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Sleep Aid Rehab and Treatment Information

Sleep Aid RehabSleep aid rehab programs are necessary for those addicted to prescription sleeping medications. The right kind of treatment can help break those active addictions and begin recovery. If you are addicted to sleeping pills, you may or may not realize it. However, it is essential to know the signs of addiction and whether you need sleep aid rehab.

At Northpoint Idaho, we understand that it is possible to become addicted to sleep medications unintentionally. With the right kind of help from our sleep aid rehab in Boise, Idaho, you can quit. Do you have more questions about sleep aid rehab and treatment? We are happy to answer any questions you have.

The Need for Sleep Aid Rehab and Treatment

Many prescribed sleeping medications can lead to addictions since many people do not realize that these drugs are highly addictive. They are also not meant to be taken for an extended period. Experts say that you should only take sleep aids for about a week. After that, a more natural sleeping option should be encouraged.

Still, doctors will frequently prescribe sleeping aids for longer than they should. Some of the more common ones that can lead to addiction include:

  • Ambien or Ambien CR (Zolpidem)
  • Lunesta (Eszopiclone)
  • Restoril (Temazepam)
  • Rozerem (Ramelteon)
  • Sonata (Zaleplon)

Other medications can be prescribed for sleep or other medical or mental health conditions. These are highly addictive as well. They include Ativan (Lorazepam), Klonopin (clonazepam), and Halcion (Triazolam).

How Does Sleep Aid Rehab Work?

It makes sense to know what to expect when you get treatment for sleep aid addiction. You may wish to enter an inpatient treatment center. However, everyone is different about what type of treatment is best for them. If inpatient care is recommended for you, you will plan for the day you start.

When you arrive, you will be assessed by intake and medical staff. Afterward, you will be shown to your room, and your treatment for sleep aid addiction will begin. This usually means starting the detox process.

After detox, you will begin therapy to address the psychological part of your addiction. Your therapist will help you understand what led to your dependence on sleeping medications. They will also work with you to develop ways to cope without them. This might mean a few different things, such as:

  • Finding sleep aids that are natural and non-addictive
  • Learning how to cope with stress
  • Addressing anxiety or panic disorders that may be contributing to your sleeping problem
  • Working on your relationships with your family members
  • Addressing your need to recover from any other addictions you may have

Individual therapy sessions will only be one component of your treatment. You will also have group therapy and participate in other forms of treatment.

Treatment Options for Sleep Aid Addiction

There are several different sleep aid rehab programs available for your recovery. 

Outpatient Options

Outpatient treatment is not recommended for everyone. Most people find that traditional outpatient care is excellent for follow-up treatment. However, you may be someone who would benefit from an intensive outpatient treatment program (IOP).

IOP programs usually involve going to a treatment facility for about 12 weeks. You can live at home, go to work, and continue with any of your other responsibilities. You will likely get treatment in the evenings for several hours at a time. Depending on the program and its requirements, you may be seen anywhere from three to five days per week.

Inpatient Options

Inpatient sleeping pill addiction treatment is what most people think of when they consider rehab. This involves a 30-day stay in a facility. During that time, you will participate in various types of therapy. 

Sometimes people need care for a more extended period. They may not have safe home environments to return to, or their addictions may be more involved. In that case, long-term rehab may be recommended. You can find inpatient treatment for Sleeping Pill addiction at Northpoint Recovery. 

Do You Need Detox for Sleep Aid Addiction?

You will most likely be participating in sleep aid detox. Sleeping meds are much different from other types of drugs. They require a specific method of detox. You need to go through this step, even if you do not think it is necessary.

Sleep aid detox will help you break the physical part of your addiction. It will guide you through the withdrawal process and help you recover successfully. People are more likely to have successful recoveries when they go through detox first.

Preparing for Sleep Aid Rehab and Treatment

Once you come to terms with sleep aid addiction, you need to know how to proceed. These are the steps that you should take to prepare for sleep aid rehab:

  • If you have not already, obtain your free addiction assessment. You can do this by following the link above. You need to talk with someone about what your needs are.
  • Find out about your insurance coverage. This is important because you want to be sure your treatment will be covered. If you desire, this can be done for you during your assessment.
  • Set a date to enter the sleep aid treatment facility. It should be sooner rather than later. You need to get the help you need right away. Prolonging it is only going to give you time to change your mind.
  • Arrange to get a ride to the sleeping pill rehab center. If you are going inpatient, you will want to plan to be there for 30 days.
  • Make sure your friends and family know about your decision to get help.

After your treatment, inquire about ongoing programs such as alumni or aftercare programs that can help keep you on track in your recovery.

Northpoint Recovery: Sleep Aid Rehab in Boise, Idaho You Can Count On

At Northpoint Recovery, we are here to help you overcome your sleeping pill addiction. What you are going through may seem like a unique situation, but it is not all that uncommon. Sleeping medications are highly addictive, and many people suffer from this addiction. Our sleep aid program in Boise, Idaho, will help you end your dependence on sleep aids. Call us today at 888.296.8976 to help you make arrangements to get started with your recovery.