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Trauma and Addiction Treatment

Northpoint TraumaIf you have lived through a traumatic event, you may also suffer from addiction. Until today, you might not have thought that the two were linked. However, research suggests otherwise.

Many different things can cause addiction, and trauma is most common. Understanding the connection between trauma and addiction is the key to getting the help you need to recover.

Northpoint Recovery offers trauma and addiction treatment in Boise to help those who have experienced trauma in their lives take control. With the support and guidance of mental health professionals and trauma therapy specifically designed for you. You can live the life you desire after co-occurring disorders treatment. Learn more about how a trauma treatment program may be right for you.

What is a Trauma?

When most professionals discuss trauma, they’re talking about psychological trauma due to a traumatic event or experience. These events cause a significant change in the way a person thinks. They can occur for different reasons and on many levels of severity.

People generally believe they’ve lived through a trauma when an event moves beyond their ability to cope. Because of this, what one person views as a trauma, another person might view as a stressor. Most people find it hard to move past these events on their own. They usually need the help of a professional to guide them through the healing process.

Traumatic events frequently hide in the brain, tucked away like shadows. Researchers believe this is done to protect the individual from emotional pain and turmoil. However, even when they can’t remember them, they still cause issues.

Quite often, they will lead to serious psychological difficulties. People may suffer from depression and anxiety but have no idea why. It often takes trauma therapy to trigger those memories to be dealt with properly.

Trauma and Addiction: Is There a Connection?

Fortunately, most people can successfully process traumatic events. They may have coping methods, such as journaling or talking with family. Before too long, they’re able to return to their normal ways of functioning. Those who don’t process it well will often experience uncomfortable and painful symptoms.

Someone who has been through trauma frequently has difficulty coping in many areas of their life. They may frantically look for ways to help their symptoms, turning to drugs or alcohol to alleviate them. Quickly, dependence and addiction form and lead down a dangerous road if left untreated.

Trauma And Addiction Treatment in Boise

For any type of addiction to be treated successfully, the root cause must be discovered. This can be challenging for someone who might not remember a traumatic event. However, when the right type of therapy is used, trauma can be treated, and the individual can recover. 

At Northpoint Recovery, we employ a variety of treatment of options to help patients identify the source of trauma and create coping mechanisms other than substance use, including:

Trauma and addiction are closely related, and one cannot be addressed without the other. Finding a facility offering quality care must be your top priority to recover from these sometimes repressed memories and experiences. 

Seeking A Trauma Treatment Program In Boise? Look No Further Than Northpoint Idaho

Are you struggling to identify the source of your substance use? Have you suffered through a traumatic event or memories are resurfacing? We understand how self-medicating temporarily relieves your symptoms and can guide you through trauma therapy to get control of your life.

There’s no need for you to continue suffering. Northpoint Recovery can provide you with trauma and addiction treatment to address both of these conditions. Reach out to a mental health professional today to learn how Boise’s trauma and addiction treatment program can help. Call us at 888.296.8976 or use the convenient online form.