Halcion Addiction Symptoms and Halcion Withdrawal

If you’ve ever struggled with being able to fall asleep at night, it’s possible that your doctor prescribed Halcion to help you.

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Halcion is a benzodiazepine that has hypnotic qualities, and while it should never be used for patients who have trouble staying asleep at night, if your issue is falling asleep, it’s been shown to be effective. Even so, it should only be used for a short period of time, but many doctors will prescribe it long term. The ideal duration is less than two weeks.

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The Effects of Halcion and Halcion Abuse

Under normal circumstances, when you experience stressful situations, the GABA receptors in your brain and central nervous system respond to counteract your natural adrenal reaction. However, this process doesn’t go smoothly for everyone, and when it doesn’t, the result can be increased stress levels and insomnia. Halcion works because of an ingredient called triazolam, which enhances this response, and produces senstations of relaxation and sedation.

Halcion abuse occurs when this drug is taken for longer than the prescribed period of time, or when it’s taken in larger doses. Those who abuse Halcion might also try to crush the tablets and snort them as a way to get the drugs into the system faster than just swallowing them. The longer Halcion is abused, the risk of becoming addicted increases.

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Halcion Addiction Symptoms and Behaviors

As Halcion is abused, increasing amounts of serotonin and dopamine are produced in the brain, and this results in a high. These are pleasure chemicals, which the brain quickly learns to adapt to. The longer you take Halcion, the more your brain comes to expect help with stimulating your GABA receptors. It isn’t long before you feel as though need to take Halcion just to function during the day, or feel like you’re normal.

Halcion addiction behaviors and symptoms can include:

  • Complaining of feeling dizzy
  • Experiencing a lack in coordination
  • Feeling drowsy throughout the day
  • Feelings and symptoms of depression
  • Being confused or having memory loss
  • Instances of sleepwalking
  • Experiencing significant mood swings

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Halcion Withdrawal Symptoms: Choosing to Quit on Your Own

Drugs like Halcion can be very dangerous to quit taking on your own once you’ve become addicted to them, or even if you’ve been abusing them. Because many people become addicted to Halcion purely by accident, once they realize they’re addicted, they may try to quit without any type of professional help or support. Doing so can cause serious withdrawal symptoms like vomiting, anxiety, agitation, muscle cramps and insomnia.

In some cases, more severe withdrawal symptoms can manifest, and these often require the assistance of a medical doctor. Even the less severe symptoms can often become troublesome or bothersome enough to drive people back to using Halcion again just to get relief. For these reasons, it’s important to talk with one of the best drug rehab centers in the area about how you can quit safely, and minimize these withdrawal symptoms.

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Is Someone You Love Abusing Halcion? How You Can Help

There’s nothing worse than realizing that someone you care about is struggling with a Halcion addiction, or even abusing this drug. If you suspect that this is the case, try having a conversation with him or her about the availability of Halcion addiction treatment, and if that doesn’t work, scheduling an intervention should be your next step.

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Getting Help at a Halcion Addiction Treatment Center

The best way to get help for a Halcion addiction is by talking with someone at one of the top Halcion rehab programs in your area. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, here at Northpoint Recovery, we can provide you with the assistance you need to recover from your Halcion addiction. Contact us today to discuss what your next steps should be.