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Information for Seroquel Addiction – Northpoint Recovery

Your Seroquel Addiction: Treatment Centers to Aid in Your Recovery

Seroquel’s generic name is quetiapine fumarate, and it has been show to be very effective in the treatment of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

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Seroquel has been prescribed for children as young as ten years old. Because it’s so effective as a mood stabilizer and enhancer, and because it can drastically reduce the severity of symptoms associated with psychosis and psychological disorders, it’s one of the medications that is prescribed frequently.

Seroquel Addiction Information

How Seroquel Works and the Potential for Seroquel Abuse

For those who suffer from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, it is believed that they have too much serotonin and dopamine in their bodies. Seroquel decreases their effectiveness in the body, and so symptoms like hallucinations, hearing voices and delusions are drastically reduced.

For those who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia, their risk of becoming addicted to Seroquel is dramatically increased. Those with this diagnosis are also much more prone to self-medicate in order to feel better, and because Seroquel has a sedation effect, it mimics how alcohol works in the body. Seroquel brings great relief, which can easily lead to prolonged usage, increased dosages and even using the drug in ways other than how it was prescribed or intended.

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Recognizing Seroquel Addiction Symptoms

The addictive nature of Seroquel is purely psychological because of the way it works in the brain. It’s very appealing to those who struggle to think clearly and who benefit from reduced anxiety and symptoms of paranoia. In many ways, the effects are similar to those produced by cannabis.

When increased doses of Seroquel are taken, certain addiction symptoms are sure to manifest. There are even some Seroquel addiction behaviors that should become apparent if you’re concerned with whether or not you or someone you love have become addicted to it. These include:

  • Instances of fainting
  • An increase in your muscle tone
  • Having a high fever
  • Feelings of confusion
  • Blurry vision
  • Achiness or other flu-like symptoms
  • Body movements that are uncontrolled

Seroquel abuse can often result in a disorder that’s similar to Parkinson’s Disease, high blood pressure, and the possibility of a stroke or heart attack.

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Is Seroquel Withdrawal Possible When Stopping it?

In many ways, stopping Seroquel abruptly can result in Seroquel withdrawal symptom that are much like those that occur when stopping other medications or drugs. It’s common to experience digestive problems, headaches, dizziness and an increase in anxiety. It’s normal for people to keep taking Seroquel in an attempt to avoid these symptoms because they can be very uncomfortable. However, doing so can result in an even deeper addiction.

Medications like Seroquel should never be stopped abruptly. Not only are the withdrawal symptoms problematic, but they can become dangerous in some people. If you have been taking Seroquel for a long period of time, and you know your usage moved into Seroquel abuse before becoming an addiction, it is possible to stop safely. With help from the best Seroquel rehab centers, you can find relief for your addiction to this medication, and you can quit taking it safely.

Seroquel Addiction Treatment Centers: Recovery is Possible

Regardless of how long you’ve been taking Seroquel, if you suspect that you’ve become addicted to it, it’s important to reach out to get help before trying to quit taking it on your own. This type of drug requires the help of experts from a Seroquel addiction treatment program, and you will need to taper your dosage down. You may also require some time in a drug detox program before going to Seroquel addiction treatment or rehab.

Here at Northpoint Recovery, we understand how you feel know that you realize that you’ve become addicted to Seroquel. It can be very discouraging, and you may feel as though you’re stuck taking it forever. We can help you stop safely. To learn more, please contact us.

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