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Northpoint Washington Drug Rehab – Reviews, Price and Comments

Reviews for Northpoint Washington's Program, Price and Staff

The reviews are in for Northpoint Washington, and they're nothing less than stellar. As one of the premier drug and alcohol rehab programs in the United States, they aim to help recovering addicts find freedom from addiction.

Perhaps you've been searching for inpatient addiction treatment and detox services, but you're not sure where to look. This facility has everything you need to successfully recover from your addiction.

Healing from drug addiction or alcoholism is hard, but it's much easier when you don't do it on your own. The staff at Northpoint Washington is there to support you every step of the way.

Northpoint Washington Website

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About Northpoint Washington

Northpoint Washington is located in Edmonds, Washington. It is an inpatient drug and alcohol treatment center that's very conveniently located near Seattle and other major cities in the state.

Northpoint Washington Addiction Treatment

People who choose this program are opting for the very best in addiction treatment. They aim to provide:

  • Treatment plans that are specifically designed for each patient, based on their needs.
  • A high staff to patient ratio to ensure that every patient's needs are met.
  • A variety of options for physical activities and entertainment.
  • A sound nutritional program that targets the dietary needs of each patient.
  • Nursing care for patients around the clock.

People who battle addictions want to know there's a place they can turn to for help. Whether their substance abuse problem has been an issue for a few years, or a few months, Northpoint Washington is there for them. They provide the highest level of addiction treatment available, with the goal of long-term recovery for each patient.

Northpoint Washington also has several other locations in order to better serve their patients. These locations offer a variety of services to ensure that everyone gets what they need from their treatment.

The Evergreen at Northpoint is an outpatient drug and alcohol program located in Bellevue, Washington. They specialize in providing their clients with intensive outpatient treatment, among other services.

Ashwood Recovery is an outpatient addiction treatment center located in Boise, Idaho. They offer intensive outpatient treatment, counseling and a variety of other services to assist their clients.

Northpoint Recovery is located in Boise, Idaho. They offer inpatient drug and alcohol treatment and detox services. They focus on treating co-occurring disorders and aim to assist patients with rebuilding their lives after an addiction.

Northpoint takes great care in selecting the best in addiction recovery staff. You'll find that they gravitate toward those who have overcome addictions in their own lives. This allows them to provide compassionate and understanding care to the patients they work with.

Many patients have said that because of the staff, the center itself is more like a place for family. Staff members work hard to be sure everyone feels welcomed, and everyone's needs are met. Their high staff to patient ratio makes this possible. They enjoy the opportunity to get to know the patients on a personal level and provide the type of individualized treatment they need to recover.

As patients eagerly await the opening of Northpoint Washington in winter of 2018, it's helpful to see what others have to say about their services.

Scott says: "Northpoint is everything I was told it would be. The facility and staff are very well qualified to handle my treatment. They educated me on my disease beyond my expectations. They make it a family atmosphere and get you involved with your treatment. All question's asked were answered before I entered and through out my treatment. I highly recommend for all needing assistance to look into Northpoint."

Garrett says: "Northpoint is an amazing facility with amazing staff. The food and accommodations were awesome and the group material was relevant and helpful. This was my second experience in treatment and will likely be my last thanks to the staff and material. Highly recommend if you're looking to change your life."

Christian says: "Simply amazing! First rehab experience and definitely was confident I chose the right place as soon as I checked in. Everyone is so lovely from the techs, nurses and counselors. They keep you engaged throughout the whole program and it flies by so fast with amazing food and education that I will keep for a lifetime. Thank you for changing my life."

Jared says: "Great experience, the staff is helpful and really want to see patients succeed. I can honestly say Northpoint saved my life. My individual counselor helped me come to a lot of realizations and changes in thinking that helped improve my life. I'd definitely recommend Northpoint, I've been to three treatment centers and this is the first one that worked. Truly grateful to all the staff for helping me move past this chapter of my life and start working on a brighter future."

Northpoint Washington is located on a beautiful estate with enough room for 22 patients. The grounds are meticulously kept with lovely gardens and walking paths. They have space for yoga and working out, as well as room for guided meditations.

The rooms at the facility are semi-private and gender specific. Each room has twin beds, large closets, reading areas and bedside tables. Inside the facility, you'll find modern and luxurious living spaces with large chairs and sofas. There are several therapy rooms for group therapy and individual sessions.

Their goal was to create a space that was warm, comfortable and inviting. They want patients to feel as though they're right at home, and not in a sterile medical facility.

Every patient will have the opportunity to meet with a nutritionist for one-on-one nutrition counseling. Many of the patients they see aren't getting adequate vitamins and minerals from their diets. Improving their diets is one of the first goals of treatment.

The nutritionist will ensure that every patient receives three healthy means per day. The meals are catered and the patients rave about them. By eating the right foods, patients will almost immediately begin to feel better physically and mentally.

Northpoint Washington's Services

When people are in need of alcohol and drug treatment, they want to know they're getting the best. Northpoint Washington offers a variety of targeted services to meet their needs. Because of the complexity of the program, they are able to get the most out of their inpatient stay.

Northpoint Washington Services

Drug and alcohol detox is believed to be the most important component of addiction treatment by many experts in the industry. It helps to remove toxins from the body and cleanse it from the impurities of the substances that were being used. There are some drugs that require detox, such as many prescription opioids, stimulants and alcohol. This should be the first step in addiction treatment, but it should not be the last.

Northpoint Washington utilizes a variety of methods to help their patients detox off drugs and alcohol. Each patient is assessed by their in-house physician to ensure they're getting the proper treatment.

Those taking prescription medications often go through a period of tapering in the beginning. This works by reducing the severity of withdrawal symptoms and allowing their bodies to adjust slowly.

The staff may also implement medication assisted treatment and/or holistic detox. Both have been shown to be very effective when people are recovering from addictions.

Once detoxification is complete for those who need it, inpatient rehab, is the next step in the process. During inpatient treatment patients live at the facility. They're provided with nursing care around the clock, and there are many staff members available to provide help and support. Inpatient treatment involves many different types of therapy, and these include:

  • Individual Counseling - Individual counseling takes place during inpatient treatment. Patients meet with their counselors on a regular basis to talk about the issues that led to their addictions.
  • Group Therapy - Group therapy provides an additional therapy component and allows for peer counseling. This has been proven to be highly effective in addiction treatment.
  • Family Therapy - Families often find that they need additional support while their loved ones are receiving treatment for their addictions. Family therapy ensures that this can occur. It can help to rebuild broken relationships that have been damaged by substance abuse.
  • Supportive Therapy - There are a number of methods of supportive therapy that are offered at Northpoint Washington, including Yoga, music therapy and art therapy.
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment - In order to effectively treat an addiction, it is essential to get to the root cause of it. Dual diagnosis treatment provides that capability, leading to a more holistic type of addiction treatment.

A drug or alcohol addiction usually affects more than just the addict. There is often an entire family involved, and they all may be struggling with how they can help. It's common for people with addictions to be resistant to getting the help they need to recover. Many will make empty promises, leaving the family with false hopes that things will ever change. For this reason, Northpoint Washington offers their intervention services for concerned families.

Interventions work the best when they are guided by a professional addiction treatment counselor. This individual is called an interventionist, and they are specifically trained in this area. The interventionist will meet with the family prior to the meeting, and they'll explain the process.

On the day of the intervention, the interventionist will direct every aspect of the meeting itself. They'll talk with the addict, and allow every participant the chance to share their thoughts and concerns.

Interventions are often extremely successful. Many addicts are touched to learn how much their families care, and they'll agree to get help. The interventionist will have arranged transportation to treatment right away, with the help of the family.

Whether or not an intervention has taken place, families often need a lot of support while loved ones are in rehab. This is why Northpoint Washington offers their family support services.

The therapist will arrange for family meetings as often as they are needed. This gives the addict time to sit down with their loved ones and talk about any unresolved issues. Many times, this results in healed relationships that have been damaged by the substance abuse problem.

The family is the most important source of support that an addicted individual has. It's very important to involve them in the recovery process. This type of service also helps loved ones to cope while someone they care about is receiving treatment.

Co-occurring disorders are defined as mental health issues that often end up leading to addictions. There are some people who develop them after they've become addicted. However, for most individuals, the mental health problem surfaces first.

There are many different types of co-occurring disorders that can result in drug or alcohol addictions. Some of them include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Panic disorder
  • Sleep disorders
  • Sex disorders
  •  Bipolar disorder
  • Eating disorders

The symptoms of these conditions are often so difficult to cope with, and using substances can help with that emotional pain. The counselors will work closely with the patients to determine if they're battling a co-occurring disorder. If they are, they'll provide the proper treatment for them. This has shown to effectively result in better long-term outcomes.

All addictions don't involve substances. In fact, there are a number of process addictions that can be just as harmful. Northpoint Washington offers treatment for these conditions, and it's very similar to the way substance abuse is treated.

Some examples of process addictions they treat include:

  • Social media addiction
  • Gambling addiction
  •  Sex addiction
  • Food addiction
  • Cutting and self-harm
  • Gaming addictions
  • Shopping addictions

There are cases when a substance abuse problem and a process addiction are present at the same time. This is often referred to as a cross addiction, and it needs to be treated as well.

Above all, the staff at Northpoint Washington know that addictions are very different for everyone. They know that people have their own, unique struggles, and their goal is to treat them personally.

When a patient completes detox and rehab, the staff knows that the hard work isn't over yet. That individual is in recovery, but they are not yet recovered. Any type of addiction is a disease and it needs ongoing treatment for the person to remain sober and clean.

This is why the staff will be sure that every patient has had adequate aftercare planning. They will work with them to create a mindfulness-based relapse prevention plan. This will include identifying any triggers that might lead the person to use again.

They will also make sure that each patient has the appropriate type of follow-up care. It's important for them to continue to get help; even after rehab is over. For many people, this means going from an inpatient program into an IOP for twelve weeks. Others may do well with outpatient rehab and a 12-Step Program like AA or NA.

Research has shown that higher success rates after rehab are directly linked to compliance with aftercare planning. At Northpoint Washington, they want nothing more than to see their patients be successful long-term.

Northpoint Washington Services

Frequently Asked Questions About Northpoint Washington

We've covered a lot of information so far, but it's possible that you may still have questions. It's important for you to get them answered, and you can visit Northpoint's FAQ page to learn even more.

Northpoint Washington

This is a difficult question to answer because the cost of treatment at Northpoint Washington will vary. Prices are given to each patient based on the type of care they need.

For example, it will be much cheaper to attend treatment for someone who does not need detox services than it would be for someone who does. If you are in need of certain types of therapy that are considered "specialized," this may also affect your costs.

Regardless, the staff at Northpoint Washington works very hard to keep their programs affordable for everyone who needs them. For those who do not have health insurance, the staff will talk with them about other ways that they can cover the costs. Some examples of this might include:

  • Talking with a relative who might be able to fund detox and rehab services.
  • Taking out a personal loan that will cover the cost of treatment.
  • Working with the local department of social services to find out if help may be available.
  • Getting 3rd party funding through a service that offers loans for rehab purposes.
  • Possibly putting a payment plan in place.

Northpoint Washington will even offer referrals for services that potential patients might find more affordable for their budgets. Their goal is to make sure that every patient gets the help they need; even if that means going to a different facility.

At Northpoint Washington, they understand that most people cannot pay for addiction treatment out of pocket. This is why they've gone to such great lengths to participate with multiple insurance providers.

Your health insurance company does offer you benefits to help cover the cost of your treatment. However, those benefits vary from person to person, based on what your policy states. Some people find that their insurance will completely cover the cost of both detox and inpatient rehab services. Others find that it covers a portion of the expense and they need to pay a small copay or co-insurance amount.

The staff at Northpoint Washington will help you to understand your insurance in more detail. When you contact them, they will verify your insurance to determine your benefits. This will answer all of your questions about your coverage and how much you'll be responsible for.

At this time, they only have space for 22 patients at one time. This might seem small to you, but a smaller patient population actually works in your favor.

Larger drug and alcohol rehabs may seem to have better services because they work with so many people. However, they're often lacking the personalized attention that Northpoint Washington is able to offer. By keeping their population small, you will find that you get individual attention from staff members.

When you choose Northpoint, you're not just a number. You're an individual with their own needs. They feel that it's important for you to be treated as such.

The staff at Northpoint Washington welcome the LGBTQ community with open arms. They also understand that these individuals often have their own unique needs in treatment. They have issues they face that are very different from the struggles other people have gone through.

Their goal is to provide the type of help that everyone needs, regardless of their sexual orientation. You'll find that the type of treatment they offer you will be targeted toward your specific needs.

Like many people, you may have a lot of questions about the admission process. It begins when you make that first phone call to Northpoint Washington. You'll speak with a caring admissions specialist who will identify your needs for treatment. They'll ask you a lot of questions about your addiction, and it's important to be honest when you answer them. Otherwise, you may receive an inappropriate recommendation for your care.

After your insurance is verified, they will set up a date for your admission. Some people are able to get into treatment the same day. Others may need to wait for a week or so, until a bed opens up. They always strive to get people in as soon as they can.

When you arrive, you'll be welcomed by the admissions staff. They'll sit down with you and do your intake, which will involve more questions. After their evaluation is over, they'll show you to your room and search your belongings. Before long, you'll meet with members of their medical team for your physical exam.

The doctor will want to be sure that any medical issues are taken care of right away. They'll evaluate you for detox and recommend the right approach. If you have any questions, they'll be happy to answer them for you. After your exam, your treatment will begin right away.

Their program lasts for 28 days, and this will include the necessary time for the detoxification process. That might seem like a really long time. However, your addiction didn't happen quickly. Some people take years to form them, and once they're addicted, they use for even longer.

By investing 28 days into your recovery, your chances of being successful will be much higher. This is one of the best investments you could ever make.

The staff understands that your friends and family are very important to you. In fact, they may be the reason why you decided to get help. You will be able to visit with them, and have phone calls as well.

Visiting and phone calls will be restricted for the first 72 hours of your stay. It's very important for you to take a moment, catch your breath, and get acclimated to your new surroundings. If you've never been in recovery before, it's even more vital for your success.

Visitors will need to be approved by the staff in advance. If you have loved ones who would like to come and see you, they will need to schedule their visits. Visiting hours are only on the weekends, but you'll be able to use the phone at other times.

Beginning Your Recovery With Northpoint Washington

It's very difficult to admit that you have an addiction that needs to be treated. If you feel you're ready to do that, you should be congratulated! So many people wait for years before they're ready to admit they can't recover on their own. The only step left is to contact a detox and rehab program that can help you.

Northpoint Washington is an excellent choice if you're in need of addiction recovery services. You'll find that their caring staff members will make the entire process so much more enjoyable. It's a challenge to recover from an addiction, but it's not one that you have to face on your own. There's nothing you can't accomplish with the proper support by your side.

Have we answered all of your questions about Northpoint Washington? If you still need to know more, we invite you to contact them right away. They'll be happy to talk with you and give you the information you need.

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