Episode 13

Crystal's Story: Using Drugs to Stop the Pain and Retaining Recovery in Adulthood

Crystal joins us to share her journey to recovery. She shares with us the events leading up to her seeking treatment followed by her experience. Facing relapse Crystal had two choices. Join us to find out how she once again found meaningful recovery.

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Episode 12

Erika's Mission: ADHD Diagnosis and Correlation of Addiction

Erika Scarberry, a counselor at Ashwood recovery covers a topic that is personally close to her life. ADHD diagnosis is largely considered overly diagnosed. What are the effects of those who are either misdiagnosed and prescribed mind altering substa...


Episode 14

Todd's Take: The Culture of Medication

We are joined by Todd, a Board certified Physician's Assistant, who has worked in the mental health industry for over 10 years. Todd is eager to discuss the role of psychiatry in addiction and mental health treatment. We take a look at American cultu...