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Addiction Rehab Resources for Yelm, WA

Yelm, WA Addiction Rehab Resources

If you need addiction rehab resources for Yelm, this guide can help. Rehab recovery is important if you’re addicted to drugs and alcohol. It’s not easy to stop on your own. There is a major epidemic of people addicted to prescription opioid medications. It doesn’t take long before you can’t control the dependency. Once addicted, you have a long road back that isn’t easy. Trying to do it on your own is challenging. When you go to rehab, you’re 60% more likely to recover.

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Addiction in Yelm, WA

Doctors had originally overprescribed these drugs for pain management. Many patients would be given prescriptions for so long, they developed a heavy addiction. The government eventually intervened and took measures to reduce this activity. For many, they had grown so addicted, they would find other alternatives. Drugs like heroin give someone the same effect as prescription painkillers. It’s often cheaper and easier to find too. 

Abusing street drugs has never been more dangerous. Many patients that had their prescription drugs run out took to the streets. Some were lucky enough to get addiction help. Others worsened their addiction by using heroin to satisfy their cravings. Fentanyl has become a threat to anyone using illicit drugs. This is just one of reasons that addiction rehab in Yelm is so necessary. When you’re on the road to recovery, you are reducing life threatening risks. Addiction help in Yelm is available and it will increase your odds of fully recovering.

Addiction to drugs or alcohol can make you feel like you’ve lost control of your life. You have likely had a moment where you knew you should stop. Maybe you even tried but couldn’t. You start to feel completely alone and isolate yourself from others because you’re ashamed. Addiction resources in Yelm will help you see there is hope. You have access to recovery from addiction at your fingertips. It doesn’t matter what your financial situation or time commitment is, there is a rehab that will suit your needs.

There are a few different kinds of rehab resources in Yelm, WA. Different programs come with varying costs and flexibility. Everyone can get the help they need. 

Here are some of the common Yelm, WA addiction rehab programs:

An inpatient rehab program in Yelm is usually going to be your best option. They offer high quality therapy and various treatments. You immerse yourself in the program for 28 days and if you have cravings, you’re not so vulnerable. You have the support you need so you can gain an understanding of your addiction. 

You will stay on a campus where you have residential setting. Upon admission, you’ll get an assessment. This will help staff to determine what the best treatments are going to be for your needs. You go through group therapy sessions as well which is helpful. You’re given food that nourishes the body after it’s been abused as a result of your addiction. There is also an exercise plan usually which helps to boost your mood. Often depression or anxiety occur when you’ve stopped abusing substances. Food and exercise help to alleviate those feelings.

After rehab, you may not be ready to go home. This is where PHP in Yelm, WA can be helpful. It is a transition program that allows you to continue getting care but in a more flexible way. You’ll be in a sober living residence so you’re surrounded by other recovering addicts. There are treatments you can choose from based on your needs and your schedule. There is more freedom in this program. These programs can be luxurious with a pool, spa, and gym attached. They are not going to be covered by insurance but there are other options that will be. Traditionally, these programs are 90 days in length.

Outpatient rehab programs in Yelm are the most common. They are often run through the government or church organizations. There are also some private options available. The costs and level of treatment vary. Usually, you’re not getting immersive treatment through this program. It is helpful for those with a mild addiction or as a step down program for when you’ve completed more intensive rehab.

One of the benefits of outpatient rehab is you can stay home and maintain your life. If you have to continue working or need to be there for your family, you can do this while getting treatment.  There are appointments you can make when it’s convenient for you.

An IOP is another outpatient option. You can also stay at home within this program but you’ll attend an addiction facility daily to go through treatment. The meetings and treatments will take up to three hours of your day. They are high quality treatments like you’d get from an inpatient program. As you’re staying at home and not in a residential setting, this program costs less. It is usually a 90 day program.

Detox in Yelm, WA is the first step to recovery. It’s important to have the substance out of your system before trying to manage emotional reasons you abused in the first place. It’s not easy because your body has become dependent. When you stop using drugs or alcohol, there are various forms of withdrawal symptoms. 

You might need medical detox depending on what kind of substance you’re withdrawing from and the nature of your addiction. The symptoms can be alleviated through holistic detox as well. When you go through professional detox, you get the support you need through the most acute symptoms. Your chances of recovery are much greater when you get this help. Doing it alone puts you at risk of relapse.

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Our Addiction Treatment Facility

From Yelm to Northpoint Washington, it’s a 2 hour drive. It’s close enough that you can drive easily while giving you anonymity while you go through rehab.

Our Closest Inpatient Location:

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Recovery Meetings In Yelm, WA

Once you’ve completed rehab and you’re back at home, it’s important to maintain your sobriety. The addiction rehab program facilitator can help you figure out what your aftercare plan will be. This usually includes addiction counseling in Yelm, WA. It might be covered by your insurance or there may be free resources. There are free NA and AA meetings in Yelm that connect you with other recovering addicts.There is also support for your family through Al-Anon and Alateen. 

Here are just some of the meetings available in Yelm, WA.


11:45 am
2nd Street Sobriety
2nd St NE and Stevens St.
Yelm, WA


9:00 am
2nd Street Sobriety
2nd St NE and Stevens St.
Yelm, WA


6:00 pm
Yelm United Methodist Church
408 2nd St SE
Yelm, WA


Just 4 Today
Westside Lanes
2010 Harrison Ave. NW
Olympia, WA


7:00 pm
Get a Life
East Campus Community Hospital
1006 North N Street
Aberdeen, WA

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Is Inpatient Rehab Right For You?

Rehab options in Yelm will give you the support, help, and hope you need. Inpatient rehab is one of the best options as you get the full spectrum of treatment. Immersing yourself into a program allows you to focus solely on recovery. This might be important for you while you’re in the most vulnerable phase of addiction recovery. While it is the best option, it might not be the right rehab for you. 

Maybe you have time constraints that don’t allow you to leave your life for a month. Perhaps it’s the cost that’s a concern. If it’s about money, at least verify your insurance to see what kind of coverage you can get. There are outpatient programs that could suit your time and financial considerations. They come in different forms but you may find that these programs just suit your life better. What’s important is that you take the first step and receive the addiction help that is available to you. 

At Northpoint Washington, we understand addiction. We have a staff of experienced specialists that are compassionate and caring towards our patients. You can safely recover from whatever addiction you’re suffering from. We offer the most up to date methods to ensure you get the tools you need for lifelong sobriety. We also help families heal together. If you have questions or are ready to start your recovery, contact us today.

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