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When Is Family Therapy Needed?

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Substance abuse and addiction can have a wide range of contributing causes. And once these problems are present, various factors can help sustain them. For many people, a vital issue is the state of their family relationships. Unless you improve these relationships, you may find it harder to reach your recovery goals. This fact helps explain why a family therapy program is needed to support effective treatment. But how can family therapy help? Contact Northpoint Recovery online or call 888.296.8976 today to speak with someone from our knowledgeable team of experts about when family therapy can be necessary for recovery.

The Impact of the Past on Your Substance Abuse

The interpersonal dynamics of any family are complex. Certain factors in your family life may help you feel safe and strong during childhood or adolescence. However, others may leave you feeling insecure and unstable. An unsafe or dangerous home life is a known contributor to future substance use and substance problems. Specific issues that you may have dealt with in this kind of environment include:

  • Having at least one parent with untreated substance abuse or addiction
  • Dysfunctional communication styles
  • A lack of loving interactions or emotional support
  • Exposure to abuse or neglect

Such issues may or may not play a role in the onset of your particular problems with drugs or alcohol. However, if you’ve experienced any of them, you may need family therapy during rehab.

Knowing When Family Therapy Is Necessary

Ongoing conflicts within your family may also help determine when family therapy is needed. These conflicts can have various sources, including:

  • Serious issues from the past that never got resolved
  • The impact of your behavior while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Ingrained habits of poor communication

Whatever its roots, serious family conflict can destabilize you during your time in treatment. Unless you address it, it may reduce your overall chances of reaching your rehab goals.

How do you know when family therapy is needed? Family members often play central roles in the support networks of people in substance abuse treatment. When they’re strong, these networks can increase your chances of achieving and maintaining sobriety. Is your family actively supporting your recovery efforts? If not, you may need therapy to clear the air and help get them involved.

How Family Therapy Can Help in Addiction Treatment

Family therapy gets its value from its focus and its format. The immediate goal of the treatment is to help you achieve better results in substance recovery. Another crucial, overlapping goal is strengthening your family unit’s communication and emotional well-being.

The format of family therapy helps bring these objectives within reach. You go through the treatment with your family members. With your therapist’s help, you work on the issues that matter the most in your situation. Some of this work is done during sessions involving all your family’s participating members. You also do some work individually or complete tasks given to you by your therapist.

Reach Out to Northpoint Recovery to Find Family Therapy in Idaho

When is family therapy necessary? The answer to this question depends on the impact of family-related issues on your substance problems. If that impact is significant, you’re likely a good candidate for this treatment.

How do you know when family therapy is needed for your case? Get more information at Northpoint Recovery. With our guidance, you can better determine your need for this form of recovery support. Our knowledgeable team of addiction treatment experts can also explain more about how family therapy helps you recover. Call us today at 888.296.8976 or complete our online contact form.