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7 Recovery Apps You Should Consider Downloading

7 Recovery Apps You Should Consider Downloading

One of the hardest things about recovering from a substance use disorder is maintaining motivation. An integral part of every successful recovery, staying motivated can come from regularly checking in with a support group, frequently engaging with a sponsor, channeling in to a higher power, or even being held accountable by a friend or loved one. And thanks to rapid technological advancement, the process of maintaining motivation during the addiction recovery process is becoming easier every day. Addiction recovery mobile apps, for example, let you take your most effective motivation tool with you wherever you go. Whether it’s a daily inspirational quote, chatting with a fellow addict, or even just a few kind words that keep you from using again, the apps below are sure to help keep you motivated – and keep you clean.

Inspirations: Meditations for People in Recovery

One of the best places to find daily recovery motivational quotes delivered right to you is with the Inspirations app. The simple design as well as the ability to search, bookmark, and share your favorite quotes makes this app one worth checking out Inspirations is free on both the ITunes App Store and Google Play

SoberTool & SoberTool Pro

More than just a sobriety counter, SoberTool calculates the money you’ve saved so far since kicking the habit. Plus, you also have access to a community forum, daily motivational messages, and a tool to help you combat the cravings that often lead to relapse. A great addition to any relapse prevention plan! SoberTool is free on both the ITunes App Store and Google Play while the Pro version (improved features and no advertisements) is $3.99 on ITunes App Store and Google Play.

Came to Believe in Sobriety

A comprehensive app that includes a variety of features such as an emotional check in, reminders for prayer or meditation, full access to the Big Book and all tools, traditions, and steps from Alcoholics Anonymous as well as reminders to check in with your sponsor. An all-encompassing app to be sure. Came to Believe in Sobriety is $0.99 on the  ITunes App Store only.

nomo – Sobriety Clocks

A vibrant community as well as detailed progress notes, rewards, accountability partners, and short exercises when the cravings hit have made nomo one of the most popular recovery apps today. So much more than just clocks! nomo is free on both the ITunes App Store and  Google Play.

rTribe – Quit Drug/Alcohol/Porn/Sex Addiction

Built by mental health experts that have a combined 20,000 hours of experience with addiction, rTribe is a well-made app that lets you check in with sponsors and accountability contacts as well as message, set reminders, and communicate with others just like you. A premium version is also available through the app for a monthly subscription fee. rTribe is free on both the ITunes App Store and Google Play.

Sober Grid – Sober Social Network

Hands down the best way to find other sober individuals in your area. Sober Grid lets you choose how much information you’d like to share as well so anonymity isn’t a problem. A real community-based approach to getting clean, which can be instrumental to your recovery. Sober Grid is free on both the ITunes App Store and Google Play.


LoveTapp is an incredibly unique and emotionally powerful experience. Rather than focusing on a long list of features, calendars, reminders, and instant messaging, LoveTapp keeps it much simpler. The interface features a humble glowing orb which users can double tap to send out a request to the community. In response, anyone available can send a simple tap back. That’s it. But as one reviewer explained it, LoveTapp is “an amazing concept for those who are looking for some love and comfort.” LoveTapp is free on the ITunes App Store only. So whether you’re looking for an in-depth program that tracks your accountability or simply want to receive regular inspirational quotes to keep you going, these apps may become the motivational force you need to recover successfully.