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Information for Aerosol Sprays Addiction – Northpoint Recovery

Aerosol Sprays: Addiction Treatment Centers for Your Recovery

Aerosol sprays are just one of the chemicals that is included in the group called Inhalants.

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They refer to any of these dangerous compounds because of the way they can negatively impact brain function. Aerosol sprays work in ways that are quite similar to how alcohol works in the body. They depress your central nervous system, and cause your body to produce very high levels of dopamine. This, in turn, leads to the euphoric feeling of being high.

The chemicals found in aerosol sprays can be so damaging to anyone who uses them, either by sniffing, huffing or snorting them. The propellant in aerosol sprays is called toluene, and it’s found in paint remove and paint thinners. This is the chemical that causes the positive “reward” response that causes people to return to aerosol sprays again and again for their next high.

If you’ve been using aerosol sprays, you’re dabbling in a dangerous addiction that can potentially ruin, or even end your life prematurely. Aerosol spray addiction treatment centers can help you overcome this terrible addiction so that you can recover and possibly reverse some of the damaging effects of these chemicals.

The Ease of Aerosol Spray Abuse

Inhalants like aerosol spray are very accessible to anyone who wants to get them, and because even a child can walk into a store and purchase them, it should come as no surprise that they are very popular with the middle school crowd. In fact, statistics indicate that about 68% of those who currently use Inhalants are under the age of 17. Kids who use them wrongly assume that they’re not going to harm them in any way because they’re not illegal like some other types of drugs. Unfortunately, many of these uses are not discovered, and as a result, they do a great deal of lasting harm to themselves.

It’s also important to note that parents don’t always look for signs of Inhalant of aerosol spray abuse because they’re looking for other signs of drug abuse.

Aerosol Sprays Addiction Information

Aerosol Spray Addiction Behaviors with Short Term Use

Aerosol sprays act very quickly in the body and brain, and so there are some pretty significant side effects and aerosol spray addiction behaviors that can result. If you’re a parent who has a child who may be abusing aerosol spray, you’ll need to know what to look for in order to determine whether or not you need to take action.

The following behaviors are some that you may notice:

  • Slurring of the speech
  • Experiencing hallucinations
  • Complaining of being drowsy
  • Complaining of frequent headaches
  • Bouts of nausea and/or vomiting
  • Feelings of dizziness

Aerosol sprays are so powerful, and even short term use can have a devastating effect on the body because the highs it produces are so short lived. Users tend to abuse aerosol sprays repeatedly, even in just one sitting, and doing so can result in brain and nerve damage, suffocation and even death.

Parents can also identify whether or not their child is using aerosol spray by observing key indicators like weight loss, runny noses, nose bleeds or constant agitation.

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Aerosol Spray Addiction Symptoms with Long Term Use

The long term effects of aerosol sprays are even more dangerous than the short term effects. However, it’s important to remember that because of how frequently aerosol spray is used, it’s possible to experience these long term aerosol spray addiction symptoms much more quickly than if you or your loved one were using other types of drugs. Long term, aerosol sprays can lead to even worse headaches, bouts of dizziness or drowsiness, but they can also result in a diagnosis of pneumonia or heart attack. Of course, just as with short term use, there is always a risk of dying from using aerosol sprays because of the dangerous chemicals that are used to make them.

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Do Aerosol Spray Withdrawal Symptoms Exist?

You might think that something as common as ordinary, household aerosol spray couldn’t possibly have any withdrawal symptoms attached to it. However, you would be incorrect. Aerosol spray withdrawal symptoms are actually quite common, and in some ways, they mimic the symptoms that are present when you stop using alcohol or other drugs.

Aerosol withdrawal symptoms may include:

  • Anger, agitation or rage
  • Consistent muscle cramps
  • Bouts of nausea
  • Chills or sweating
  • Frequent headaches
  • Sudden onset of convulsions

The safest way to stop using aerosol spray is to find one of the top aerosol spray rehab centers in the Pacific Northwest to help you. You may require a period of drug detox in order to get past the withdrawal period safely.

Finding the Best Aerosol Spray Rehab Programs

Here at Northpoint Recovery, we understand how you feel knowing that you have to go through recovery from an aerosol spray addiction. It’s possible that what you started doing purely out of curiosity has now become a serious and dangerous problem. You need help, and we can provide you with aerosol spray addiction treatment than will assist you. Please contact us.

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