The Executive and Professional Addiction Treatment Program at Northpoint Recovery

Business professionals who lead busy lives, and who often have a lot of responsibilities to attend to may find it difficult to leave their jobs behind so that they can focus on getting addiction treatment. Yet, this particular group of people has a rather high addiction rate. It does vary, based on profession. For example, about 10 to 15% of those who have professions in the medical field report being addicted to either drugs or alcohol. Sales professionals report a higher than average addiction rate to drugs and alcohol, as do those who work in law enforcement. 

Those who work in any of these or other fields struggle to admit that they have addictions. Because of this, they tend to continue on in their addictions for months, or even years, without seeking out help. Executive addiction treatment is the right solution for this particular group, but most of them don’t even know that it exists.

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What is a Professional Addiction Treatment Program?

It is a myth that drug and alcohol addiction is for those who have lower incomes, or low socioeconomic statuses. Even so, this myth is believed by members of all classes. This can lead to a misunderstanding about how addiction works, and who it affects. No one is immune from the dangers of addiction, and executives who are addicted to drugs or alcohol often tend to keep their addictions a secret from those who are closest to them. If has been your experience, it’s likely that you feel alone in your addiction, and you may even be afraid to reach out for the help you need.

Professional addiction treatment programs aim to target this group of individuals and provide them with the help they need, at the level they need. For example, these programs are very different from what might be experienced at state funded facilities. Special concessions are often made that allow executives to continue working, and even have access to equipment that will allow them to work on projects remotely. Ultimately, the goal is to allow them to remain in their jobs, and give them the freedom they need to maintain and keep up with their work responsibilities.

Some professional addiction treatment centers take this one step further by even allowing for them to see their clients if they need to, or to travel if that is a necessary part of the job.

Executive and Professional Drug Alcohol Rehab

Reasons Many Executives Fail to go to Rehab for Business Professionals

There are a lot of reasons why executives often fail to get the help they need for their drug or alcohol addictions. These might include:

  • Feeling as though they can’t take the time away from work to concentrate on themselves and recovering.
  • Being worried that they may lose money if they have to take the time to go to a treatment facility
  • Being concerned that their absence might result in the failure of the business.
  • Being concerned that their jobs might be in jeopardy if they decide to take the time to go to treatment.
  • Feeling concerned about their reputation with their co-workers, boss, or clients.
  • Feeling worried about whether or not their need for a higher level of confidentiality will be able to be honored and respected during treatment.

All of these concerns are valid, and it’s easy to understand why a business professional would hesitate to get professional help in light of them. While there aren’t many drug and alcohol rehab facilities that are able to cater to the unique needs that professionals present, it’s clear that there is a need for something different that meets their requirements for treatment.

Recognizing the Best Rehabs for Professionals

In understanding the specific concerns that many executives have about going to drug and alcohol rehab, treatment programs are able to make changes to accommodate them. Luxury rehabs are much more beneficial for executives because they provide various components that aren’t available elsewhere. The best rehabs for professionals cater to their needs, and recognize that they require a different level of care than what is available in other types of facilities.

The best rehabs for business professionals will offer:

  • Healthy meals that are aimed to improve their quality of life
  • Private rooms that give them seclusion and quiet when it is needed
  • Furnishings that are comfortable, just like what they’re used to at home
  • Facilities for exercise to help them stay physically active and fit
  • Plenty of space for recreation
  • An outdoor area that promotes wellness and movement
  • Conference areas that have phones that the patient can use when needed

In addition, executives need to know that their work needs will be recognized, addressed and accommodated. This is true even if it means being allowed to leave the facility for a period of time to take care of pressing matters at work.

Types of Treatment Available at Rehabs for Executives

Normally, patients contact the drug and alcohol rehab center to inquire about treatment options. The staff member will listen to the addiction concerns that are presented, and a recommendation will be made for treatment. Usually, this will involve inpatient care, and it may also involve drug or alcohol detox. It is a little different when someone calls asking about executive rehab. The centers have the capability to offer various types of rehab that can work around the needs of the patient. This might include residential treatment, outpatient treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, partial hospitalization or traditional inpatient care.

While getting help at an executive rehab center, the care is tailored to the need of each patient, individually. By utilizing this method, patients have shown to have a higher probability of recovering from their addictions. This is done by providing:

Drug and Alcohol Detoxification – Drug and alcohol detox is often recommended for many patients who have addictions; particularly addictions that usually result in dangerous withdrawal symptoms, such as heroin, alcohol and prescription drugs. It is a process that removes toxins from the body quickly, which shortens the duration of withdrawal. 

Any Medical Treatment – Patients are able to get access to the medical treatment they need, but it may need to pertain to their addiction treatment. 

Treatment for Dual Diagnoses Through Therapy – Meeting with a therapist on a regular basis is crucial for anyone who is in need of dual diagnosis treatment, or treatment for co-occurring disorders. Many patients have underlying issues behind their addictions, and at times, these issues are psychological disorders that require treatment. Treating addiction and the mental condition at the same time provides a much better result for recovery. 

Group Therapy Sessions – Group therapy sessions are so important to the recovery experience for executives in rehab. This is one aspect that may make professionals a bit nervous because of the need to discuss scenarios with other people. Fortunately, every measure is taken to maintain confidentiality and privacy. 

Medication Maintenance – For business professionals in drug or alcohol rehab who are already on medications for mental illnesses, it’s often necessary to make changes to their regimens. This can be taken care of during rehab. 

Referrals for Aftercare – Continuing care is critical when it comes to drug and alcohol rehab for executives, and the appropriate referrals will be made to ensure that recovery is ongoing and long-term. 

An inpatient treatment program is highly recommended for anyone who is considering getting addiction treatment. Although it might seem to be less than convenient to attempt an inpatient program, so many professionals have been surprised to find how willing various treatment centers are to work with them and help them by supporting their lives outside of treatment.

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Executive Addiction Treatment Must-Have Amenities

In an attempt to provide the most comfortable drug and alcohol rehab experience possible, every measure has been taken to offer a more spa-like or hotel atmosphere to executives who need to go to addiction treatment. Various amenities help them feel more at home, and these might be:

  • Proper exercising facilities, or possibly even a swimming pool
  • Private rooms that are comfortable and furnished more like a home
  • Meals that are delicious and healthy
  • Plenty of access to telephones and even computers for work purposes
  • The ability to travel, if that becomes necessary
  • The ability to meet with friends and family on a regular basis
  • Plenty of opportunities to talk with colleagues or clients
  • Complete privacy and discretion during their stay 

As you can see, executive rehab is much different from what you probably thought it would be. The goal is to offer comfort and privacy, along with targeted addiction treatment that results in a successful recovery from addiction.

The Confidentiality Concerns of Professional Addiction Treatment

For someone who is an executive, confidentiality is going to be a primary concern. Any mention of his or her company is likely to raise some eyebrows, and the realization that a high-powered executive or business person is in treatment for an addiction can quickly tarnish the reputation of the individual as well as the company as a whole.

The question remains, how is someone supposed to get the necessary help, while attempting to keep this information a secret? 

There are certainly ways to keep patients’ identities a mystery from others. First of all, in any medical setting, information about addiction treatment cannot be released to anyone unless the patient gives his or her permission to release it. For executive rehab facilities, privacy and seclusion is important, and staff members know how to keep people out of the limelight. By taking these additional steps, careers are protected and personal reputations don’t have anything to fear. Of course, it’s also helpful if the individual is able to participate well during treatment, so as not to raise any suspicions.

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The Cost of Rehab for Business Professionals

It’s normal to think that going to a rehab for business professionals is going to cost a lot of money. You may even believe that such a facility doesn’t accept your health insurance policy, and so you have to try to find a way to pay for it out of your own pocket. Many luxury rehabs actually do accept health insurance, and the benefits you have now might be very different from the ones you once had.

Health insurance companies are now required to provide benefits to help cover the costs of addiction treatment. If you choose a good facility for executive rehab, you’ll find that they’re able to talk with your health insurance company as a way to maximize your benefits. Also, there are government grant programs available through SAMHSA that can offset the costs that your health insurance company doesn’t cover. Talking with someone from the facility you’re interested in can give you more insight as far as what your coverage is, and how much you’ll need to cover yourself. Chances are that it won’t be very much.

Finding the Executive Addiction Treatment That is Right for You

As a business professional, you face a lot of challenges that others don’t have to be concerned with. You most likely are not able to take time off from your job to enter rehab, or you may struggle with leaving unfinished projects behind while you enter into addiction treatment. Your barriers are, indeed, unique. Fortunately, there are facilities that can accommodate you and your needs, and provide you with the type of treatment that can help you recover.

At Northpoint Recovery, we want you to know that we understand the struggles you’re dealing with. We know how difficult it is when you know you need to get help for your addiction, but you’re concerned about your reputation or your confidentiality. We’ve taken the time to create a treatment program that can more than accommodate your needs, and even provide you with some amenities you probably weren’t expecting. If you would like to learn more about Northpoint Recovery, and how we can help you as you recover from your addiction to drugs or alcohol, please contact us today.