Why Pain is a Short-Term Symptom of Opiate Drug Detox

Why Pain is a Short-Term Symptom of Opiate Drug Detox in Idaho

Before checking into any Opiate detox center in Boise, Pocatello, Twin Falls or other top cities in Idaho or any other state, it's important to find out the nitty-gritty details of what exactly will happen and you will be treated.

The Goal of an Opiate Detox

The Goal of an Opiate Detox Center in Idaho is to Restore the Receptors

Whenever anyone takes opiates of any kind, there's a physiological reaction that occurs in the body. Brain cells and cells in other organs of the body have proteins on them that are opioid receptors. These receptors are made for your body's own endorphins, which are painkillers. However, when you take opiate drugs, the drugs bind to these opioid receptors, blocking any additional attachment from your body's naturally-produced endorphins.

When you check into an opiate detox center in Idaho or elsewhere, it's likely that you will have withdrawal symptoms during the heroin or opiate detox.

Some of the early symptoms include irritability, anxiety, sweating, yawning, insomnia, runny nose, tearing eyes, and muscle aches. Later, symptoms include ones that might make you believe you have the flu - diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and abdominal cramping. Depression is also common. In advanced cases, seizures and death can occur.

It's important to bring these up now because you never want to be surprised with what's happening to you while going through heroin detox in any facility.

Because the opiates have blocked the natural receptor sites for your body's naturally-produced endorphins, when you withdraw from the drugs, these receptors still remain blocked for a while. Thus, your body's natural ability to block pain is impaired - and pain becomes a symptom. It indicates you are in the adaptation period where your body tries to displace the opiate drugs from the receptors. By freeing the receptors, you will have more ‘space' open for your body's natural endorphins.

Opiate Detox Treatment Centers Use Medical Detox

Twin Falls Heroin / Opiate Detox Treatment Centers Use Medical Detox

The pain you feel will not last for weeks, only days. However, the intensity of the symptoms is decreased with medical treatment. The standard medical treatment for these symptoms may include the medication Buprenorphine (Subutex), which is one of the best for opiate detox in Idaho - Twin Falls, Boise, Pocatello or other top cities.

When you hear the words “medical detox”, what it's referring to is that medications are used such as Buprenorphine to break the addiction and to decrease the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms.

What this treatment does is it starts displacing the receptor sites from the opiates you are taking. This is how the addiction is broken, and it's why you don't have any additional cravings for the drugs.

If an opiate detox center in Twin Falls Idaho offers medical treatment, individual therapy, healthy meals, and 24-hour care during the heroin detox process or other opiate detoxes, this is standard for what you should expect for an inpatient treatment center. When you get individualized therapy, you aren't treated as if you're like every other person with an opiate or heroin addiction. This is good - because you aren't! You are very much an individual - and why / how you became an addict is different than others with the same addiction. It only makes sense to treat you differently.

By the way, if you can find a heroin detox facility that offers 100% healthy foods that are chef-prepared, then that is a big plus and deserves to be considered. When you leave the heroin detox center in Twin Falls, Boise or Pocatello, you will have to prepare your own meals - and it's a good idea to take some classes on cooking basics. For example, knowing how to make soups and salads are important because it's vegetables that nourish your body. Knowing how to grill or barbecue meats and marinade them is another excellent idea. This is the foundation of any healthy diet.

What Else Does an Idaho Heroin Detox Treatment Center Offer?

Staff at most heroin detox centers in Coeur d'Alene and other Idaho cities are very compassionate. They have been trained in how people feel during the opiate or heroin detox treatment, what factors contributed to getting you there in the first place, emotional triggers that are essentially running your life for you, your physical needs, the addiction process itself, and a lot more. They take courses in addiction and are well versed in how the process works.

Also, many of the staff have been working at an opiate or heroin detox treatment center for several years. This means you aren't a ‘guinea pig' going through the process for the first time in their life. You are someone who will be similar to hundreds of others that went through Idaho opiate detox - although you still have your individual differences.

Opiate Detox Center in Idaho

An Opiate Detox Center in Idaho May Fit Your Needs

Northpoint Recovery in the state of Idaho is a legitimate heroin and opiate detox center. It's fully licensed and has medical and counseling staff as well as supportive staff. They offer medical detox inpatient treatment for heroin and opiate addictions. Your treatment here could last anywhere from seven days to a few months.

Heroin and opiate detox in Boise, Coeur d'Alene, Pocatello, Twin Falls and other Idaho cities may be covered by your health insurance plans. Check with the insurance company so you know what your policy will cover. Some may cover the whole heroin or opiate detox program in Idaho - up to 30 or 45 days while others aren't.

When you're addicted to opiates or heroin, you may get to the point where you blame yourself for all your mistakes of the past. But at the opiate detox center, in Pocatello, Twin Falls or elsewhere, there won't be any blaming going on from the staff or other residents. Their primary concern is for you to walk out of the heroin detox treatment center and be whole and ready to function again in society. They want to see you never have to return to a heroin or opiate detox center in Coeur d'Alene, Twin Falls, Haley, Pocatello or any other center.

It's time to get going. It's time to reclaim the life you have left to live and live it fully.

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