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Are You Aware of these Drug Trends for 2015?

Are You Aware of these Drug Trends for 2015?

Drug trends come and go, but one thing is for sure. Sometimes they can be downright scary. The year 2015 is no different, and we’re seeing plenty of new drugs hit the streets, as well as a few classic favorites that seem to be making a big comeback among drug addicts. While all drug addicts have a serious problem that requires immediate treatment, not all drugs have the same effects. Many of them can result in serious side effects, or can lead to additional drug use or even death. If you’ve been wondering what the newest trends are when it comes to illegal drug use in the United States, this article will open your eyes to what’s happening this year.

Flakka (or alpha-PVP)

A dangerous synthetic drug has been making its rounds this year, and its use is rising even more in the last few months. Flakka, which is known as alpha-pyrrolidinopentiophenone (or alpha-PVP) is really gaining popularity, particularly in Florida. However, its use is growing in other areas of the country as well. You might have heard of it referred to as bath salts, and users experience an incredible, excited high very quickly. Flakka looks like a white or pink crystal-type substance and the odor is terrible. Users can take it in a variety of different ways, including snorting it, injecting it into a vein, eating it or vaporizing it with a device like an electronic cigarette. Vaporizing it tends to be the quickest way to get high because the drug enters the blood stream so quickly. The delirium that’s caused by Flakka can lead to violence, aggression, paranoia and self-injury. Several people have committed suicide while they were on the drug, and some have died from heart attacks. It is extremely dangerous, but it’s a trend that is sure to continue throughout the rest of this year.

Crack Cocaine

You might be tempted to think that with so many new drugs hitting the streets, some of the old “favorites” might take a back seat. That just isn’t the case. Crack cocaine is more popular now than ever before, and it’s clear that this drug wasn’t just a fad that came and went in the 90s. Cocaine is still regularly smuggled into the country, and most of that is made into crack cocaine before it becomes available for sale on the street. It causes a quick high and results in aggression and violence. Overdose is always possible, and every time someone uses it, that person is definitely taking his life in his hands. Of course, users develop a quick “need” for crack cocaine, and so addiction often occurs rapidly.

GBH (Liquid Ecstasy)

GBH, or Liquid Ecstasy as it’s often referred to, might be better known as the date rape drug. GBH works very well at inducing comas, and it’s a common drug on the party scene. This is a drug that’s quite dangerous on its own, but those dangers are multiplied when it’s mixed with alcohol. More than one person has died after being given GBH while drinking, and the effects of the drug work very quickly. It’s also normal for GBH users to foam at the mouth or experience serious burns on their mouths. The main thing that makes GBH so dangerous is the fact that it’s so difficult to decipher where the line is between getting high and knocking yourself out and potentially causing heart failure. This is a drug that carries an element of the unknown with it, which is possibly why young people find it so appealing.

Purple Drank

Purple drank is a beverage that has resulted in drug stores resorting to asking for IDs when someone purchases cough syrup. It’s actually a mixture of cough syrup and soda (usually Sprite or another clear beverage), and the combination is growing in popularity this year. The drink gets its name from the purple hue it’s given from the cough medicine. While people actually started creating and consuming this concoction as far back as the 1960’s, this year it’s making a big comeback. The drugs that are in this drink, when consumed in high amounts, can lead to cardiac arrest. However, because the ingredients are still fairly easy to get, it’s sure to continue to be a trend.


For a drug addict, it sounds like a dream to be able to stay up all night and continue feeling high. Yaba produces that effect very easily. This is a methamphetamine drug that was actually used in Nazi Germany to keep Hitler’s troops active on long marches. People who use Yaba experience a high that’s similar to what meth users experience, but with a kick that comes from the added heroin that’s included. People who use Yaba can stay up for days at a time, and they often have euphoric visions and hallucinations. Side effects include feeling like bugs are crawling under your skin, feeling suicidal, and insomnia. Yaba has lost a bit of its appeal in Europe, so it’s started to move to the U.S. As you can imagine, it might be attractive to college students who feel the need to stay up and study. Many of today’s drug trends are terrifying, and this article only scratches the surface of what’s happening among today’s youth and other addicts who are always looking for their next fix. Perhaps in reading about these trends, you recognize your own addiction. Or, maybe you have a loved one or a friend who is struggling with addiction and you want to know the best way to offer that person the help he or she needs. Fortunately, you don’t have to go far to find help for drug addiction. Here at Northpoint, we’ve worked with many people who were all facing different stages of addiction. Some dealt with addiction for years, while other had only just started down that dangerous path. Help is available for you too. Please contact us today to talk about setting up your consultation.