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Drug and Alcohol Addiction Resources in Blaine, Washington

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Resources in Blaine, Washington

There are plenty of alcohol and drug rehab centers in and around Blaine, as well as support groups and recovery meetings.

Blaine, Washington is located in Whatcom County and is located within the metropolitan area of Bellingham. It’s close to the Canada border. This area is quite busy. Canadian tourists often drive past this city while heading to Portland or Seattle. This area is also a great place for those who work near Bellevue.

Bellevue drug and alcohol addiction rates are quite high. Nowadays, this area sees a large influx in opioid overdoses. Young adults, especially are getting addicted to this drug, and more and more are seeking addiction treatment for it. In 2006, only 38% of the 553 who sought addiction treatment sought treatment for an opiate addiction. By 2014, 86% of the 1053 admissions were for opiate addictions.

Due to the fact that Blaine is a fairly busy city, it’s easy to find addiction resources in this area.

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Blaine, Washington Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers

The reason that most people do not succeed with addiction recovery is because they don’t get the help that they need. Many substance abusers lie to themselves that they can manage the addiction on their own. Those who attempt to recover alone rarely succeed. Those who rely on the help of drug and alcohol rehabs are much more likely to achieve lifelong sobriety. 

There are various types of alcohol and drug rehab centers in and around Blaine. They have different specialties and offer varying levels of care. The two main levels of care include: 

  • Inpatient care. This level of care offers the most amount of supervision. Patients who choose this option will stay at the rehab facility for anywhere from 28 to 90 days. They will receive the treatments that they need during this time. This includes medical detox, behavioral therapies and counseling.
  • Outpatient care. This level of care is one step down from inpatient treatment programs. Outpatient programs do not require as much commitment. Patients will get anywhere from 1 to 7 days of treatment each week depending on whether they chose a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) or standard outpatient program. 

Substance abusers looking for drug and alcohol rehab centers in and around Blaine will find that there are over 20 different options to choose from in Washington. Some of these rehabs offer inpatient treatment programs while others offer outpatient treatment programs. Finding the right program can make a huge difference to one’s recovery.

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Recovery Meetings and Support Groups in Blaine, WA

There are many different types of recovery meetings and support groups in Blaine, Washington. Those who are hoping to achieve lifelong sobriety will need peer support from the community. They need to be able to open up and talk about their struggles. Feeling less alone will help these individuals stay on the right path even in the face of immense difficulties.  

Those who have completed an alcohol addiction treatment program and are ready to move forward with their recovery should attend Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings. These meetings teach recovering alcoholics how to have faith in their recovery. They’re faith-based support groups after all. 

Learn twelve crucial steps and principles at AA meetings. Master these steps through step studies, book studies and speaker discussions. Open up to others at these meetings to feel less alone.

Christ The King Church
Time: Sunday @ 6:30 PM
Group name: AA @ THE BAY
Location: 4895 Birch Bay-Lynden Road

United Church of Christ
Time: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday @ 12:00 PM; Tuesday @ 7:00 PM; Friday @ 7:30 PM and Saturday at 11:00 AM
Location: 885 4th Street
(Wednesday is a women’s only meeting)

Aldersgate Methodist
Time: Friday @ 9:30 AM
Group name: Newport Daytimers
Location: 14230 SE Newport Way

After completing a drug rehab program, recovering drug addicts that need a little extra support and push can find what they’re looking for at Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings. Addicted individuals can share their stories at these meetings, and meet other people who are going through the same thing. 

NA meetings are faith-based. Members learn how to put their faith in recovery in a higher power. These mutual support groups also follow twelve principles and steps, just like Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

Benson's Country Market
Time: Sunday @ 6:30 PM
Location: 2254 Douglas Road., Ferndale
11.97 miles away

Ferndale Library
Time: Wednesday @ 7:00 PM
Location: 2125 Main Street., Ferndale
12.16 miles away

Faith Lutheran Church
Time: Tuesday @ 7:00 PM
Location: 2750 Mcleod Road., Bellingham
18.33 miles away

Look for support from family and friends of other alcoholics at Al-Anon meetings. Anyone whose life has been negatively impacted by an alcoholic can attend these faith-based meetings. These meetings use the 12-step treatment to help members learn more about an addiction to alcohol and move forward with their lives. 

Loved ones of alcoholics can share what they’re going through at these meetings. This can get some people through some of the more difficult and trying times. Dealing with an alcoholic is never easy.

London Health Center
Time: Friday @ 6:00 PM
Group name: Ferndale Friday AFG
Location: 2376 Main St, Ferndale
19.0 km away

The Louisa House
Time: Thursday @ 12:00 PM
Group name: Courage To Change AFG
Location: 2240 Main St, Ferndale
19.2 km away

Lynden Community Center
Time: Wednesday @ 7:00 PM
Group name: Lynden AFG
Location: 401 Grover St, Lynden away

Family and friend of drug abusers looking for extra support can’t go wrong with Nar Anon meetings. These meetings are similar to Al-Anon meetings. They are faith-based and a type of 12-step treatment. 

Nar Anon meetings discuss subjects and topics that loved ones of drug addicts can relate to. Members will learn how to master the various steps and be given an opportunity to share their feelings.

Bethany-Newton United Church
Time: Tuesday @ 7:40 PM
Group name: No Longer Alone
Location: 14853 60 Ave., Surrey
8.7 miles away

St Luke's Community Health
Time: Monday @ 5:30 PM
Group name: Healing Waters
Location: 3333 Squalicum Parkway., Bellingham
19.9 miles away

Many teenagers and young children hesitate to get help from Al-Anon meetings even when they need it. While it’s true that Al-Anon welcomes anyone whose life has been affected by an addict, the demographics of members at these meetings tend to lean towards the mature side. Teenagers may have a difficult time relating to some of the struggles discussed at these meetings. 

Alateen meetings are hosted by teenagers. Members are usually between the ages of 8 to 21 although each group will have different age requirements. The topics discussed at these meetings tend to be more age-appropriate.

Time: Wednesday @ 4:00 PM
Group name: Between The Beaches Alateen
Location: 112 Hemlock St., Eastsound
20.8 miles away

Time: Monday @ 3:00 PM
Group name: A Time For Hope Alateen
Location: 395 Spring St., Friday Harbor
34.2 miles away

Science-based support groups, like Self-Management and Recovery Training (SMART) meetings, are becoming more and more popular. These meetings teach recovering addicts practical recovery skills that help them manage addictive behaviours. For example, the ABCs of REBT for urge coping can help recovering drug and alcohol abusers cope with cravings. 

SMART meetings do not follow the same meeting structure as 12-step programs. These programs ask members to learn and practice various skills to figure out what works for them. Members can also discuss their situation and struggles with one another to get the support that they need.

Calvary Community Church
Time: Tuesday @ 6:00 PM
Location: 15116 Gary Street E, Sumner, WA 98390 USA

Time: Tuesday @ 5:30 PM
Location: 12826 SE 40th Lane, Suite 203, Bellevue, WA 98006 USA

Mercer Island Martial Arts
Time: Wednesday @ 8:00 PM
Location: 2630 77th Ave., SE #106-108 , Mercer Island, Washington 98040, USA

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