Alcohol Addiction

I Got a DUI in Idaho – Now What?

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“…we want to remind anyone who might think about getting behind the wheel after drinking that real lives are at stake, and that it is just not worth the risk of killing someone else or yourself.” ~Idaho State Police Sgt. Rich Adamson If you have been arrested and charged with a DUI in the State of Idaho, the bad news is you are not alone. According to a report published in the USA Today, Idaho is the third-most dangerous state in America for drunken driving. Idaho also ranked #5 in the nation for the [...]

Diane Schuler’s Hidden Life: When Functional Addiction Turns to Tragedy

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What comes to mind when you hear the world ‘alcohol’? More likely than not, a specific stereotype enters your mind’s eye: an office worker who adds whiskey to their coffee in the morning, a parent who drinks a twelve pack of beer every night, a college student who comes to class drunk at least a couple times each week. But what about a successful media executive and devoted mother? This is how Diane Schuler’s life and death shows that functional addiction can quickly turn into a tragedy. Alcoholism Does Not Always Look the Same This [...]

How Dry January Can Jump-Start Your Recovery

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Whenever the start of the year comes around, about 40% of Americans will make New Year’s resolutions. They take this time as an opportunity to reflect upon themselves and their lives. They find out what they’re lacking, and resolve to make changes that will benefit their lives. About 45% of those who make New Year’s resolutions want to either lose weight or get in shape. 16% want to quit smoking, and 53% want to save money. You can lose weight, become healthier and save money if you participate in Dry January. In fact, Dry [...]

Alcohol Withdrawal – What Is Delirium Tremens and Is It Dangerous?

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Alcohol withdrawal occurs when someone who’s dependent on alcohol stops and experiences side effects. There are a variety of symptoms and side effects that range in severity. The most dangerous of these side effects are delirium tremens. This symptom of alcoholism is a result of heavy drinking for a long period of time. It is why someone should get professional detox when they abstain from alcohol. Recovering from alcohol addiction should always be managed properly to avoid the risk factors. While there are addictions that come with their challenges, recovery from drinking is a [...]

Alcoholic Neuropathy: The Hidden Alcoholism Effect That Can Last a Lifetime

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Alcoholic Neuropathy: The Hidden Alcoholism Effect That Can Last a Lifetime We’ve all heard the devastating effects of alcohol dependence on the body and the mind. Cirrhosis of the liver, pancreatitis, mouth and throat cancers, hepatitis – these are just some of this disorder’s risks. One of the lesser–known effects, however, is alcoholic neuropathy, a damaging of the nerve cells that can cause pain, burning sensations, numbness, and a variety of other problems as well. And these can be permanent. And as with most diseases, spotting the signs early is absolutely key to mitigating its harmful effects. So, before you have another drink, you may [...]

Anthony Hopkins: From Alcoholism to Knighthood

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Did you know that Sir Anthony Hopkins is in recovery from alcoholism? While today, the Academy Award-winning actor is known for such iconic roles as Dr. Hannibal Lecter, President Richard Nixon, Methuselah, and Odin, among others, there was a time when his fondness for drink threatened the career that he was building. But in an industry infamous for permissiveness and enabling, Hopkins overcame his addiction to alcohol and has been able to successfully maintain his sobriety for more than 40 years. Let’s take a closer look at the inspiring story of a man who [...]

Combining Cocaine and Alcohol and the Dangers of Cocaethylene

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Cocaethylene is a rare production that occurs within your body. Using alcohol and cocaine simultaneously causes a third drug to form. Your liver is responsible for detoxifying your body. Substances you abuse like cocaine and alcohol will pass through your blood and into your liver. When alcohol and cocaine meet in your liver at the same time, cocaethylene may be produced. Combining Cocaine and Alcohol and the Dangers of Cocaethylene The production of cocaethylene is the only known example where your body creates a third drug when cocaine and alcohol are combined. The euphoric [...]

Alcohol Withdrawal Management: How Clinical Guidelines Should Be Improved

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Alcohol withdrawal is a serious condition. Someone who abuses alcohol habitually can experience tremors, insomnia and even seizures when attempting to ween themselves off booze. Unlike other forms of drug withdrawal, it can be potentially deadly if not treated properly. This past summer, the American Society of Addiction Medicine announced that they would be working toward the improvement of alcohol withdrawal management. Many doctors find the common protocols for treating patients to be inadequate. “There is a current lack of guidance,’ says Dr. Kelly Clark, President of the ASAM, “that has led to inadequate [...]

Alcohol’s Effects on Hormones

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Hormones help regulate bodily functions and keep everything running smoothly in your system. How does alcohol use impact your body’s hormonal systems? Many Americans come home to relax at the end of a long day with a glass of wine or bottle of beer. As with everything, moderation is always key. Studies have shown various effects alcohol has on health when taken in small quantities. When it comes to your hormones, though, even moderate alcohol intake has an effect. What is moderate consumption in terms of impact on your hormones? What role does alcohol [...]

A Review: The Stages of Alcoholism and Alcoholic Subtypes

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       The four stages of alcoholism and the five alcoholic subtypes are scientific definitions that are proven to be true. The stages describe the way that alcoholism progresses in an individual, and the subtypes give a kind of bird’s eye view of different categories of alcoholics. In this article, we will cover both topics, as well as some of the cultural myths and stereotypes surrounding the reality of alcoholism. The Four Stages of Alcoholism        When we think of alcoholism, the picture that springs to mind is often the ailing [...]