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Ritalin Addiction, Abuse and Treatment in Idaho

Idaho Detox and Rehab Centers for Treating Ritalin Abuse and Addiction

Ritalin addiction and abuse is very real, much to the surprise of most people in Idaho.

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This is a highly addictive drug, and one that often requires treatment before a person is able to stop. It is commonly prescribed to treat ADD/ADHD, and at one time, it was considered one of the most popular prescription stimulants. It can be very effective, but when it is abused, it becomes extremely dangerous.

Ritalin has been a very useful tool in the lives of many people. It works well for those who need it, but abusing it can happen easily. Sometimes people do not even realize they are abusing it. They may start to notice that their usual dose no longer works as well as it once did, so they take more. That is abuse, and sadly, it is often the very first step on the road to addiction.

Because Ritalin is a prescription medication, people tend to not take the warnings as seriously as they should. Many view the drug as safe because they cannot imagine their doctor prescribing anything to them that might be dangerous. We want people to be made aware of the risks involved with abusing Ritalin, as well as where to find treatment in Idaho.

What is Ritalin?

Ritalin is a prescription stimulant that is most often prescribed to treat ADD and ADHD. But there are some doctors who use it to treat other conditions as well, such as narcolepsy. As we mentioned previously, it can be very effective when it is used as directed. But when it is abused in any way, it can quickly become both addictive and dangerous.

Ritalin may be sold under a number of different names, such as:

  • Methylphenidate (generic)
  • Concerta
  • Metadate
  • Methylin
  • Aptensio

using ritalin

The Dangers of Ritalin Addiction and Ritalin Abuse

Ritalin abuse occurs from the moment it’s taken in ways other than it was prescribed. Many people will turn to buying it on the street when their prescriptions run out early, and they’re not able to get refills. It can be found under various street names, including:

  • Kiddie Cocaine
  • Vitamin R
  • Skittles
  • Diet Coke
  • Smarties

The drug itself is quite effective when it’s being taken as prescribed, but it’s quite easy to build up a tolerance to it, or even just to decide you want to maximize its effects. Ritalin is considered to be a gateway drug, which means that when it’s no longer as effective as it was in the beginning, people will often turn to other drug options to get the results they’re looking for. For most people, their new drug of choice ends up being cocaine because the high is similar to what’s experienced with higher doses of Ritalin.

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Ritalin Withdrawal Symptoms

Stopping any type of prescription drug abruptly is never recommended when you want to heal from an addiction, and the same is true for Ritalin. Doing so will most likely lead to some devastating and even potentially dangerous Ritalin withdrawal symptoms, and these can be lessened or even avoided altogether by tapering off the drug and then going through drug detox afterwards. Some common Ritalin withdrawal symptoms might include:

  • Emotional issues and crashes
  • Symptoms of depression
  • Abrupt mood swings
  • An increase in anxiety
  • An increase in your appetite

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Understanding Ritalin Addiction Symptoms and Behaviors

Because Ritalin is a prescription medication, you might not realize you’re addicted to it until it’s too late. This is fairly common with all prescription drugs because they’re not seen as problematic, despite the warning labels that are clearly marked on each one. Ritalin is viewed as being safe, but in higher doses, it’s anything but.

If you’re not sure if you’re addicted to Ritalin, there are some Ritalin addiction behaviors and symptoms you can look for, and these include:

  • Trouble sleeping at night
  • An increase in your blood pressure
  • Stomach upset and nausea
  • Becoming increasingly irritable
  • Becoming paranoid
  • Experiencing panic attacks and anxiety

Whether you’re concerned about your own Ritalin abuse, or you’ve noticed even one of the above indicators in someone you love, it’s best to get professional help so that you can stop the use of this dangerous drug. Many of the best Ritalin rehab programs in the country are prepared to help with this type of addiction, and they can help you recover.

Why are Idaho College Students Using Ritalin as a Study Drug?

In recent years, and with the arrival of new prescription stimulants on the market, study drugs have risen in popularity. Ritalin is just one of the medications that many college students are using to help them prepare for exams. This has become quite the epidemic on college and university campuses all over the country, and it is common in Idaho.

But how does Ritalin fare as the magic smart drug people make it out to be? It works by increasing noradrenaline and dopamine activity in the prefrontal cortex of the brain. This is the part that is believed to be responsible for problem solving and concentration. This part of the brain also shapes a person’s personality and helps with impulse control.

Even though Ritalin has gained a reputation for being a study drug, there is little scientific evidence to show that it works that way. People who abuse it for this purpose often report that they have seen improvements in their grades and performance. They may be able to concentrate longer than they would without it. But research has also shown that it may decrease their ability to be creative and create fluent thoughts.

Ritalin or other prescription stimulants are very easy to obtain on college campuses. Many of the students who have prescriptions will only use them sparingly, and then they will sell the remainder of their monthly supply. College students have also been known to falsify the symptoms of ADHD in order to get their own prescriptions.

Ritalin Addiction Treatment in Idaho

It can be really difficult to recover from a Ritalin addiction on one’s own. This drug has a way of quickly taking over a person’s life, which is why professional treatment is always recommended.

In order for treatment to work, it should include both detox and rehab. This ensures that the physical and psychological aspects of the addiction are both being addressed.

Drug detox offers people the opportunity to heal from the physical side of the addiction. This form of treatment specifically targets withdrawal symptoms, which can be severe with a drug like Ritalin.

The first step may be to wean the person off the drug slowly as a way to minimize withdrawal. Once that is complete, the patient may be started on different medications to help with specific symptoms. This is a process that usually takes between seven and ten days.

After detoxing, drug rehab is the next step in recovery. During rehabilitation, the patient participates in various types of therapy and counseling. They work with a therapist, have group sessions and may participate in family therapy. Any co-occurring disorders they may be diagnosed with will also be treated during rehab.

Your Idaho Drug Treatment Program at Northpoint Recovery

Northpoint Recovery offers a 28-day drug rehab program that includes detoxification services. This makes getting treatment very convenient for our patients. We are located in Boise, Idaho and we are an inpatient rehabilitation center.

We know that our patients all come to us with their own needs during recovery. We carefully assess them individually before building a treatment plan that will address their unique needs. We offer dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring disorders, treatment for cross-addictions and much more.

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At Northpoint Recovery, our staff members are experienced with helping people recover from Ritalin addiction. They know how challenging it can be, and we only use methods that have been proven to be effective. Our success rates are higher than average because of the way we invest in our patients. We want nothing more than for them to be successful.

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