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Drug Abuse on “Southern Charm” is Not So Charming

Drug Abuse on “Southern Charm” is Not So Charming

Custody battles tear through the lives of everyone involved. Faced with the potential loss of rights to see their children, parents clamor and claw at one another behind the protection of suited-up lawyers. The flaws of a spouse magnify as the case progresses, driving the existing wedge still deeper between them. The true victims in custody battles, though, are the children. Though some are too young to comprehend the events, others are old enough to understand. Divorce, custody battles, and the legal proceedings involved in each drag children through messes they never created. Custody battles are never easy, regardless of social status. If you are in one yourself you understand. But can you imagine managing a parental custody case while in the public spotlight? 26% of everyday couples who got married between the years 2000 and 2010 divorced by 2014. 50% of celebrity couples measured over the same period of time got a divorce. In many cases, children are involved in these situations. Custody battles run rampant during divorce proceedings. It is difficult for a child in any regular, everyday family to handle the split of their parents. When you have cameras following you everywhere you go, there is no escaping from the situation. This is the reality for reality TV stars Thomas Ravenel, 54, and Kathryn Dennis, 25, both on the hit Bravo TV show “Southern Charm.”

Drug abuse destroys yet another celebrity marriage

Thomas recently renewed his efforts to gain sole custody of his and Kathryn’s two children, Kensie, 3, and Saint, 1. Court documents obtained by show that, since last November, Kathryn has avoided her required drug and alcohol tests. She also failed to appear in court in December and recently lost a case requesting to exempt her physical and mental health records from the courtroom for the custody battle with Thomas. Both Thomas and Kathryn have histories of drug use and potential abuse. Clearly it is a family problem. In 2005, Thomas was charged with distribution of cocaine after purchasing almost 500 grams to share with friends. At the time he was the Treasurer of South Carolina and worked closely with Rudy Guiliani’s presidential campaign. He attended a court-ordered rehabilitation program in 2007. His past appears to be coming back to haunt him, though, as Kathryn now struggles with her own substance abuse problems. DailyMail reports she checked into a drug and alcohol rehab in June of 2016 after failing a drug test. The test returned results of marijuana, crack and/or cocaine, methadone, and amphetamines coursing through her body. It’s a dangerous combination for anyone, but for a mother of two clearly something needs to be addressed. Thomas insists Kathryn is still using, insisting that “she knows she’ll fail” the drug tests. Despite her claims of experiencing a “metamorphosis” after attending rehab last June, Kathryn’s behavior of avoiding her court orders seemed to show otherwise. In the custody battle statements, the now estranged couple’s nanny claims Kathryn placed her social life ahead of taking care of her children. She frequently came home in the early hours of the morning and slept until the late afternoon, Nanny Deidre Politelli explained. Drug abuse destroys marriage

The impact of reality TV on Kathryn’s parenting and drug use

In an alarming statement, Deidre insisted, “Kathryn appeared not to know the difference between her reality and TV reality.” The constant presence of television cameras and film crews would be overwhelming for anyone. If you’re struggling with mental illness and substance abuse problems, though, it only compounds the problem. “This led [Kathryn] to constant panic attacks, personal attacks, and creating things in her mind that did not happen.” Starring on a reality TV show likely influences Kathryn’s drug use. When she finally escapes the camera crews, the paparazzi crowd, in with flashing lights, invading any semblance of privacy. If drugs provide everyday addicts an opportunity to escape, that escape must be a welcome relief for a reality TV star. But when there are children involved, the craving to escape isn’t so easily understood. Anyone who hasn’t experienced addiction likely stares on in shocked confusion, perplexed why a mother could carelessly disregard her children in favor of a fogged reality. If you’re an addict, though, you know where she is coming from. And with the added pressure of the spotlight, any addict would understand Kathryn’s continued escape from reality.

Does Thomas tell the whole story, the truth about Kathryn?

A recent article from describes the situation in a different light. They offer the explanation that these reality TV shows are filmed months in advance, painting an inaccurate picture of the lives of the characters in the present day. Though Kathryn was seen skipping social activities on the show, she received the opportunity to clarify. After attending rehab last June, Kathryn insists she remained clean. As for why she missed the party, Kathryn explained she did so to protect her sobriety. Since most parties on reality TV rely upon the ever-constant flow of alcohol, she made the decision to protect her clean time. Will we ever know the full story, the reality of the situation between Thomas and Kathryn? Reality television claims to be true but merely offers an alternate reality, a stage play acted out for the entertainment of the masses. If Kathryn is really struggling with drug abuse, though, then she needs real professional help. And to escape, clean and sober, from the claws of Bravo TV.