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3 Benefits of a Men’s Rehab Program

Two people experiencing the benefits of a men's rehab program near Boise in Idaho

Did you know that your sex and gender can affect your experiences with drugs and alcohol? They can also influence the best course of treatment for you if you develop a substance use disorder (SUD). Much of the foundation of the average co-ed recovery rehab was created with men in mind. Still, such a treatment center may not be your best option in practice. They typically lack the targeted focus of men’s rehab programs. This focus helps you get all the available benefits of modern treatment. Contact Northpoint Recovery online or call 888.296.8976 today to learn more about the benefits of our men’s rehab program in Boise, Idaho.

Benefits of a Men’s Rehab Program

For biological and social reasons, men may face hurdles in substance rehab that don’t impact women. The benefits of men’s healing help you overcome these obstacles and progress toward recovery. Key benefits typically available to you include:

  1. Awareness of the ways men tend to use alcohol and drugs
  2. Help in addressing the underlying issues that often motivate men’s substance use
  3. Creation of an environment that increases your comfort with the rehab process

By themselves and in combination, these advantages may contribute to improved rehab results.

Focusing on Men’s Issues

In biological terms, men are often less sensitive to the effects of substance use than women. However, this lack of sensitivity is offset by men’s level of involvement in drug and alcohol use. As a man, you will likely consume addictive substances more often than your female counterpart. You will also probably use higher total levels of those substances. These facts are reflected in the elevated addiction rates among men. They’re also reflected in the number of men with multiple substance problems.

One of the most essential men’s rehab program benefits is awareness of the ways men drink and use drugs. This awareness fosters rehab success by giving your treatment providers a frame of reference for your recovery needs.

Addressing Your Substance Use Motives

Men who drink or use drugs are often motivated by common conceptions of how a man should behave. These conceptions emphasize such things as:

  • Showing comradeship by drinking
  • Turning the use of drugs or alcohol into a test of manhood
  • Drinking to and beyond a state of drunkenness

In men’s rehab, you get help understanding these influences on your behavior. You also learn to decrease their impact on you as you achieve and maintain sobriety.

Having a Comfortable Recovery Environment

Concepts of manhood can also make it difficult for you to talk about your substance problems. Underlying reasons for this difficulty include:

  • Fears of seeming weak
  • Shame over the very act of asking for help
  • An unwillingness to speak openly in the presence of women

One of the great benefits of a men’s rehab program is a treatment setting that helps you feel comfortable. Instead of fearing to show vulnerability, you may soon find yourself opening up to your peers and your treatment team. When you do this, you start engaging in the treatment process.

Experience the Benefits of a Men’s Rehab Program at Northpoint Recovery

When you enroll in men’s rehab, you may well improve your odds of sobriety success. That’s true because a men’s program often provides more specialized benefits than a co-ed program. Along with personal customization, these benefits may enhance your treatment experience.

Have more questions about how a men’s program can help you? Reach out to the rehab professionals at Northpoint Recovery. Our team of addiction treatment specialists is happy to show you what a program created for men can do for you. Call us today at 888.296.8976 or complete our online form.