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Gasoline Abuse and How Gasoline Addiction Treatment Can Help With Recovery

When you think of drug abuse, or even drug addiction, your mind probably goes to several different illegal drugs.

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You may even think of alcohol if you know someone with a history of that type of addiction. However, gasoline is probably once substance that doesn’t cross your mind. It surprises most people to learn that a gasoline abuse and addiction is possible, but this is one type of abuse that has been rising in popularity.

Gasoline is a part of the Inhalant category of substances, and these everyday substances are starting to be reported more and more for their addictive qualities. These chemicals are all easy to obtain, and readily accessible to most people, even older children and teenagers. Of course, this is the group of people who are more likely to abuse them.

Perhaps you or one of your children has been abusing gasoline, and you need to know more about the dangerous that are involved. It’s important for you to also know that gasoline addiction treatment centers are a critical part of the recovery process.

Gasoline Addiction Information

Gasoline Abuse: Why Gasoline Addiction Treatment Centers?

Gasoline comes from refined oil that has more than five hundred different, dangerous chemicals. Some of these include glycol, ethanol, methanol and ethylene. Gasoline abuse occurs when it is sniffed or huffed, and this is achieved by directly smelling it, soaking a rag in gasoline to inhale, or sniffing the fumes from a bag. Once the high hits, it can last for quite a few hours. The high that results happens in just a few minutes, and people say that it makes them feel like they’re drunk.

Some of the best gasoline rehab programs in the country offer services to address the addictive nature of gasoline because it is very difficult to stop once you start.

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Gasoline Addiction Symptoms and Gasoline Addiction Behaviors

There is a very fine line between gasoline abuse and gasoline addiction, and the addictive nature of this substance can kick in very quickly. If you’re a parent, and you’re trying to learn whether or not your child might be using gasoline, there are some gasoline addiction symptoms you can look for, and these may include:

  • Frequent hallucinations
  • Burns because of gasoline exposure
  • Frequent bouts of vomiting
  • Weakness in the muscles
  • Feelings of drowsiness

In addition, your child may exhibit some gasoline addiction behaviors, including becoming withdrawn from their family or friends, and agitation when they haven’t used in a while.

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Is There Gasoline Withdrawal When You Quit?

Even though gasoline is a common, everyday substance, it still has a high potential for addiction. Like other drugs, when you stop using it, you’re likely to develop gasoline withdrawal symptoms, and these can include:

  • Sudden and severe mood swings
  • Brain fog
  • Sleep disturbances and insomnia
  • Symptoms of anxiety
  • Symptoms of depression

Gasoline may seem to be less dangerous because it’s not illegal, but that is not the case at all. In fact, in many ways, that’s precisely what makes it so much more dangerous. Just one use of gasoline can lead to a heart attack, and so the risks are quite great.

If you’ve been using gasoline, it may be necessary for you to go through drug detox in order to minimize your withdrawal symptoms. This is done at a gasoline addiction treatment center.

Choosing the Top Gasoline Rehab Centers

Whether you or someone you love has been struggling with an addiction to gasoline, the fact that you need to get help for this addiction cannot be ignored. Here at Northpoint Recovery, we provide our patients with the best gasoline rehab services in the Pacific Northwest, and our methods for addiction treatment have been shown to be very helpful in assisting people to stop using gasoline.

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