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9 Truths About Sobriety That Everyone Should Know

Person learning truths about sobriety that everyone should know

Many people who enroll in addiction treatment programs do so because they are at their own personal “rock bottom”—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Not everyone has to hit rock bottom before getting clean but making that admission of unmanageability is an excellent step toward the road to recovery from addiction. Contact Northpoint Recovery online or call 888.296.8976 to learn truths about sobriety that everyone should know.

1. Recovery from Addiction Isn’t Easy

Many people know this truth about sobriety, but hope won’t apply to them. Most individuals are aware of withdrawal symptoms. Additionally, many may also suffer from:

  • Alienation from old friends and family members
  • Poor self-esteem, shame, and guilt
  • Financial and legal difficulties
  • Lack of life infrastructure
  • Health problems caused by addiction

And when you add these problems together, it can make it hard to see through to the other end of the recovery tunnel.

2. Recovery Can Be Deadly Without the Right Help

What else do you need to know about sobriety? While alcohol, benzodiazepines, and opioids can have life-threatening withdrawals, most other drugs don’t. However, complications can arise. Here are some common complications and the life-threatening conditions they can cause:

  • Malnutrition – Seizures, shock, coma
  • Dehydration – Hypothermia, respiratory infections, convulsions
  • Heart palpitations – Heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure
  • Uncontrollable vomiting – Aspiration, pneumonia, choking, acute respiratory failure
  • Mental disturbances – Self-harm, harm to others, suicide

A professional program helps prevent these complications and treats them should they appear.

3. Recovery from Addiction Isn’t Quick

Maintaining sobriety involves daily behavioral changes and mental adjustments. Even after completing recovery programs, staying sober can be difficult. Post-acute withdrawal (PAWS) can prolong recovery, with symptoms lasting for weeks, months, or even years.

4. Recovery from Addiction Isn’t Magic

Many people enter addiction treatment centers expecting the professional staff to “fix” them. The best addiction rehab specialists only give their clients the tools and information they need. Since there’s no magic pill for addiction, relapse is always possible. The trick is to build a solid relapse prevention plan and stick with it.

5. Recovery from Addiction Doesn’t Fix the Rest of Your Life

Newly sober individuals commonly face various challenges, such as:

Quitting will improve the chances that these can be resolved successfully, but it will take effort above and beyond mere sobriety.

6. Not Everyone in Your Circle Will Understand Your Recovery from Addiction

Every person struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol has enablers in their life, whether it’s a spouse who shields them from consequences or a so-called “friend” who is their drinking or drugging partner. Sometimes, separating from friends who are still actively using may be necessary.

7. Recovery from Addiction Is a Sign of Strength

The first step is admitting one’s powerlessness over alcohol and drugs. Far too many people think that asking for help is a sign of weakness because they cannot overcome their addiction on their own. On the contrary, addiction is a disease, and no one overcomes the disease without help.

8. Recovery from Addiction Does Get Better

In the beginning, the road may seem unclear. The focus should be on recovery and reclaiming what was lost, including employment, relationships, life, and health. With successful ongoing recovery, everything that addiction took away can be regained or replaced—except the addiction itself.

9. The Best High Is Recovery from Addiction

One of the first things that addiction steals from a person is their ability to experience joy. Dopamine is responsible here. However, the body becomes reliant on drug-induced release, stopping its natural production. Consequently, activities such as eating, listening to music, exercising, or engaging in sex no longer bring the same pleasure. Through effective addiction treatment, individuals can heal and restore normalcy.

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