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Detox, Rehab, and 12-Step Meetings in Maple Valley, WA

Maple Valley, Washington Addiction Resources

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Resources in Maple Valley

Maple Valley, Washington is located in the heart of the state’s opioid crisis.

It’s no secret that America is currently facing a drug problem. The opioid epidemic, in particular, is so bad that the federal government has called it a “public health emergency”.

In Washington, it’s especially bad. The CDC reports that the fentanyl overdose rate increased 70% during the first six months of 2018. The state has problems with methamphetamine, cocaine, and alcohol, too.

The problem is more prevalent in King County than almost any other county in the state. After Jefferson County, Clallam County, and Grays Harbor County, King saw the most overdose deaths in Washington over the past few years.

Of course, this shouldn’t be the case. There are too many addiction resources in Maple Valley and surrounding cities. If addicts can connect with the detox centers, rehab programs, and 12-step groups in the area, we may be able to cut down on the number of deaths that occur here each year.

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Detox Centers and Rehab Programs

Detox and rehab are both integral steps in the recovery process. Addicts have the option to go through these steps on their own. However, there is much value in going through a medical detox program and professional rehab treatment. 

Information on Maple Valley Detox Resources

There are dozens of addiction treatment centers near Maple Valley, WA. They each take a different approach to treatment and offer unique benefits to their patients. 

Are you trying to overcome an addiction? Learn more about our drug rehab program and alcohol rehab program.

Maple Valley Resource Profile

Drug and Alcohol Detox for Maple Valley Residents

Detox is the most important step in sobriety. Without it, an addict isn’t able to fully recover. Essentially, this is the process through which an addict flushes all of the drugs out of their system. They start by ceasing use. Then, they expel the chemicals out of their body through sweat, urine, and other bodily fluids. 

Information on Maple Valley Narcotics Anonymous Resources

Some addicts are able to quit cold turkey at home. However, most people require intensive treatment. After all, detox can be painful. Addicts usually experience withdrawal symptoms during the process. They are likely to get sick and feel anxious. They may have insomnia and can even experience tremors. 

Professional detox is a resource that can help to minimize these symptoms. In a detox program, the addict works with doctors who help to keep their withdrawal symptoms at bay. The doctor develops a customized plan for the addict to taper off drugs slowly. Through the process, they monitor the patient to ensure their safety and comfort. 

Most people find that detoxing in a professional treatment center is far better than going through withdrawals at home.

Whereas detox treats the physical aspects of addiction, rehab treats the emotional side. After all, addiction is both a physical and mental disease. In order to stay sober in the long run, addicts must overcome the mental aspects of their condition. 

In rehab, addicts meet with a range of different people. They see counselors and therapists. They meet with addiction specialists. They gather with other recovering addicts for group support sessions. 

Each of these resources serve different purposes. Therapists, for example, help the addict to identify the driving forces behind their addiction. If an addict is able to figure out what triggers them to drink or use drugs, they have a better chance at staying sober. 

Every rehab program is different. Some last several months. Others are only a few weeks. Some are residential treatment programs, while others are non-residential. 

Ultimately, it’s up to the patient to choose a program that works best for them. No matter the case, though, rehab is a valuable resource for all recovering addicts. 

Do you or a loved one struggle with substance abuse? Our drug rehab or alcohol rehab could be the resource you need to get clean.

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Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous, also known as AA, is a global support group for alcohol addicts. Members of this group gather every day in cities around the world to listen to each other’s stories. The drink coffee, talk about their experiences and update one another of the progress of their recovery. 

Information on Maple Valley Alcoholics Anonymous Resources

Each member works through the Twelve Steps. This is a system designed to help people overcome addictions. The Steps are based on recognizing negative behavior, apologizing for that behavior, and working toward a better lifestyle in the future. 

Since 1935, this organization has been a pillar in the sobriety community. Many recovered alcoholics credit AA for the success of their recovery. The meetings are 100% free and most of them are open to the public. 

Typically, addicts start to attend these meetings once they’re out of rehab. With detox and rehabilitation under their belt, they’re able to focus on everything that AA can teach them.

Sundays @9:30 AM
Upon Awakening Meeting
Maple Valley Bar & Grill
23846 Southeast Kent Kangley Road
Maple Valley, WA 98038
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Wednesdays @7:00 PM
Wednesday Night of Your Life Group
Maple Valley Community Center
22010 Southeast 248th Street
Maple Valley, WA 98038
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Friday @8:00 PM
Maple Valley Friday Night Group
Maple Valley Presbyterian Church
22659 Sweeney Road Southeast
Maple Valley, WA 98038
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Narcotics Anonymous Meetings

Narcotics Anonymous, or NA, is similar to AA. It follows a similar 12-step program. However, this group is designed for people who are addicted to drugs other than alcohol. 

In a typical NA meeting, attendees are likely to find people who are addicted to everything from Adderall to heroin. It’s not uncommon to see crystal meth addicts, prescription pill abusers, and even people who are dependent on marijuana in one of these groups. 

Like AA, this group has no requirements for membership. Everyone is invited. As long as a newcomer has a strong desire to get sober, the group welcomes them with open arms. 

In order for an addict to get the most value of out NA meetings, it is recommended that they attend detox and rehab first. While this isn’t a necessity, getting the drug’s out of one’s system allows them to focus more intently on the content of the meetings.

Mondays @6:30 PM
Kent Narcotics Anonymous
Kent Lutheran Church
336 2nd Avenue South
Kent, WA 98032
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Wednesdays @7:00 PM
Basic Text Discussion
Timberlane Homeowners Association
19300 Southeast 267th Street
Kent, WA 98042
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Thursdays @6:30 PM
Kent Women’s Meeting
Unity Church of Kent
218 State Avenue South
Kent, WA 98030
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Saturdays @9:00 PM
Family of Grace Meeting
Family of Grace Lutheran Church
31317 124th Avenue Southeast
Auburn, WA 98092
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SMART Recovery Meetings

AA and NA are valuable resources for many people. But, they do have their critics. Some addicts are skeptical of these programs because of their spiritual undertones. After all, the Second Step in the Twelve Steps asks members to find a “Power greater than themselves”. While many members are non-religious, the “Higher Power” aspect of these programs turns many people off.

Information on Maple Valley Smart Recovery Resources

Fortunately, there are alternatives. 

SMART Recovery is a great option for people seeking a non-religious recovery program. This organization takes a scientific approach to the rehabilitation process. Instead of working to “fix the soul” as AA and NA do, SMART members focus on taking concrete steps toward quitting drugs and staying sober. 

This is a great option for recovering addicts who are hesitant to join a 12-step program and those who found that Anonymous programs didn’t work for them.

Mondays @5:15 PM
LGBT Meeting
Tacoma Rainbow Center
2215 Pacific Avenue
Tacoma, WA 98402
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Mondays @6:00 PM
Sacred Heart Smart Recovery Meeting
Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church
205 2nd Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98109
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Tuesdays @6:00 PM
Meeting #4301
Calvary Community Church
15116 Gary Street East
Sumner, WA 98390
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Al-Anon Meetings

Drug addiction and alcoholism are all-encompassing diseases. They don’t just affect the addict. They impact the addict’s family and friends, too. 

Information on Maple Valley Al-Anon Resources

Many times, the addict’s family members and friends suffer just as much as the addict themselves. They feel guilt, shame, and embarrassment. They worry constantly, often losing sleep. Sometimes, family members may lose their loved one to an overdose and deal with a lifetime of sadness. 

For these people, there is Al-Anon

This is an organization that helps people cope with the overwhelming feelings that come along with loving an addict. Much like AA and NA, this group holds free meetings that are open to the public. 

In each session, members share stories and discuss their feelings. They listen to others, share compassion, and offer advice. Together, they help each other deal with the weight of such a heavy burden.

Wednesdays @7:00 PM
Experience Strength & Hope AFG
Fairwood Community Methodist Church
15255 Southeast Fairwood Boulevard
Renton, WA 98058
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Wednesdays @7:00 PM
Maple Valley Wednesday Night AFG
Light of Life Lutheran Church
28585 216th Avenue Southeast
Kent, WA 98042
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Saturday @10:00 AM
Expect a Miracle AFG
Kent United Methodist Church
11010 Southeast 248th Street
Kent, WA 98030
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Overcoming a drug addiction is difficult. But, it’s not impossible. 

Every year, thousands of people are able to quit drinking and using drugs. Using the addiction resources available to them, they’re able to put their bad days behind them and move toward a happier, healthier life. 

At Northpoint Recovery, we’ve been lucky enough to see a number of these happy stories unfold. We want to help you, too. 

Northpoint Washington is a professional detox and rehabilitation center located in Edmonds, Washington. We offer high-end treatment services to those who suffer from drug addiction and alcoholism. 

Our facilities are 35 to 50 minutes away depending upon your needs. 

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