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Become Familiar with the Profile of a Meth Addict

The Profile of a Meth Addict: The Dangers of This Addiction

If you or a loved one is addicted to meth, it's important to understand the profile of a meth addict.

It's possible that you are addicted to meth, and you don't realize it. It's also possible that you have a family member whom you suspect is addicted. You need to know the facts because this is a very dangerous addiction.

You will see that, in a way, meth addiction is quite different from other types of addictions. Knowing the physical and behavioral characteristics of a meth addict will give you a better understanding of this addiction.

What is a Meth Addiction?

When someone is addicted to meth, that individual feels a need to use the drug regularly. This might be everyday use, or it could be using a few times a week. Every meth addiction is different.

When someone uses crystal meth, it results in a brief rush of pleasure. The euphoric high is what meth addicts are seeking with each use. For someone who has a meth addiction, withdrawal symptoms will result when he or she hasn't used in some time. The onset of withdrawal is different for everyone. For some, withdrawal symptoms may develop within a few hours. For others, it may take a day or more.

Most importantly, a meth addiction is very dangerous. However, it should never be confused with meth abuse.

The Definition of Meth Abuse

Many people try using meth because they've tried other drugs in the past. They may be searching for a better high, or a better sensation of euphoria. Abusing meth is much different from being addicted to it.

When someone is abusing meth, he or she may be using it for the first time, or the tenth time. Any use of this drug in the absence of an addiction is considered meth abuse. This is because it is an illegal drug. Someone who abuses meth doesn't experience withdrawal symptoms. He or she also doesn't feel the need to keep using. At this point, using meth is very much a choice, and not an addiction.

However, it is important to understand that a meth addiction can occur at any time. It is even possible for someone to become addicted to meth after the first time using it. There are certain factors that may influence this, and these include:

  • Having a family history of addiction
  • The method in which meth is used
  • Various environmental factors (such as one's friends)
  • The existence of a mental health problem (a co-occurring disorder)
  • Any other personal factors

Even though meth abuse is not the same as addiction, it will lead to addiction if it's not stopped.

Are You Addicted to Crystal Meth? How You Can Tell

Perhaps you've been using crystal meth for quite some time. Yet, you're not sure if you have an addiction. You might be surprised that you're not the only person who feels this way. Many addicts feel as though they are in complete control of their meth use. They fail to recognize the moment when an addiction has set in. This may be what you are experiencing as well.

If you have questions about whether or not you're addicted to meth, taking a quiz can help you. This quiz will ask you a series of questions, and it's important to answer them honestly. Only then will you be able to get a better understanding of your relationship with this dangerous drug.

You may have a family member you suspect to be addicted to meth. It's not always easy to tell if an addiction is present or not. You may want to take a family member addiction quiz to give you a better understanding. This quiz was designed specifically for you. It will help to answer many of your questions.

The Physical Symptoms of a Meth Addiction

There are a number of different physical signs of a meth addiction that you can look for. Whether you're thinking of yourself, or someone else, these signs indicate that a meth addiction may be present.

  • Frequent Sweating: Using meth often increases body temperature. This can result in sweating, even when the individual would otherwise be cold.
  • Pale Skin: Frequent meth use can decrease the blood flow in the body. This is why pale skin often results.
  • Eye Changes: People who are addicted to meth will develop significant eye changes. They may have red and watery eyes. At times, their eyes may appear bloodshot. They may also have dilated pupils that don't change, regardless of the light in the area.
  • Tremors Throughout the Body: Meth addiction can lead to frequent tremors in the body. This may be felt on the inside, but shakiness in the hands is an outward sign.
  • Open Sores: Open sores on the body are typical of those who use meth. This is because meth users frequently experience hallucinations. They think that there are bugs crawling under their skin. This leads to picking at these areas, which leads to sores.
  • Teeth Problems: Meth users will frequently smoke the drug to get high. This drug is incredibly toxic to the body. Rotting teeth are quite common. Also, the anxiety that meth can produce can result in grinding teeth. This results in extensive damage to them.

There can also be additional physical signs of meth addiction as well. Headaches, nausea and vomiting and dry mouth are very common.

The Psychological Signs of a Meth Addiction

Sometimes the psychological effects of meth addiction are easier to see than the physical effects. This is especially true when someone has only recently become addicted to meth.

In many ways, the psychological effects of the drug can be even more alarming. If you or a loved one is addicted to meth, you may notice:

  • An increase in your physical activity. This is because meth use can cause you to become hyperactive. You may not be able to keep yourself from moving around.
  • Bouts of insomnia. This happens because meth is a stimulant. Stimulants often make it difficult for people to sleep well at night. Some people will even use meth purposely at night so that they don't sleep. Their goal is to continue to experience the euphoria.
  • Unpredictable behaviors. These can be anything from driving a car recklessly to taking sexual risks with unknown partners. Unpredictable behaviors can be so dangerous. They can lead to diseases, injuries, and even death.
  • Violent behaviors. People who are addicted to meth can quickly become violent. They often don't even need to be provoked first.
  • Symptoms of anxiety. Crystal meth is a drug that can produce anxious thoughts and feelings. This is particularly alarming for those who already struggle with anxiety.
  • Symptoms of depression. While it might seem contradictory, it is possible to become depressed as a meth addict. It happens more often than you might think.

Dangerous Complications That Can Accompany Meth Addiction

For those who continue to use meth for a long period of time, they put themselves at great risk. This is a drug that is very toxic to the body. As a result, serious medical consequences can result with prolonged use of it. In fact, depending on a person's medical history, long-term use may not even be necessary.

The following are all medical issues that can occur for those who are addicted to meth. They include:

  • Seizures: In someone who is addicted to crystal meth, seizures can develop over time. These are particularly distressing for someone who has epilepsy. However, it is possible to develop seizures without a prior epilepsy diagnosis.
  • Respiratory Distress: Continued use of crystal meth can lead to respiratory distress. This often occurs most often in those who smoke the drug. Respiratory distress can lead to an obstructed airway. If it is not treated quickly enough, it's possible for the person to suffocate.
  • Heart Attack: Meth puts a lot of stress on the heart. It raises blood pressure, and can easily lead to a heart attack.
  • Infections in the Body: For those who are addicted to meth, they frequently will share needles with one another. Sharing needles leads to infections; some of which can be fatal. HIV and other infections are often transmitted this way. Also, because of the open sores on the body, skin infections can result as well.
  • Weight Loss and Malnutrition: Meth addicts often experience rapid weight loss. They don't usually get the nutrition they need, which causes them to lose weight quickly. This weight loss is usually quickly noticed by others.

Help! My Loved One is a Crystal Meth Addict!

Suspecting that a loved one is addicted to crystal meth is one of the most devastating experiences. Sadly, so many families experience this every year. Most of them feel powerless to do anything about it.

It's possible that this is an experience that you've recently had. In fact, you're reading this to find out if your suspicions were true. You're devastated, and now you don't know what to do with this new knowledge.

Your first step should always be to have a conversation with your loved one about the problem. You should try to talk with him or her when no drugs have been used. It's important to talk with your family member when they're not high. You should be prepared for an argument, but try not to get angry in return. Try to remember that the response you're getting is because there is an addiction present. That addiction needs meth rehab and support from family to accomplish recovery.

It's possible that there's nothing you can do or say that will change your loved one's mind about using. Meth addicts are often very set in their ways. They enjoy their drug addiction, and often don't see a need to change anything.

If this is the situation you encounter, there is something else you can do. First, you should start attending Al-Anon meetings. This will allow you to have the support you need during this time. Al-Anon is an organization that is dedicated to supporting families of drug addicts.

Secondly, you should schedule an intervention. This professional meeting will give you the opportunity to have your thoughts and concerns heard. Your loved one will attend the meeting, as will other friends and family members. These meetings are very powerful and moving. Oftentimes, addicts don't realize how many people care about them and their addictions. They frequently end up agreeing to get the help they need.

Meth Rehab is Available for Those Who Need it

Crystal meth is a drug that can quickly take over your life. You may have tried it simply out of curiosity. However, before you knew it, you found that you were addicted. It became something that you felt you had to have. Without it, you didn't feel like yourself. It became something you enjoyed as often as you could.

If you have a crystal meth addiction, going to a crystal meth rehab is so important. By doing so, you can experience the recovery you long to experience. It might seem scary to you right now to ask for help. It feels much safer for you to just continue on with your use of this drug. Please know that there have been so many others in your shoes before.

At Northpoint Recovery, we'd love the chance to talk with you about your meth addiction. By talking with us, we can inform you about your options for treatment. If there are any questions in your mind about whether or not you have an addiction, we can answer them. Our goal is to offer you as much help as we possibly can. We want you to recover from your addiction safely.

Do you fit the profile for meth addiction? Are you searching for more information about how you can recover from it? If so, please contact us so that we can help you.