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Northpoint Recovery Joins Lyra Health’s Specialized Network

northpoint recovery and Lyra health

Northpoint Recovery is proud to announce it has joined Lyra Health’s specialized network of leading facility partners and workforce mental health providers, as part of LyraComplexCare.

Northpoint was tapped for its evidence-based clinical excellence and potential to provide higher levels of care to Lyra Health members on their journey to lasting addiction and mental health recovery.

“We were so impressed with Lyra’s evidence-based clinical excellence and their integrative approach to treating each member that a partnership was an easy next step for us,” said Krista Gilbert, Ph.D., CEO of Northpoint Recovery. “We are truly thrilled to be partnering with Lyra as one of their specialized providers focused on treating the complex mental health needs of adults and adolescents across the country.”

Joining the likes of such existing Lyra Health partners as Mount Sinai Health System and the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, Northpoint Recovery was tapped for its evidence-based clinical excellence and ability to provide higher levels of care to Lyra Health members on their journey to lasting addiction and mental health recovery.

“Our multi-state partnership with Lyra Health enables us to further our mission of saving lives and restoring relationships,” said Kristin Wolfe, Vice President of Business Development at Northpoint Recovery. “As a preferred provider, Northpoint will ensure access to life-saving behavioral healthcare for Lyra Health participants.”

About Lyra Health

Lyra Health is the leading provider of workforce mental health benefits, available to more than 17 million people globally. The Burlingame, Calif.-based company is transforming access to life-changing mental health treatment using AI-powered provider matching, personalized support, and a digital platform to deliver evidenced-based support for individuals and teams.

Lyra quickly connects members to the largest dedicated global network of evidenced-based mental health providers and well-being tools to address every mental health need and deliver positive outcomes across race and ethnicity.

About Northpoint Recovery

Northpoint Recovery is a patient-focused behavioral healthcare treatment platform treating adults with substance use disorder and alcohol use disorder, along with most co-occurring mental health conditions. Since its founding in 2009, Northpoint Recovery has grown from two facilities to 15 today, with plans to expand in existing and new markets.

Northpoint Recovery serves clients with commercial health insurance and is an in-network model. Our organizational values include humility, heart, inspiration, and conviction.

Get Help with Northpoint Recovery Today

Want to know more about how our compassionate, individualized addiction and mental health treatment? Want to know how we can help you or a loved one? Call Northpoint Recovery today at 208.741.6168 or contact us online. Our medical professionals understand the benefits of dual diagnosis treatment inside and out. Help us help you in your recovery journey today.