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Sober Bars – The Newest Trend That We Are Crazy About

Sober Bars – The Newest Trend That We Are Crazy About

If you think that the phrase “sober bars” sounds like a place that exists only in a fictional TV show (This Is Us, perhaps?), it’s time to discover the hot new trend for those seeking things to do other than drink on weekends.

Sober Things To Do At Night

Sitting at home with a can of diet soda and your cat is one way to celebrate a sober lifestyle. But if you’re looking for something more than a purring pet and diet drink when it comes to your nightlife, consider hunting for sober bars near you. Non-alcoholic nightclubs and other places to protect your sobriety are becoming increasingly frequent. With more celebrities opening up about their past problems with booze, such as Brad Pitt, visiting dry alcohol free bars has become a popular option.

Non-Alcoholic Nightclubs And Dry Bars: Solo Or With Friends?

For those in recovery, an alcohol free nightclub or dry bar can provide a fun, relaxing way to spend an evening. Go alone, grab a friend, or invite someone special on one or more fun sober dates. Learning how to live and enjoy life in the real world without alcohol is an important part of recovery. For that reason, finding alcohol free night clubs, sober dance clubs, and other things to do besides drinking on weekends can be extremely helpful.

Smart Party Ideas

When you’re a kid, it’s not a party without cake, ice cream, and balloons. But as an adult, throwing a party tends to involve alcoholic beverages. That’s where the hot new trend focusing on sober ways to have fun comes into play. Consider inviting your friends to join you at no alcohol night clubs, for example, or sober dance clubs. And if there are no sober events near you, become a visionary and lead the way by planning a fun, sober party at your home.×400.jpg

Make Memories With Mocktails

It’s just sober bars that have become a hot new trend. Mocktails have as well! Whether you’re at home or a no-alcohol place such as a night club, bar, or dance club, these tasty drinks can provide a treasure chest of flavors. And in contrast to the unpleasant aftermath of alcohol, there’s no hangover or “what did I say” regrets the next day. One mega-company, Ocean Spray recently noticed that more individuals are choosing to give up alcohol for their health. The company hopped on the sobriety bandwagon by creating juice blends based on popular cocktail drinks, including:

  • cranberry peach bellini
  • cranberry sangria
  • tropical citrus paradise

Booze-Free Drinks Soar In Popularity

For those who are still feeling dubious about the flavor of non-alcoholic cocktails and other drinks with the booze buzz, Shape magazine recently pointed out that from Southern California to New York, the entire nation is embracing the concept, particularly “the health-conscious crowd.” A group that invests in entrepreneurs who focus on various alcoholic beverages, Distill Ventures, described the alcohol free beverage category “the most exciting trend in the drinks industry.” Consequently, nonalcoholic drink options have gone from simple (a splash of cranberry juice in a cup of fizzy water) to exotic (high quality spices, teas, cream of coconut, and other taste-tempting brews). “Just like a good cocktail, you need to create a drink that will enliven the senses,” pointed out Michael Bell, the director of food and beverage at Jack Dusty at The Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota in Sarasota, FL. The mocktail menu there has a title that says it all: “Politely Abstain.”

Pride In Seeking Sober Bars And Beers

For years, it’s been trendy to go for quality beers. Now, however, with the alcohol free drink category growing, there are non-alcoholic craft beers available. And whether it’s a mocktail or a beer without the alcohol, as people leave their 20s, they often turn to non-alcoholic drinks for their health and to forego that day-after hangover. The bottom line: For nightclubs, bars, and the customers themselves, the new trend is to offer non-alcoholic beverages as alternatives.

What’s A Sober Bar Like?

But even as more places serve up alcohol free options, there are bars, nightclubs, and dance clubs cropping up that serve up only non-alcoholic drinks. If you’re thinking that sober environments are like libraries, full of silent individuals who don’t talk to each other, it’s time to look inside a thriving sober bar in the real world. Step into The Other Side, located in Crystal Lake, Illinois. At this sober bar, recovering addicts enjoy socializing without stressing about temptation in the form of alcohol. Functioning under the auspices of a non-profit, The Other Side provides a safe space to form new and healthy bonds. And except for the absence of alcohol, it’s just like any other bar. You can hang out with old and new friends play pool or darts, or enjoy music. The Other Side also features occasional special events such as film nights.

Safe Environments

One of the key recommendations for those in recovery: Change your lifestyle. That may mean giving up friends whose lives focused around drinking in bars or going to alcohol-focused activities such as wine-tasting parties. By finding a sober bar or nightclub near you, you can achieve that goal. Can’t find a sober dance club, nightclub or bar? Consider the possibility of volunteering to work with others to start one on your own. Perhaps a local church that houses 12-step meetings might even be willing to sponsor a monthly sober dance or alcohol free coffee evening.

For Family Members And Loved Ones Of Alcoholics

No alcohol night clubs and bars also can provide a way for family members and other loved ones of addicts to enjoy an evening and provide support. Sober dance clubs, for example, can offer a place where both you and the addict in your life can enjoy an evening without the stress of having alcohol nearby. What does it mean to provide support to an addict or alcoholic? It means listening and providing consistency. If you and your family member or close friend have talked about an alcohol addiction during the week, going to no alcohol night clubs provides a way to stay consistent in your support. Research plays an important role in helping your family member or other loved one recover. That means looking for ways to enjoy fun, sober dates together and making a list of things to do other than drink together on weekends. And don’t forget about the on-going popularity of coffee bars. Whether you treat your loved one to an extra-large cappuccino or share a foamy latte, heading to the nearest java café can provide a safe space to talk as well.

Sober Bars And Guilt-Free Clubbing

Sober dance clubs have become so popular that NBC News called them the “hot new party trend.” Daybreaker, for example, is part of the “sober clubbing” movement, offering sober events in major cities ranging from Los Angeles to London To Washington, D.C. For those trying to get sober who feel guilty about going to a bar or club, Daybreaker co-founder Matthew Brimer explained the guilt-free premise. “We want to take out all the bad stuff associated with clubbing: the drinking and self-destructive behavior and mean bouncers, and just bring people together,” shared Brimer. “There’s no guilt whatsoever here.”

Appeal Of Fun, Sober Dates For All Ages

The sold-out no alcohol events attract all ages, from mid-20s to middle-aged. And there’s one element that might surprise you about Daybreaker and similar events, however. In contrast to the traditional no alcohol night clubs that offer things to do other than drink on the weekends, places such as Daybreaker take place early in the morning. “The vast majority of the people here are going to work after this,” said Brimer. The appeal of these parties that provide a contrast to the traditional search for sober things to do at night includes:

  • Everyone is sober.
  • No worry about getting shoved, or having drinks spilled on you.
  • People are focused on fun and friendships.
  • Without alcohol to use as the standard icebreaker, it’s an opportunity to learn to socialize in an environment where everyone is equal.×330.jpg

Sober Living

When you’re feeling good, it’s sometimes challenging to remember the risks involved in drinking. But as an alcohol addict, it’s essential to stay focused on the fact that there is no cure. Consequently, to avoid relapsing back into your addiction, finding ways to support your new sober lifestyle can range from 12-step programs to counseling. And just as these resources play an important role in protecting your sobriety, sober events can help. Whether you opt for finding and going regularly to no alcohol night clubs or like to bust a move at sober dance clubs, making a list of things to do other than drink on weekends can help you hold onto your recovery.

One Day At A Time

Initially, returning to your regular life after halting drinking alcohol can seem overwhelming. You’ve got the same responsibilities. But now, it’s time to learn to manage those responsibilities without booze and to celebrate the gifts of recovery. And while it might seem that you have less support than you did at the treatment center, learning to find new forms of support is part of your recovery. Many tools are available to help you stay sober. And thanks to the new trend in alcohol-free spaces such as sober bars, creating a new social life can become one of those tools.

Sober Things To Do To Protect Your No-Alcohol Life

Adding fun to your life can help your sobriety. Seek a variety of sober things to do at night and on the weekends, such as:

  • sober events such as daytime alcohol free parties
  • sober date ideas such as no-alcohol dance clubs and nightclubs
  • visiting a coffee bar and getting a safe lift from alcohol free caffeine beverages.

What To Remember

Sobriety is a precious gift. Friends and family members who support your recovery can play a key role in holding onto your sobriety. By exploring options for your social life such as sober bars and alcohol free nightclubs, you can help yourself to build a new support group for a lifetime.