeting)


Meeting time: 8:30 AM
Group name: JOURNEY
Location: 9613 20th Street Southeast

Meeting time:  9:00 AM
Group name: BACK TO BASICS
Location: 1801 124th Avenue Northeast

If you can't find one that works for you, consider going to an AA meeting in another city. If this is not possible, consider joining an online meeting. Studies show that online meetings are just as effective as in-person meetings. Members can get an equal amount of support from online meetings.

Narcotics Anonymous (NA)

Narcotics Anonymous (NA)

Although drug addicts are welcome at AA meetings, they may not feel as comfortable there. Instead, they may want to join a Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meeting. These meetings will discuss drug-related topics. For example, members may discuss withdrawal symptoms, overdose experiences, polydrug abuse and more. 

NA meetings follow the same twelve steps and principles as AA. Members will need to make a personal inventory of their shortcomings, admit their wrongs and make amends. They'll also need to reflect on their behaviors and learn different skills to avoid relapsing. 

Members will take part in daily reflections, step studies, speaker discussion and book studies. They'll also go around in a circle to talk about their feelings and experiences. NA meetings give recovering drug abusers an opportunity to get a huge load off their shoulders. They will feel less alone when dealing with an addiction.

There are a handful of NA meetings in Lake Stevens. The times and locations are subject to change, so check the NA website before you go. 

If you don't find what you're looking for or if you're looking for a more intimate environment, consider going to a drug-specific meeting, like Cocaine Anonymous, Marijuana Anonymous or Heroin Anonymous. These meetings may give you an extra push toward sobriety. 

All meetings listed below are open meetings. Anyone can join. There is no fee involved and no obligation to attend another meeting.


Meeting time: 7:00 PM
Location: 1702 Main Street


Meeting time: 7:30 PM
Location: 9015 Vernon Road

NA also offers online meetings. These meetings can be just as effective. They’re definitely more convenient. All you need is a way to connect to the internet. The chat rooms and message boards are available 24/7.

Al-Anon Meetings

Anyone who knows an addict will fully understand that addiction does not only affect the addict. Its reach spreads far. It'll affect everyone around the addict as well. This includes family members, friends, coworkers, and more. 

Often times, the substance abusers will develop a codependent relationship with those around them. While those around them may be painfully aware of the addiction, they may hesitate to point out the elephant in the room. They may dance around the subject for years without dealing with it head-on. 


Al-Anon meetings are a safe place for anyone whose life is affected by an addict. Members come from all walks of life. They may be daughters, grandparents, sons, parents, cousins, nephews and more. 

Al-Anon meetings offer loved ones a place to share their feelings and experiences. This way, they won't have to bottle up everything inside. They can let their feelings out, and get support from others who go to these meetings. 

These meetings also teach the twelve steps and principles of 12 step programs. They'll help loved ones learn how to move on with their lives and make better decisions for themselves.

The Lake Stevens Al-Anon meetings below offer help and encouragement for anyone who has a loved one who is battling addictions, or in addiction recovery. Adults, teens and children are all welcome to come and participate.


Meeting time: 7:30 PM
Group name: Lake Stevens Study Write And Share AFG
Location: 1702 Main Street


Meeting time: 7:30 PM
Group name: Hope On Hwy 9 AFG
Location: 9428 4th St SE


Meeting time: 10:30 AM
Group name: Just For Today AFG
Location: 1702 Main Street

If you can't make it to any of these meetings, you can, once again, either find one in a nearby city or look for a meeting online.

Alateen Meetings

Alateen meetings are a subdivision of Al-Anon meetings. They follow the same meeting style and structure. These meetings, however, are unique in the sense that they are for teenagers between the ages of 13 and 18. Most of these members will have a parent who is an addict

“Nearly 8 million children under the age of 18 live with an addicted parent in the U.S.”

Learning how to deal with the addiction can be a lifelong journey for those who have parents who are alcoholics or drug addicts. It's vital that the teenagers learn that the addiction is not their fault. They also  need to learn how to handle the addict. 

Alateen meetings have the same objective as Al-Anon meetings. They hope to help members lead a healthy and happy life. Alateen meetings are hosted by teenagers. As a result, these meetings often feel more intimate and personal. Members are more likely to open up and share their experiences. A member of Al-Anon may sponsor or oversee the meetings at times.

There aren't many Alateen meetings in most cities. This is usually because it's difficult to rouse community engagement. The same can be said here. There's only one Alateen meeting in Lake Stevens. That's still better than nothing.


Meeting time: 7:30 PM
Group name: Healing Hearts Alateen
Location: 1702 Main Street

If this meeting time does not work for you, you should highly consider looking for Alateen meetings in other cities. You're also welcome to join an Al-Anon meeting. In worst case scenarios, there are also online meetings. They're just as effective.

Self-Management and Recovery Training (SMART)

Self-Management and Recovery Training (SMART)

Although 12 step programs are very popular and considered to be quite effective, they're not for everyone. If you've already tried going to AA or NA and find that it's not for you, you should consider checking out Self-Management and Recovery Training (SMART) meetings. 

These recovery meetings follow a 4-point program that aims to self-empower members. Members will learn the skills necessary to make better decisions in their lives. They'll learn how to cope with urges and cravings and how to better manage their withdrawal symptoms. They'll also learn how to deal with negative thoughts. 

SMART meetings are considered relatively new. However, there's already new research and studies out there that vouch for their effectiveness. These support groups are a great alternative or supplement to any recovery meeting.

Since SMART meetings are fairly new, it's no surprise that there are no SMART recovery meetings in Lake Stevens. You'll need to go to nearby cities to attend an in-person meeting. There are, however, plenty of online meetings that you can go to. The online community can provide a wealth of resources and tools. 

The closest SMART recovery meeting to Lake Stevens is within 15-miles away in Everett.


Meeting time: 2:00 PM
Location: 8625 Evergreen Way, Suite 108, Everett, WA, 98221

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It’s difficult to come to this conclusion, and it’s difficult to admit that you have a problem, but the first step to getting help is realizing that you need help.

It’s possible that the life you’re living now is the only life you’ve known for months, or even years. Still, the struggles you’re facing are very real, and if you’re ready to reach out for help, we, at Northpoint Recovery, are here for you. We offer different types of alcohol and drug detox and rehab services

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