Northpoint FAQ

In an effort to assist every client with reaching his or her sobriety goals, here at Northpoint Recovery, we believe that a well-rounded treatment plan is the best approach when it comes to substance abuse treatment. Alcohol and drug detoxification is a very important step in the healing process, but it is most effective when used in concert with drug and alcohol rehab. We always recommend twenty-eight days of intensive outpatient treatment following drug detox and alcohol detox. However, we do offer a minimum of seven days of standalone detoxification services.

Here at Northpoint Recovery, we want you to feel safe at all times; however, we also want you to be comfortable. We do lock our doors during the nighttime hours for your protection, but we are not a locked inpatient facility.

If at any point, you feel that Northpoint Recovery is not the inpatient facility to help you with your drug or alcohol addiction, you can opt to leave.

If you believe that you're a candidate for drug and alcohol rehab at Northpoint Recovery, but you're not sure, the best way to find out is to have a professional assessment done. These assessments are performed prior to admission, so you will know right away whether or not you are a candidate. However, if you believe you need help to stop drinking or doing drugs, Northpoint Recover is for you.

You will be very pleased when you begin addiction treatment at Northpoint Recovery. We offer modern facilities that are always clean and our staff is ready to meet your needs. You will receive a drug or alcohol treatment plan that outlines what you can expect during your stay, and as you can imagine, this is different for everyone. It may include a period of detoxification, time for physical exercise, group meetings or 12 step meetings, and other activities. You will also regularly see an addition counselor.

An inpatient stay at Northpoint Recovery generally lasts twenty-eight days. Some clients may require longer stays.

In order to avoid potential issues or problems, spouses or significant others are not permitted to receive treatment at the same time at Northpoint Recovery.

At Northpoint Recovery, we have one LPC, one LMSW, several Psych Techs and an extensive nursing staff that are trained in addiction counseling and care.

Members of the addiction counseling team are available every day of the week, and you will meet with your counselor on a regular basis. At the beginning of your stay, you may talk with your counselor every day. You will be able to get in touch with a member of the team at any time.

It's normal to expect that clients who are struggling with addiction will have immediate medical needs, which is why you will be seen by a physician upon admission to Northpoint Recovery. We want to be sure you receive the best possible care, and if you do have medical problems that need to be addressed, we want to take care of them.

While Northpoint Recovery is not a gender specific treatment facility, we do offer programs that are specifically for men and for women. We've found that men and women differ in their approaches to drug and alcohol treatment, and they require different methods to reach sobriety. For that reason, we do offer addiction treatment that meets the needs of each gender.

The cost for substance abuse treatment at Northpoint Recovery is different for everyone, depending on the length of your stay. However, we are able to work with most insurance plans to get you the best possible coverage and minimize your out of pocket expenses.

Northpoint Recovery does work with several different types of insurance providers. We will always verify your benefits prior to admission, and we will also talk with you about your out of pocket expenses so that you stay informed.

While we understand that pets are a very important part your life, and you probably have a very close relationship with your pet at home, we are not able to allow pet visitation for our clients.

Friends and family members are able to visit clients on the weekends, and all visits must be scheduled and approved by the client's counselor in advance. Phone calls are permitted after the first seventy-two hours of a client's stay. The first seventy-two hours are intended to help you focus on your recover and acclimate to your treatment at Northpoint Recovery.

Clients are permitted to visit with their friends and family members on the weekends, but each visit must be scheduled in advance and the client's counselor must approve each visitor.

Physical exercise is very important because it contributes to your overall health and wellbeing. In addition to offering you nutritious meals, you will also receive ample opportunity to exercise. There are many different activities you can participate in with your peers, including yoga and aerobic exercises.

Northpoint Recovery is a twenty-two-bed facility, and so, there may be as many as twenty-two clients seeking treatment at the same time. We feel that a smaller number of clients allows for more personalized treatment plans for our clients.

Cell phones and other electronics have become a normal part of your everyday life, but it is best to leave these items at home so that you can focus on your treatment. If this is not possible, electronics will be stored and locked in the safe during the course of your stay at Northpoint Recovery.

Smoking is allowed at Northpoint Recovery in designated areas. Chewing tobacco is limited to pouches and clients are required to bring their own unopened packs of cigarettes for use during their inpatient stays.

Absolutely. At Northpoint Recovery we pride ourselves as being open to treating and sensitive to those identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender/sexual.

If you have additional questions that are not a part of our FAQs, please feel free to contact us.